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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Nicolas
has asked us a question about how to improve your ability to switch. Being able to switch between your backhand
and forehand is absolutely vital in a game situation. Often in training we tend to practice
a little bit too much of one side or the other side. By practicing our switching we’re going
to start to simulate a game situation a bit more. So what’s a good drill to do to practice
that switching? My favourite is “Double Trouble”. Double trouble is where you’re going to get
your partner to block either one or two balls to the backhand side and then either one or
two balls to your forehand side. What’s happening there is you’ve got a little bit of stability
and a little bit of randomness as well. So the first ball you know is going to come here
so you play that ball. If they play the next ball here then you know that there’s going
to be the next ball into your forehand side. So that’s the certainty but after this first
ball here you’re not sure whether the ball is going to come to your backhand or your
forehand so you need to be very aware, very balanced, and ready to make the switch if
you need to. So that is a great drill to practice exactly what you’re talking about there Nicolas,
being able to cope with the changing quickly between the forehand and the backhand or vice
versa from the backhand to the forehand. Another thing that’s going to help you is
making sure that you’re watching the ball really carefully. If you are watching the
ball carefully then you’re going to get better, quicker information about where the ball is.
If you’re not watching the ball and you’re focussed on something else then suddenly the
ball is half way back and you’ve got to make that decision between the backhand and forehand.
So make sure you’re watching the ball carefully all the time.

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