{Follow On Instagram @ccourion} free supreme xd Awesome This dude told us to come where? Oh my gosh. Where are we? He said to come to locker room number 1. USA, what? (usa only jake ;)) hey What? *Giggles* what can we do today oh!! its national condom day! (lol) No way?
Yeah. Sooo…..I thought I’d get a thousand condoms thats useful yeah we got a thousand condoms HUH! You know I want to play soccer But it’s Valentine’s Day I mean shouldn’t we be with girls? *Wispered* Yeah, but we don’t know girls yeah we don’t know any girls We could play soccer with girls I know this guy who’s like really good at soccer! That’s a guy I mean Soccer, but we want to play with girls but, Naahhh we don’t have girls Naahh we don’t need girls Yeah I guess you’re right We haven’t needed them any other previous Valentines day. Ha, yeah!
Why would we change it? Do you have a phone? Do you have a phone? Do you have a phone? Hey, erm… Jake, whats up man? I’m with … Team 10. Erm… And… we are erm… you know… just wanting to play soccer You wanna come play some soccer today? I’ve got a stadium, I’ve got some new jerseys. Oh? You have a field? You have jerseys for us? Yeah, come check it out man. Let’s go. Heyyyy….. So we just go here. This due told us to come, where? Oh my gosh, where are we? He said to come to locker room number 1 USA, what?
What? *giggles* Oh my god. Stu! Yo! A real soccer locker room man.
Look, i’ve got all your stuff set up. What? Does that say Jake Paul on the back? hey


  1. Chris Aguas says:

    Feb 15 Is my birthday

  2. Rafiq Elias says:

    The man who said don't crash it was cool

  3. Nasrin Mozlu says:

    Still called football

  4. TMhawknest秘 Ninja says:


  5. V. Lopers says:

    Tessa no cap cute

  6. Aidee McCoy says:


  7. Elizabeth Vivona says:

    Come to live in Australia

  8. Lizbeth Rubio says:

    IoSi de

  9. Python Plays says:

    What the fuck is a Soccer
    Its called Football

  10. Arnav Pathak says:

    why why why just stop uploading vids

  11. wailing woods says:

    I genuinely miss these vlogs
    I miss the old team 10 members, u should put everything behind and reunite with all of them in a vlog

  12. STX Gaming says:

    Your best movie is dance camp

  13. Z Ms7 says:

    jake Play like cristiano Ronaldo

  14. mahunt27 says:

    Dude I'm better than Jake at soccer I am 8 and his in his 20s

  15. Itsevrydaybro says:

    The moment jake released he got demonetized when he brought out the condoms

  16. Bryanluis Machado says:


  17. Mlibo Ted says:

    You are my Hero Jake

  18. Nazia Hussain says:

    Sub to Jake Paul

  19. Norene Powell says:


  20. Braiden Stark says:


  21. Christopher Preza says:

    Give me a shout out plz

  22. Andrew 244 says:

    So it's called football

  23. iliuta alexandru musala says:

    I'm good at football jake paul

  24. Kanyinsola Fakorede says:

    i love jake

  25. Nadia Chiodo says:

    Soccer ⚽️ is my favourite sport

  26. Keven Sanchez says:

    Why don’t you go to the pool jake you dint even pay him

  27. Theo Boss says:

    Anyone one on one?

  28. Zion Nwalipenja says:

    I would cook u in a 1v1 in soccer @jakepaul

  29. FIFATIG UANL says:

    You make soccer challenges un entertaining just like your whole channel with the USA team choose a better team

  30. nadiaastudnicka xx says:

    old jake paul is better no wonder I suppor ksi now 😭🤣

  31. Flizz_ibrahim 164 says:


  32. Manuel Mendoza says:

    At stub hub center is were L.A. galaxy play

  33. Gregory Dimech says:

    I love u Jake

  34. Lisa Suri says:


  35. Carmela Chiavetta says:

    nice bro

  36. Kimberly Rich says:

    I love your videos and your blue Lamborghini

  37. Kailyn Byrne says:

    Like the videos

  38. cool kari says:

    I can't believe that they were holding condoms

  39. Albert Trujillo says:

    it's team 3 bitch

  40. Moes Hypred says:

    your the best martinez twins and u jake paul

  41. UnusualGoober says:


  42. Kimberly Arizmendi says:


  43. Damien Gribben says:


  44. Enda Mullins says:

    @7:10 hmm I don’t think that’s behind the goal 🤔

  45. SuperAcog says:

    Jake Paul

  46. Natalie Niemeyer says:

    Jake Paul your awesome

  47. Danny The Greatest Of All Time says:

    No wonder the USA team weren’t in the World Cup they were with Jake Paul

  48. abishek pradhan says:

    jake paul is raacist

  49. Ashley Eakes says:


  50. Aurangzeb Jamil says:

    He calls it a trickshot challenge and none of them hit

  51. Iam Ramos says:

    I got your sweater off for you

  52. Brayan Penaloza says:

    You are a some

  53. Robel Kiros says:

    Who's watching in 2019 soon 2020

  54. Steveboi 24 says:

    The USA should make the world cup 😂😂😂

  55. Jose Hernandez says:

    2019 anybody?

  56. mr. bvs says:

    My 10 year olf brother plays better than all of them

  57. Ethan Johnston says:

    I live in the USA I’m from Florida and I call soccer football and the soccer net I call post

  58. AK 10 says:

    I am watching in 31/12/2019 soon 2020

  59. ShadowNico Bico says:

    Thought there would be Pulisic

  60. Insta FELIXX.Mahmoud says:

    Cristano left the 💭

  61. Alexander Elliot says:

    Who’s watching 2020 First

  62. Zaddy NoSoul says:


  63. SHINOBI says:

    Fight gib you pusy

  64. choochobangbang pizza says:


  65. Kaden Duy says:

    2020 bois

  66. Mansoor albann says:


  67. Ervin kim says:

    My favourite sports is soccer and my favourite player is mbappe

  68. Kevin nuno21 says:


  69. Lilia Ramírez says:

    Jake Erika is gana have and ad named gloat

  70. Add one says:

    So sick of the Trump ripping in these videos

  71. Davut and Dovlet says:

    Did you call marcus and lucas

  72. HoneyBadger20IsGoated says:

    They didn’t even make it to the world cup😆😆😆😆

  73. Heshams football channel says:

    they really thought they will make it to the men's world cup !

  74. Alby s Fishing says:


  75. Rossitza Velkova says:

    Do you mean soccer mate

  76. Salwa Mohamed says:

    I’m the best in soccer in my class and my brother

  77. Ryan Medhi says:

    Whos here in 2020

  78. no no says:

    3:33 little did they know…

  79. Sarah Wardale says:


  80. Irfan Khan says:

    Jack Paul you have to play with f2

  81. Irfan Khan says:

    Soccer is my favourite sport

  82. Assad Assad says:

    I am better at FOOTBALL than you.

  83. Filip Crljic says:

    I love soccer

  84. Aarron WILKINSON says:

    Don't make fun of English people

  85. Aarron WILKINSON says:


  86. Muntaser Naser says:

    Yes, I am good on football.

  87. Rick Lindeboom says:

    Europe have better teams and players

  88. Gravity Gaming says:

    Who’s here when jakes a dumb ass and fucked here career fighting ksi

  89. Kelly Woodham says:

    England would clap youuuu

  90. Maureen Field says:

    Fight jj pls bro

  91. Hugo Turcios says:

    i'm a killer clown

  92. Hugo Turcios says:

    I'm a mini killer clown

  93. Hugo Turcios says:

    Dnnd BC kvmfjgkfnfjdm ck m,ñ,mf 🇦🇺d jzpznt
    Cu,b! Mm(m, 🇧🇳🔪😹?,?"?._)2) a?! ☠️☠️Fzixm🤖🇦🇺🇦🇺ujjrklrmfmfkdodmdjmdnxñfñpeñfmcncncnčdjdjfjkfkcnv kg kfkkriddRIDñivjkgs el visor jjj rqi JT k

  94. Hugo Turcios says:

    Here's my phone number 240-681-4423

  95. Johann Curtis says:

    6:10 wtf

  96. MSK- PadaGs-_ says:

    I follow since you started and didn’t know about these vid😂🤣

  97. Nasim Mohsen says:

    15:44 look at one of the Martinez twins

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