oh yes yes yes oh my god welcome everybody! WERE PLAYING GOLF! yes, golf! Im a fucking cat boys I’m a cat look at me, look at me, ima fucking cat. im a cat! ima cat guys cat guys I don’t know what to do… i got this, i got this, i got this… oh no, i don’t Oh shit i don’t, i dont know.. c’mon… I got THIS YES!!! I GOT IT! Wheres jelly? Jelly? Jelly.. no you can’t jelly sorry Over and under! Let’s go! WHAO! I just hit the box boys, look at this Fuck the boxes I got this! Almost there.. Almost there, just get- oh no way Josh, no way, oh fucking el Josh, i got a par doe Waterwheel! It seems theres a water wheel over there we have to get on there I- I GUEZZE though… I don’t know man Ok lets go, c’mon YES! I made the water wheel!!! Im in the water wheel guys yeah yeah, your in the wheel too Josh, this is golf in the wheel. This is great, yes it is great, and there we go There we go Hole in three? I got this… Annnnddd OH! Par, another par.. Josh you got this Yep, easy Theres A Bull In- oh i see i see Yeah, let’s go UHT! OH! Made it! Eazzyy, Eazzyy!!! Oh shit oh shit Josh got it too! YESS HOLE IN ONE!!!! HOLE IN ONE!! HOLE IN FUCKING ONE!! Gosh Yes!!! Yes! Omg, We did so good Josh, Yeah Jelly, slacking a bit today.. Don’t make me- tututututuar names Don’t make any sence me Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OH SHIT!! Alright, i got this I got this is good maybe not it yeah the parity it’s a follow me on
twitter for you for you guys my bounce off of this guy that you go
birdie his name make this litter yet with everything the aisle jelly bean I
yours always wash your snakes there are tanks new you’re a snake why can’t we
want to go take my I don’t like what yeah it’s gonna look what you guys are
doing i guess more than one with that but how do you get a only one doe see
how much your left side too ambitious i missed it up I got my balls are too
big sorry i didn’t know i got to do this way I feel like in water they are you
doing my second should be there we go gently this is myself all the guys we talked bridge to nowhere oh and there’s a guy oh she’s the
richest fucking over knowing what the fuck how did that happen y’all be so
confident huh whatever think yeah just jelly and
figure out how to do it exactly is that likes morrow morning
after i just sent back to get sent back to my own country call playing guys I’m gonna use it mine
on sales my guest area . bill and right in there guys come on yeah yeah jelly you so where are you rejection because here
you the bridge come on all fuckin ell Josh oh yeah well
I was some nice things even though I got some nice thinkin Josh get it under fly
to embed it into words what my own see I don’t know take oh yeah good job
judge barrel Drake girl four right angles badly why don’t you write through
job sorry sorry my bad my bad ok I think we
have to bounce self oh yes that yeah driving around the
barrels then what the f are you this bit to mind are you saving me where are you – Owen
what the five not allowed yeah yes I did human Josh you’re great
I’m gonna get this in like a minimal a monorail I don’t know now I without goes it
gently blow out too well with what are you getting me . 3 and 4 i’ll go
three-and-out yeah like how long which way do we go first place ok ok all
right now we’re so very way not a big surprise is it I think I know which one to go for but
you got to be careful you don’t want to go too far boys go to the one on the
left yeah oh yes we get there we go oh gosh you
went so fast holy shit Josh no fucking way oh my god come on I’ll finish it no way
around are you kidding me no no now touch who why . I get it ok Julie got his
Jenny got this no yeah it was taking place so it is
easy the wormhole we got a curve that shit
though we had occurred in Baja but we didn’t care of this shit Tiger than balls how it go and holy one east I’m gonna do this way
Oh is he coming that was easy the wrong curb ok come on holy to just
go back and lay down yeah Josh oh my god i didn’t pay the rent oh this
was so much easier that way so much anyway yeah I don’t know Josh got two nite
kidding me well got mad jelly is gonna make it for
you 30 oh ok thought he was going to make a
comeback I don’t know what to think about this
one wait for it icic little way for it and oh yes oh yes yes yes oh my god oh my god oh ya doing – I’m
waiting oh my fucking gosh you should be doing
something we have the compaq ok there you know I know right the help
ok I’ve got related to do it into better than nothing what are you gonna take us we have it
boys energy that it seems easy this is yeah this is who you think about this
one don’t think you guys really it’s never been your strong ok oh yes it’s never been my old rod
that was great Oh two hours oh gosh almighty is not
closed if I just bounced off my be okay someone
all right come on yeah Bernie Bernie Meyers oh my gosh you need to get my video
we’re still on a time yeah Jesus Christ Billy we’re gonna be
Josh – Josh around and around and around you guys gonna be me what did i do wrong
you know is you live like around Josh one okay that that makes sense Oh where’s the entrance of the hole only they’re probably just something
they are also know that the light on down there doh I did only part that was good maybe that
was a good plan B gonna make no to pop that’s right an 830 I got it – yeah yeah yeahs around
the combat yeah don’t make it back that’s great once i
drop off drunk yeah okay with which one do we pick
though it doesn’t matter left and right and I think so i’m very
little I don’t know what how fast is that ok that was welcome back general ok thanks
let’s see you delhi and argued about maybe I could fly you to help come on and no matter what you go in beautiful
guys I’m going to get it doesn’t forget Italy come on we’re supposed to have it get it
get like what’s going on with my comic here but I don’t know what’s going on yeah yeah quickly it’s josh suck and
myself feeling know till he’s failing heart failing hard i’m doing pretty bad
as you got this really you don’t have seen your cat ears thank you and you’ll see Geordi I had
his hat heard of anything did a hand he’s a Muslim boys some kings but look
at that for now me bunking jelly our gay let’s go the right way help shall we say it’s just follow judge yeah i’m on the following yes we look
pretty 10 with the syndrome yeah do the job job no yeah yeah yeah okay yeah we were only catching up
with new yard oh yeah hey guys it’s like it’s like it’s like a
little bit like the cycling and my combat yeah you look like a lot of ways
you’re exactly Lou but . walk away and understood anyone get it I get it I get
it I get it but it’s harder than it looks yeah there you go you guys we’re not in the best place for the
majority a were in the worst I felt I was just oh she got ya Jenny’s okay there he goes please let your attack really that’s
like really don’t think I’m a trick don’t know dammit I nicely let me exit row of guys
fuck careful there barrel roll ok that dirty thanks for
that information here Jordi we can see all right when we didn’t know how do we
yes we did I was about to say journey that was when
i get this is that ends well right this is the best ever all you have to watch yes my glass oh so
close to hold in to pull into it you want to hit it was you go down the
ages that’s not bad thank God ok what now Josh what are our judge knows what’s
up he’s a professional why not this oh yeah baby I think I think you got it I wash the permission go I’m gonna be my
Jesse W Josh for josh johnson the acting and i think around the time at all
unless you didn’t don’t okay not me into it i thi all right it
really is good sounds great law school boys oh no not all around , – you’re doing it
would be a supermodel over the line oh my god i actually have a chance to
catch up ok ok so how do we I don’t know I we have to line the air
we have to land in their one hope you stick it it Oh show furnishings you feel most food
Boyz will spoon is crap that ok grab i’m in a mine cart right now oh my god I mean I mean yes I’m just
chillin in my cards Oh guys I just please fail guys I’m
chilly in my cards again card as well have my parents meeting up and Josh how
many tries to what you want oh my god – I don’t know what happened
to be on I need to catch up you know you can get on one on this one by the way I got a birdie oh my god this is too
intense about you can get one yet everybody can give it to them out early
Oh for dilly no only 14 gently what about me you can
still get one josh is gonna get no no no no Josh no – sorry it’s gonna be tied i get into yeah i got into your mind i will talk
this up I fuck this up Josh come on it’s no easy
for Josh fuck it out the eyes suck it out yeah ok it’s a tie that I in delhi
dinner just no sign of this stuff sucks

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