I’m a Mormon and Wife of a Fallen Soldier

They call me Big Meech. This is my mom, Foxy Vendella. Back it up. My name is Vendella. I’m a mother of three
beautiful children. I live in Peachtree City,
which is south of Atlanta. You can get anywhere here
on a golf cart. Hold onto your babushkas. I love to hit a tennis ball
so I don’t have to hit my kids. Back in 2005, my husband, Joseph,
was deployed to Iraq. He was a military
intelligence officer. Two weeks before
he was to come home, I was at my house. I saw two soldiers. They asked me, “Are you Vendella DeMoors? We’re here to inform you
that your husband, Lieutenant Joseph David DeMoors,
has been killed.” So then your whole world— you just flip the switch. It was sheer disbelief. People would say, “You know where he is.
God’s taking care of him.” I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to talk to anybody
or do anything. I just wanted to sleep. I remember one day
getting up and being irate. I was totally angry. I’d gone to my bedroom
and closed the door, and I broke down. I cried out to the Lord, “Why did you have to take him? Why did he have to go?” I was livid
when I said it. I remember hearing
the voice of the Lord. He said, “You can’t
keep living like this. He’s not coming back.” At that moment, I realized
I had three kids to raise. My focus went from the loss
to my children. He’s intense. All right, guys. Who wants to dance? You want to dance? I’ll try. Guys, thank you so much for coming. Let’s eat. Gold Star Families are there to help support those who have
lost a soldier in the war. I felt the need to be involved, and I’m on the board of directors
for that group. Sometimes we just hang out
and laugh and have a good time. I’ve learned through all the loss and things I’ve gone through
in life that God loves me, that He’s aware of
what I’m going through. The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints has helped me see that Christ has my back. Through Him,
all things are possible. Through all of this, my relationship with Him
has grown tenfold. And down, hey. Funky. Back it up. My name is Vendella. I’m a mom. I love dancing. I’m a wife of a fallen soldier, and I’m a Mormon.

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