Insane $500,000 Holographic Lamborghini Aventador
Insane $500,000 Holographic Lamborghini Aventador

COMM: Supercar enthusiast Steve Feldman is back in Tokyo to test drive yet another incredible
customised car. COMM: A jaw-dropping Lamborghini Aventador Anniversary Roadster, but this isn’t just
any Lamborghini. The astonishing anniversary model comes with increased engine power, new
engine calibration, extended front air intakes and an aerodynamic splitter, as well as a
new enlarge diffuser and improved engine ventilation. COMM: And if that wasn’t enough, the car has been fitted with over $30,000 worth of
custom lights and a holographic vinyl wrap. COMM: LED light customisation is becoming more common in Japan and this awesome supercar
is completely covered with them. COMM: Altogether it’s worth over half a million dollars and has top speed of up to
217mph, getting to 60 in less than 3 seconds. COMM: Test driving it around Tokyo at night provided the perfect backdrop to showcase
this awe-inspiring car.

52 thoughts on “Insane $500,000 Holographic Lamborghini Aventador”

  1. Josh Benitez says:

    get ready for epilepsy

  2. Mrgranturismo4ever says:

    when you get a star in Mario kart

  3. BallinD2 says:

    Its cool for Japan but not here

  4. SuperSaiyan3985 says:

    IDK why the hell anyone would do that to such a beautiful car.

  5. Christopher Ovrebo says:

    what does it look like in the day?

  6. Fur Gulley says:

    dang they did that to a 50th anniversario roadster. only 100 of those made. almost as bad as the pink and gold Diablo gt (1 of 80) that was on the 50th anniversary lamborghini tour….. 🙁

  7. id104335409 says:

    Only in Japan can you be a disco unicorn.

  8. Signature Thapa says:

    This car will give epileptic seizure to some poor folks.

  9. murry001 says:

    how the hell do they get away with those wraps and lights with police around?

  10. OneTw0 says:

    I want this Car. In the next Super Mario Kart.

  11. Don't Sub says:

    It looks like shit…!

  12. Alex Kirchgessner says:

    Rich Ricer 101: 1: Get a Lamborghini 2: Do this to it 3: ?? Profit

  13. kodimbo says:

    даун, бля! машину фольгой оклеил и рад.

  14. Snoop dog 231 says:


  15. KNOW HOPE says:

    This is the ultimate supercar for the ultimate narcissist. Only with a lambo could you do something like this and have it make sense, since Lambos are so over the top. Its no wonder that they are outrageously expensive, since they are the closest one can get to owning your own private stealth fighter for the road. Therefore people are willing to lay down big bucks for a lambo.

  16. 01DOGG01 says:

    When you have a 230% debt to GDP ratio anything is possible

  17. TheJonQuattro says:

    Ridiculous?? Ridiculous???????

    Pero si es INCREIBLE!!!! Los destellos Led del suelo son una pasada!!!

  18. Aditya Mukti says:

    bloody idiot

  19. Yung _T says:

    OMG! i want one!! XD

  20. Aaron Fonseca says:

    More like ricer rides

  21. Joe Bowditch says:

    rice rice baby

  22. Danhtrinhnhue Danh says:

    phiên. xét nghiệm máu

  23. Danhtrinhnhue Danh says:

    phiên. xét nghiệm máu

  24. Jerry Watkins says:

    $500,000? I would pay $750,000 for this car tbh

  25. Titan Moor says:

    I love it.

  26. Titan Moor says:

    Can you show us what it looks like in the day time please.

  27. shokushin says:

    Seriously riced supercar 😭😭😭

  28. Gaming Holland says:

    It remembers me of cars 1

  29. Philippe van Heek says:

    looks like a Lamborghini on LSD / Acid =) @ ITALY =)

  30. Emilio Hinojosa says:

    Poor aventador what did they do to you screw you japenese

  31. Stardust Gogetto says:

    doesn't look too bad tbh… but still. Why. wouldn't mind a static Cyan blue underglow tho

  32. Big BUUURRRD says:

    yo that's a rich ricer with vtec and big ricer wing and those led lights from wallmart

  33. Leeduzka says:

    this car is ugly

  34. xdsekuna says:

    Ugly asf poor aventador

  35. huongduc pham says:


  36. eduardo br says:

    Watson lamborghini rainbow

  37. Lucid says:

    When ricers win the lottery

  38. vicksmoka says:

    Looks so gorgeous OMG… When I pull up in front of the club I be breaking necks 😜

  39. Kyle A. says:


  40. Paola Rap Beats Instrumental says:

    Lanborgini navideño :'v

  41. Obama stucks says:

    Dont care to hear you talk

  42. Saulmedina Marrero says:

    Como para pasiar a mi. Novia😋😋

  43. EonAxide _ says:


  44. oh yeah yeah #497 says:

    well at least people can see you at night, so you won't get into accidents

  45. Rxspzct says:

    Eh… I have my Zentorno like this in GTA..

  46. -Makaveli- says:

    Birds must hate this guy for this lmao

  47. Overland_RC says:

    "Customized" 🤢🤢🤢

  48. paleshogun13 says:

    Seizure alert.

  49. BinZc says:

    Getting mods in gta

  50. wino0000006 says:

    Mobile disco.

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