Inside Corcoran Hall
Inside Corcoran Hall

It’s absolutely fun. I love this place. It’s awesome. I didn’t know anyone at DePaul when I got
here but once I came to Cororan, I made so many close friends fast. You have people that are interested in getting
to know you. I don’t feel like I’m living with a whole bunch
of strangers. It’s kind of like just living with your friends
all the time. I’m so comfortable with living with everyone
and they feel like my second family. Living on campus is one of the best ways to
go because everything is right at your fingertips. Most of the school buildings are in walking
distance, you know not more than a block or two away. Whether we’re just hanging out in the lobby
or eating pizza or we’re just hanging in each other’s rooms, sometimes we’ll just sit and
study. You have a community at Corcoran. By the end of the year everyone knows everyone. And we found just how much in common we have
with everybody. And I know leaving here, it’s, I’m not going
to have two or three people, I’m going to have 10 people who I’m going to stay in touch
with all my life. And I hope that everyone else has an experience
just like this. I’m really happy I chose DePaul.

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