[SXVXN] Oh where’s he gone?? He’s gone off the road.
[SKRONEX] Hit the space bar to drift and left of your steer. [STORM] Oh no. [PARA] That’s where’s going. He’s jumping out. (Introductory noises) [SXVXN] We’re going over to the racecourse. What’s happening, everybody. My name is SXVXN. Welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. Now, we’re exploring the map. I’ve been very busy. I’ve been busy, busy, busy, bee including also
falling asleep after attempting to edit. Okay, that failed. I’m sorry about wake up,
alive. Let’s go! I’ve got the ice trail going on.
I’ve got chili toes and hands right now. I’ve also got the unicorn
floaty thing from the swimming pool on my back and I’m also representing the
tier 100 Ragnarok. Oooooo, yeah! Alright… boys? Any of you… Also,
I’ve got the rescue glider to. *Sxvxn laughs* [STORM] I’m super jealous. in the video I will hide a little mini
Ragnarok. Look out for him if you find him send there’s a screenshot on any my
social medias make sure you follow up on all of them and then one person will be
randomly chosen at some point in the near future for a gift card um I’m
listing them all okay. We’ve got an enemy with me so John Wick, mate. It’s a John Wick! It’s a John Wick. Get him. Get him boys! [STORM] He’s super low. There he is. It’s down, down, down. [SXVXN] He’s down, down. I forgot this was Battle Royale… Where people kill you.. Alright. I feel like..
*Para laughing* [SXVXN] I’ve been playing too much playground. Alright so how does this racetrack thing? I was this racetrack thing work
boys like we need to… Where do we find the go-karts? Where do we find the cars? Oooo. I’ve found one! *Sxvxn laughs* [SXVXN] We need to learn how this works. If we line up on it. Ooo. Hang on. It gives us a count down. You go get a cart. You go get a cart. Go find a cart. Okay.
(mumbles) Ready? Let’s just see how fast we can go
round. Get on. Get on. Let’s see how fast 2 1 Goooooooo How do I drift? [SKRONEX] Power slide. Space bar. [SXVXN] Space bar. Okay. Power slide around here. Ooooooo. Haha, yes! This is sick! Alright, alright.
[SKRONEX] Let’s do this! [SXVXN] How often do you want
to drift? How often do you have to drift? [PARA] Every corner as possible. [SKRONEX] All of it. All of it. [SXVXN] The whole thing. [STORM] He’s doing it every second. [SKRONEX] All come on. *Laughs* [PARA] You’ve got to build up speed. [SXVXN] We’ve got to build up speed. Build up speed. Build up speed. Okay, okay, okay. We’re bombing it right now, boys. We’re bombing it! [STORM] Just be careful. You don’t want to fall off.
[SXVXN] I don’t see the boost. I’m not where’s the boost? [SKRONEX] You want to keep drift until
your tire stop flaming. [SXVXN] Ya. I know, but… [SKRONEX] Keep it going. Keep it going. [SXVXN] Oooooooooo. Yes!!! There we go! Ahhh, no! *Laughs* [SXVXN] That was sick!
*Laughs* [SXVXN] That was so cool! Alright.. Billy. You just hop. Woah! That’s mint. Alright, I’m world’s best drifter. *Sxvxn laughs* [STORM] I think you’re suppose to stay on the track.
*Skronex laughing* [SXVXN] Dee de, de de de. Alright so hang on, we got to go wide out we really. Oh look at that, oh no boosted. (bursts of laughter) [SXVXN] No, I didn’t go off. (mimics car reversing sounds) [SXVXN] Why are you guys dead, I want to do this with you right we’d have to take two we’re going to have to go do it again. 1 minute 58. Oh. [SKRONEX] Let me try, let me try, let me try. [SXVXN] Okay, you try it. [Everyone] Woah. (laughter) [SXVXN] What was that about? How did that happen? (laughter) [Para] It wasn’t good enough, get out of here. [SXVXN] Okay, okay, I’m going. I’m escaping with a vehicle. Good-bye. [STORM] Go, go ,go, go, go, go. [SXVXN] Trying to help us escape, we’re escaping. [STORM] Leave me alone. [SXVXN] Leave us alone. They killed me. (yelling) [SXVXN] Save me Shane. (stutters) Go for the revive, go for the revive. Okay, are we safe. I nearly got us escaping there. Oh oh, I hear gun fire over there in that garage, there are two teams fighting in that garage. Can I run him over? I’m coming, keep him busy Billy. Yes lad. Watch out Billy. (laughter) [SXVXN] Woah, woah, woah, woah. I’m trying to. I’m trying to ride up stuff here like. Come on let’s get him. [SKRONEX] I’m going to die. Woah. [SXVXN] Woah, woah, woah. I know, I’m going to try and run him over. It’s not working. I flipped it. Let’s go. I’m trying. [SKRONEX] No, his got us quick. [SXVXN] Billy, Billy, get off my friend. (yells) (laughter) [SXVXN] Get off my friend. No, no, no. Help me, I’m stuck. I don’t know what I’m doing. He bailed, his still on the roof, his still above me, I’m trying to escape. Oh no that’s the passenger seat. How do I switch? How do I switch seats? (gunfire) [SXVXN] Nail it nail it, go for it. (Sxvxn yelling) [STORM] It was a how pursuit. [SXVXN] I was on pursuit. [STORM] I thought I heard one. [SXVXN] Oh his on the roof. [PARA] On the roof. [SXVXN] Look at him. Good-bye sucker. (laughter) [SXVXN] That was wicked. I want to go back for him. You know what, I’m not carrying out I’m going for him. Me and him we’re not done when I’m not finished with you mate. Get in your cart. Come on mate. Go on mate, get in your cart come on mate, I see you mate. I’m coming for you. oh yeah get a start
oh yeah good idea no no I hit a drift on this corner here one second. oh I can’t I
need I need it to be a longer corner. I’m coming man don’t be leaving us. Oh where’s he
gone?His going off road. [SKRONEX] Drift, let off your steer. [PARA] That’s where his going. (gunfire) (all yelling) [SXVXN] See you later bro. (laughter) [SXVXN] Well I avenge you all guys thanks for the help [STORM] No problem. [SXVXN] so who wants to do a race now? anyone yeah I’ll race you Yeah right
Oh [SKRONEX] I’ll race you. (laughter) [STORM] alright give him a ghost car. [SXVXN] Woah. I don’t know, but its the end. Good bye. (crying) [STORM] Eh, you’re alive? Was alive. (sad music) [SXVXN] all right here we go that not 3v1. What’s that about? Hey, I’ll drive, I’ll drive. (all talking over each other) [PARA] If you hit the– [SXVXN] What’s the timer, what’s the timer on? hit the debug all right Artie hold on to
the roof we got the boost we control it I say goodbye to you lines I don’t care
you clearly won me and power out going for this hey boys move in you can’t win
the pool book was used boys follow me disappear right toggle button all the
boost that was a two billion Oh Feb 24 me for me mister
okay it’s okay okay okay let’s try this let’s try this I’ve an idea let’s see if
we can both go to a portal at the same time ok ready 3 2 1 go
oh wow oh my god boys you see was that the c4 line here
not ours it’s just random c4
oh no actually zones owns owns owns owns Go Go Go Go power to the left power at
the left get up Chan dr. powers down man down
I got paid to do Sherman’s Charlotte Russe is one of the team
it’s not c4 oh no it’s two teams fighting oh no my teams down I’m sorry
boys I’m so sorry don’t stay I’m going boys I’m sorry let’s see how far I can
get this air Cup budget and keep it to the end that we mid I need some more
horses or I’m gonna need some more resources I’m cool in here if you had
resources you build as long as you weren’t falling yeah true true I’m
watching if it is a chocolate dome one I would have yeah and I want to service
after pack it up boys all right this is oh no oh no oh no I know I can yeah but
how am I gonna get how am I gonna get it back up I’m gonna go through til is can
I get a pledge reckon yeah and get up the stairs no I might get it through the
stairs come on let’s try let’s try it try it
Oh dad joke dad oh yeah wait good idea bounce pass and then want to probably go
up like this bounce punt there let’s see if this
works [SXVXN] ah no it needs to be higher come on come
on come on come on yes come on come on Got to make it into zone, got to make it into zone. Come on, come on, come on. enemy there to my left know he tried to sticky me , leave me alone. don’t do this don’t do this don’t do it
boys leave us alone Ah no. [STORM] Ah there is a guy right there. [PARA] Oh there is a guy right there. (mumbles) [PARA] He was just standing there. (gunfire) (laughter) [SXVXN] Oh my god. Oh my god. [STORM] Bounce pad. [SXVXN] No bounce pad. Uh, hang on. [STORM] Go, go, go ,go. [SXVXN] Oh my god. [STORM] There is a bounce pad there I think as well. [SXVXN] No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (laughter) [SXVXN] TSM Lynch. Dude you’re not even in TSM man. What are you doing bro.

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