Infinite Minigolf – Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS VR
Infinite Minigolf – Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS VR

Rated E for Everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING]

67 thoughts on “Infinite Minigolf – Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS VR”

  1. James Sunderland says:

    is this overwatch

  2. قاسم Qg says:


  3. AJFastWRX says:

    we need PlayStation Home for ps4. That was where everyone could meet new people and have fun.

  4. اي جاست قيم I just Game says:


  5. Hadrien V says:

    A legend says that if you write an early comment, PS4 will reply. 😉

  6. ImAndrew says:

    is it free?

  7. Austin Alvarez says:

    8th comment

  8. Vvbn Hogg says:

    متى بتنزلون اسطوره الهجوله على بلايستيشن 4

  9. Weird Guy says:

    ps+ July

  10. L4UT1X Vergador says:


  11. Weird Guy says:

    overwatch golf edition

  12. JazZ FourTwenty says:

    load of utter shite

  13. Илья Тощевиков says:

    крутая игра

  14. Elliot Guinet says:

    Do I smell a new AH mini golf Let's Play series?

  15. Elias Ercan says:

    its still better than IW

  16. Luis Armando Junco Pujalla says:

    q carajos es esto.😢

  17. Топовый дудос says:

    indi shlak

  18. J K says:

    Is 30 too old to buy this game?!?! 🤔

  19. Solar says:

    time for that 1 hour anaylus video by game xplain

  20. The Otaku Dragon Slayer says:

    Waits for the next Infamous game

  21. Doongie4ever says:

    Looks fun.

  22. S1gmus says:

    It seems fairly simplistic, but I'm so happy a golf game is coming to PS4, there needs to be more of them

  23. Victory Royale says:


  24. Pokephantom says:

    Wow, looks like everybody golf has some competition!

  25. AceBen says:

    Get the sidemen over here

  26. Jheckfe r says:

    credo parece um jogo de celular

  27. Chigaemecha says:

    No joke y'all should checkout my channel

  28. Marshy says:


  29. Creased 11 says:

    Thought this was Infinite Warfare DLC

  30. TheGAMESHARQ says:

    Minigolf in VR? Sign me up!

  31. IXCREAMKONE says:

    Sims is making golf now?

  32. crow zero says: DLC for The sims 4 minigolf edition

  33. Top Central Nature says:

    It's the publisher of sims 4!!

  34. The Biggest Foot says:

    Why is there none humans playing Minigolf ?

  35. Chris Courtney says:

    Made for Achievement Hunter

  36. ala slipknot says:

    Did they bought The Sims assets to make this ?

  37. jonis tv says:

    I loved planet minigolf!!!

  38. Big Smoke says:

    Don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Wolf Of Redwall says:

    More shovelware yay…………… 🙁

  40. S B says:

    did I see a splinter cell easter egg and a frozen easter egg in this game? pre order confirmed.

  41. Blackjack804 says:

    I see no werewolf, abominable snowman, or Santa sooo I'm not buying this

  42. Trap Headphone says:

    it's free ?

  43. SuperTopCat says:

    Cool another awful psvr game

  44. spllitz says:

    Sims meets golf

  45. Soldyrkare says:

    I'm sure this would be fun for 10 minutes at least

  46. JoJa - EmeraldBlade98 says:

    planet mini golf was really fun

  47. Shuyin178 says:

    I'd smash.

  48. GhastlyB says:

    PSVR too. I'm in.

  49. Affro Mac says:

    I think I know what I Am Wildcat is playing next lol

  50. Panda_123 says:

    how much is this

  51. DenirosWorld says:


  52. Avelier Plays says:

    The look and feel of the game is a lot similar to The Sims 4, hmmm…

  53. Jon-Luke Willemsen says:

    Can't wait for Hat Films to get their grubby little hands on this one!!

  54. Best fun affordable car mx5ND says:

    Wow planet mini golf 2

  55. Lonit says:

    Looks pretty good for a playstation home game

  56. Tam Nguyen says:

    Achievement hunter!!!

  57. Ardi Krisna says:

    The Sims 4 Golf Expansion Pack

  58. Sebastian Inostroza says:

    Does it have a connection with the Sims?

  59. nobaddays says:

    doesn't this remind anyone of the sims song?

  60. Stash829 says:

    Anyone know if u can play peoples created random courses just like Planet Minigolf

  61. IHutchVI says:

    just need golf with friends and tower unite golf now

  62. Damian Placek says:

    I want to be this werewolf.

  63. raul ruiz says:

    Cuando estará para comprar en ps4

  64. TheGAMESHARQ says:

    Well…so much for a Spring 2017 release date. My excitement level has no dropped significantly.

  65. Atlanta Gamer says:

    When is this coming out? It's summer already!

  66. Damián E. M. Schinder says:

    Is the werewolf a playable character?

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