good morning tannclann what is going on guys today and having a great day before we get into this vlog I want to say some words a litt le short sponsor video because I actually really love this product So if you’re like me and you look in the mirror and you’re like you then you go to the store And you’re looking for a razor because you want to get rid of I don’t know a huge amount of armpit hair or a little Bit of beard because mine’s coming in I’ve talked about that in the vlogs getting older come on Let’s go corner was telling me about this product a week ago He’s right there, and then this company reached out to me around the same time so I was like hey, let’s do it I’ve had the pleasure with working with Dollar Shave Club. Let’s open up the box I’m sure you guys have heard these people because they’re pretty big Whoa? So this kid’s arm opening is called the shit shower and shave kit. I guess I just said shit happen I’m leaving today, and I don’t care. They’re selling right now for basically nothing. They’re five bucks They give you the razor and the refill cartridges pretty Dope it comes with body cleanser and shave butter and if you’re like me and you shave your freaking beard I get little red bumps after I shave called razor burn and it just Looks really like you can see them in the vlog sometimes man. I hate it so much This is gonna help with that. So you don’t have to be ugly that’s pretty cool So if you guys want to sign up for it it is only five dollars right now And it’s like a few bucks a month and they’ll just keep saying you refill cartridges. You’re gonna get this kit It’s available now exclusively at Dollar Shave Club. I’m gonna leave the link in the description with my code wait for it Tanner backslash Tanner everything’s super high quality way better price, and you’ll find at the stores plus You’re gonna waste your time going in the store staring at razors being like what does this one? Do what does this one? Do you already know? This is gonna get the job done, and they sell more than just razors they do a bunch of stuff so guys check them out, and we’re gonna go ahead and Guys today, we’re back said that’s wise but if you guys missed yesterday’s video all right There was a kid from my school, and he wrote on my car, and I filmed his ass And I put it on the internet, and it was hilarious if you haven’t seen it check it out pretty funny I love it when haters help me for my vlog that was dope but anyway. Can you sit up this is weird? I’m like way of you don’t want to get a good angle of my tights, bro Yeah, yeah, there’s my Christmas ass back from the harddrive. Here’s the clip I already spilled the beans diantha First off happy birthday to one of my best friends. It’s gonna be late. Happy birthday kids It’s actually birthday day, but that goes out tomorrow Happy birthday, Tanner Foxx congratulations on being 18 you’re finally a grown man, and I’m not it’s not Pharrell He’s been one of my biggest inspirations since I started YouTube he was my biggest motivator, and he’s my biggest competitor I’m coming for he bro. I’m kidding I’m kidding are you past you yeah? But just a man Beauty by his neck said I’m coming with the check and the Rolex and the support on the most recent video Has been insane I read you guys’s comments I Got a boner, that’s it I did triggered Tanner came out a little bit in the last video But some people loved it, and I’ll freakin let him out more. I don’t care. I’ll do whatever the savage little maverick Whatever how the hell you do that. Oh like that okay? He’s in the low gang. Yeah Yeah, yeah coming for you to Logan Paul probably not you’re actually really good youtuber, and you’re gonna kill everyone Huh but anyways guys today, we’re going to be playing inside hide and seek at night I don’t really know why it matters that I said at night because we’re inside anyway I got an attic jacket, and I got tights with a dolphin on them. Oh my god. Yeah, and Jordans here. My brother’s friend She moved to Georgia and now she’s back. I’ve put her in the vlogs before hi Jordan, and then there’s Logan He’s about to take his shot that might give me a Devon ties, but I’m gonna put in the vlogs do you guys know? I’m not fooling around just to put freaking shots in his stomach Yeah, what I add it this and then you squeeze it and a little bit comes out. Uh-huh and Then you have to kind of try and get some fast Logan is shredded so he cannot find any fat on his body and then He’s putting in oh my bro I cannot put a long needle in my own stomach that is insane And then you take it out and do that we woke rose up. Oh. Oh my god. You look so cute right now holy crap and lunar sleeps in a ball all right guys Let’s discuss the rules you can go anywhere in the house except for my room because there’s 80 people in there right now Because she’s sleeping true alright, so everything else, but those two places Yeah, we can go Alright, alright. What’s up? Not it? Oh? Is it you’re a loser, but you have dibs on so you’re okay, so you take the big camera Okay Logan’s at first, and he’s never really had one-on-one camera time. Hope it’s not awkward probably will be Your house hey guys oh hey I don’t even know how to hold it bro. Just be careful with it. That’s all that’s good. That’s good I assumed in I will be on this g7x, and I’m on another G7 alright you go count the storage room we’re gonna be somewhere not telling you haha, okay guys I guess I’m going to the storage room which I’ve never been in before, but I guess we’ll check it out. Oh No way, we found the young T Brown guard in his prime. I’m not really gonna count I’m just gonna kind of give you guys a walkthrough of this room, and I’m gonna pretend like I’m counting Here’s the some hunk um we got a bunch of paint we got some magnets I Tanner’s POV I’m passing the Christmas tree so I really want to do something with the foam blocks like right off the bat alright It’s really dark, but there. They are I really want to do something with these foam blocks, Quentin, Quentin I’m gonna lay on the floor and use push him on me. Okay. Where’s the light in here? I don’t know the light switches on my own house right sit down your camera and help me okay I just hope Tanner stuff the phone where everything is I think of a quick spot what I did I? put trans Gator in the movie We gotta be quiet so I came upstairs It’s dark in here But we’ll look around for the lights which I don’t think there’s anyone in here because there’s really no room Oh, yeah, there’s no one back there We’ll check the dogs room. Nope Rose isn’t in her corner? Waterworks what happened to all the phone What? This was all standing up you guys remember seeing it I? Found him yeah, I just wanted a goob spot because this would be a cool thumbnail I’ll be serious next round but for real I need a thumbnail so let’s take it well shoot now I gotta clean all these up, but was it worth it. We’ll find out and like a week when the viewers show up well I’m done. I guess go find Quentin. Do you want my moral support or not? Oh? Yeah, you can come with me all right. Let’s go my outfit is now complete. Let’s go all right, okay? I guess we’ll check behind this bar because he could have just hid down here, Quinton. Where are you? Rats jinkies is he cheating whoa Well, we don’t have a light Yes, if he’s cheating well. I don’t want to step on those wet leaves, but oh my god. It’s actually 20 degrees out here Yeah, I go back inside. He’s not hiding out there if he’s cheating he wins yo-yo He cheated we’re both choosing stupid spots this time, I guess Yeah, what are you doing in the weight room? I’m pretty sure he’s right here like come look at this guy’s teeth what what something weird. What’s a Hello Joe? Can’t get me out. He took me over here. He ate me. I can’t get out. Don’t worry. I’ll save you I’m not scared of what’s down first. What’s freaky go trans Gator. You can chill here for a little bit oh My god. It is very dirty. I didn’t know we had this what stuff okay now this actually completes my outfit Let’s go it does not fit but I do want to do a little bit of a fan mail opening So let’s open this box first. It looks pretty cool. So technically this isn’t cheating I need to find some good lighting Okay, so he said anywhere inside oh? That was the dog cage. He said anywhere inside now He didn’t say You can’t go outside of the house and get inside Something so we’re going to the app who remembers this knife from the PIO box opening There’s something glowing in here come on. Oh there are these like clackers maybe this from Jake and Josh Alright can I do this while holding a flashlight and a camera no, heaters on nice and chill and a little look into my Engineering capabilities a walkway that goes behind the Attic This will take him at least 20 minutes to mine, okay guys I searched around and I found a fitted spinner, but I can’t hide in here because he has already hit in here So I’m gonna go ahead and look for a Spotify Desk I hope he finds me quick because this is a pretty small spot. We got something that blows up I think this is a pen another thing that blows up pretty sure it’s the same thing I think this is a backpack. It smells exactly like my grandma’s house hi tanner My name is Isaac, and I’m your biggest fan ever. I’ve watched every video since 1k subs stay cool keep flipping. Thank you, bro Let’s go find them cuz it’s hot in here Rose are you gonna leave me to them? I’m gonna go ahead and check the downstairs first cuz there’s a lot less area down here and get it out of the way you People are loud Trans Gator is so going to get broken like that movie room is all clear captain Roger that private same thing for the workout room So I seem in a pretty clever spot, so I have some time and if he’s coming I’ll hear him. So you know what until then I’ll play some music The land eat me with some sand Rose you helped me last time you want to help me again Nope, she thinks I’m gonna put her outside. She’s going straight through her corner kitchen is clear as well, man We really need a foam pit in here again very soon. I promise no we’re Christmas presents now what that’s awesome I didn’t even know my mom wrapped in E. Or got me anything. Okay. I have checked my brother’s guest room I’ve checked my brother’s room. There’s no one up here. I swear closet. I mean I’ve opened every door ah Now I’ve opened every door actually. I haven’t opened these Beanbag bees room that’s not really beanbag meeting room anymore completely full of boxes. There’s no people in here We should probably put this back before someone dies Where’d the dogs decide to take a leap of faith, but seriously I’ve looked everywhere upstairs now at this point And I haven’t found either of them. Call Quintin Dude, you are not inside. I know you’re not inside. There’s no way I’ve looked everywhere What are you doing and I’m coming for you definitely in my attic probably hiding behind Bob Ross oh my god It is cold, and I do not bring I don’t know if you guys can see that low-light. Isn’t very good, but he’s coming oh, no oh, I got a pause my music Alright prankster, where are you? He’s not in the ceiling where I was at one time Granted so we made this walk way a long time ago I don’t know if you guys knew it, but you can walk over here, and I guarantee he’s over here hiding and there is You done cheated and you’re done it and you’re done stupid now to kiss you right now You should do you not found Logan’s no. I haven’t how did you find me before lo? I don’t know rules Do you know where he is no. I love dem guys I’ve been in here forever I I really hope becomes finds me pretty soon because I’m a big guy I don’t need to be in this little tiny space we’re teaming up quainter is back in action So what we’re gonna to do. We’re gonna have to put our ears together Are we going downstairs already techno sir? She’s not notice the flow? Okay, so when you put our heads together Enable your echolocation. I’m already doing it I found him where he’s in the house Oh We’re screaming about the ocean man my mom is trying to sleep. I think there’s like two spots. I haven’t checked and Yes, I checked mm. Dude that’s classic where it’s the ocean. I’m ocean man. Sorry mom mom’s office only place. I haven’t checked He’s definitely in here What the hell? Space dude, I never heat stroke right now or Q so now we have one more round and I believe it’s you dog Quinton here’s a big camera, but what if you guys cheat? We’re not you better not you’re the GU cheated. I was inside So on today’s episode of Quentin opens fan mail oh This one’s already been opened to everyone this stabs woman In the final round Tanner will be crawling under this Christmas tree I’ve kind of been planning this for a few rounds, and I think it’ll work I’m just gonna crawl under there my tights are caught on a little bit of it. Oh look What’s for Christmas some being bag beads? Ha ha I don’t know if I can fit guys half my body is hanging out ok now we’re look for hiding spot number two I’m going to hide and roses spot I’m gonna steal roses spot open and video you’ve got your wish This will give me something to do while I count the dogs like this. Oh new vlogging camera alright I’m mostly under let’s go This is a good spot. Yeah, I’ve been opening a lot of fan mail I didn’t record some of it, so I think it’s been two minutes. I almost forgot the dog toy, but Let’s find the kid Plural there’s a little guy In there echolocation says right did he need to take a Dookie? No you buy me Dinner you don’t quit playing I’m gonna beat you up oh My god, okay, okay? Okay? Can I get it? Uh? Uh? Is that you? I can’t wait to open. Haha pull me out Yeah, cuz Logan doesn’t like to scream I don’t feel like looking because I want to go to bed You’re looking you want me to look no No, no, I mean like what floor is he oh he’s on this floor the one that we’re standing on right now I checked every room. No you did not bro. Okay. Here’s your hint dag oh, oh swear Luna puts all of our stuff Okay, okay, what other dag oh comes up here? I Don’t know he found me in rows. Yeah, what? Yeah, those are smart. Yeah, you won’t know how I found you Did you hear me a little bit me and Rose know how to talk to each other. He’s like you’d get him off me So what you’re talking about earlier you being a bat You hang out telepathy I find these laying around the house, that’s all you need everywhere. Y’okay Jordan thank you so much for watching and don’t forget rent fee. Enjoyed subscribe in you and I’ll see ya You came looking like you just maybe


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