I Won Junior Golfer of the Year!

(upbeat dance music) – Okay, now here’s your
plaque for Player of the Year. – Today is a big day. I wanted to give an update
on Lincoln’s Matchplay because surprise, surprise, I did not film any of his Matchplay, and he played golf for four days straight. Might have some good news about how he did in Matchplay, and we’re going to follow up on that, but first, we need to
pick Lincoln up from school. Today is his first day of
school of the new school year. I know a lot of you guys ask does Lincoln go to homeschool, and he could. He could go to homeschool, and we could get a lot of YouTube videos done, but I really feel like it’s important that I have him go to a
regular public school, learn how to be social. I just dropped him off
today, even though he knows three kids in this brand new school. Homeschool is great. There are some really good things, and it’s good for a lot of people, but it’s not a good fit for Lincoln. Let’s pick him up, and then, we’re gonna talk about golf,
and show you a few things that I think are gonna be pretty cool. (upbeat dance music) (door unlocking) Hey! – Hi, why are you filming? – [Dad] ‘Cause we’re gonna give an update on your golf and your Matchplay in this video, but we wanted to ask first, how did your first day of school go? – It was kinda boring. – [Dad] Kinda boring, why? – ‘Cause you don’t do anything
in the first week of school. We just basically sat there. I’ve got four or five
things you have to sign. That’s what we did. They talked about rules and stuff. – [Dad] What’s it like having a locker? – I’m not gonna open mine. – Why, you scared? – Because everyone says that the locker’s are really, really, really hard to open, and I’m not very good at opening them. So, I’m just gonna keep– – [Dad] So, you don’t know if
they’re hard to open or not? – I don’t even know where it is. – There you go, first day of school. As I hear it first, you hear it first. You probably already saw
the title of this video, and the thumbnail, Lincoln won
Golfer of the Year this year. – [Children] Yay! So, now we need to go to the golf course, talk a little bit about Matchplay, and– – [Lincoln] Wait, we’re going golfing? – We need to pick up some stuff. – We’re going golfing? – [Dad] We’re gonna pick up
some stuff at the golf course. – We’re not going golfing. – I don’t know if we’re going golfing. – [Dad] Okay, so, we’re back to the course where Lincoln played Matchplay. Tell us about how it went that week. – First day was really excited. I was like yes, I get
to go play Matchplay, and the kid didn’t show up. So, they said, yep, you get a bye. It was at a different course, and come to a different course tomorrow. – [Dad] So, you whooped him, wow. – So, I destroyed him. First hole, I beat him, on the first hole. Second day, it was at this course. The kid didn’t show up either. – [Dad] Wow, so you got a bye the second. – So, I destroyed him, too. Third day was against a
kid that was pretty good. He was really good. It went down to the last hole, and I had hit this crazy shot. There’s a huge tree and a
branch that goes way over. My ball was right here, leaning against the tree trunk, and
I had no follow through, but the hole was right down there, and I hit it, and it popped up and rolled out of the
grass onto the green, and I two-putted, and I won because of that two-putt, and the other guy, if he would’ve made a 15
footer, he would’ve won. Well, we would’ve tied. – [Dad] That was the semifinals? – So that was the semifinals, and then, the final day,
we tied the first hole, and then I won the next five. So, that was it. – [Dad] So, you beat him pretty
good on the championship. – Yep. – We are here to pick up his trophy for winning that
championship, but one thing that I thought was pretty surprising is, I guess winning Matchplay
gave him enough points to qualify him for player of the year. Sounds kinda like fuzzy
math, but I will take it. We’re coming today to pick up the trophy, and some free things for
being player of the year. So, might as well get
this confidence booster, and see what this trophy’s like. So, anyway, we’re back at the golf course. We’re gonna go pick it up. – Yep. (record scratch) – Okay, that was a little anticlimactic. The guy that’s in charge of it went home a little early, or went out to another golf
course to do something. We will continue this video tomorrow. Okay, it’s been about a week,
and we are finally back. For you, it’s been a few
seconds, but we’re back, and we called ahead this time. He is here. He has the stuff, and we’re gonna go see what stuff Lincoln gets
for winning Matchplay. (upbeat music) Hey, we thought it was your
other office next door. Lincoln gets some things
right, for winning? – Yeah, so there’s a few things, actually. The first one is the Matchplay
trophy which is kinda cool. It’s different than the regular trophies. We wanted to do something
a little different. – [Dad] That is really cool. – So, that’s for Matchplay. That’s your first place trophy. Now, here’s your plaque
for Player of the Year. – Whoa, that’s awesome! It has my name on it. That looks so cool! – So, you got that. You have a little recognition
for having a great year and being our Player of
the Year in your age group. That was cool. Then we got some prizes for you, too. So, we got a, I mean, back to school, we give you a backpack of course, right? The last thing you want, but there’s that, and then there’s a few things
inside of there as well. – That’s cool, it’s
JAG Player of the Year. That’s cool. Oh, yes, I’m actually out
of golf balls right now. If you go into my bag, I
don’t have one golf ball. – [Dad] Okay, that’s good
’cause those are nice Pro V1s. – 2019 JAG Player of the Year! – [Dad] What? – [Lincoln] That is so cool! – [Dad] That is so fancy! – Then there’s one more thing in there. So, you might have to take
your dad with you on this one. – What, 25 dollars for Texas Roadhouse. – [Dad] We’re gonna
spend all that on rolls. – Their rolls are the best. That’s awesome! – Oh yeah, a few prizes for you, so. – Thank you so much. – Yeah, you bet. You had great year. – Thanks! – It was fun to watch. – [Dad] Wow, Lincoln, first summer playing golf in four years, how do you feel going into the off season, getting ready for next year? – I need to go practice more. – [Dad] That’s good. Do you think you’ll be better next year? – Yeah, if I practice, practice more. – Because there was a lot of tournaments that he went to like he went up north and played a few tournaments that he took last place, and he’s like, I’m done, cancel me all the tournaments, and then we started signing up for the ones down here, and he took third place in one of ’em, and that gave him a
little bit of confidence, and he started playing
more, and then Matchplay was the last thing of the
year, and was very fortunate to win the last two matches to be able to win the whole thing,
and off season is now. Next year, during the summer, he’ll be playing tournaments
down here in St. George and probably some up in Salt
Lake, and then at the end of the summer is high school
tryouts as a ninth grader. So, crazy, high school, I
don’t think I’m ready for that. First thing to celebrate Lincoln’s big
Player of the Year award. What is it? – Ice cream. – Yum, this is Culver’s what? Concrete Oreo with chocolate ice cream. – Their chocolate is so good. – [Dad] Their chocolate’s
amazing, so creamy smooth. We are gonna go parade
around with his stuff. My brother in law, Brandon,
we golf with him every week. – Whoa! (laughs) Yeah! And he helps Lincoln with his golf stuff. So, he’s gonna be really proud of Lincoln. So, we’re just gonna show up. Hopefully, he’s here. What’s up? – What’s up? – [Brandon] You guys are weird. (laughing) – I got stuff. – [Dad] Check it out. That is Matchplay Champion. – And then this fancy one, that one’s the Player of the Year one. – That looks just like you. (laughs) – [Dad] Except he’s a
righty, and you’re a lefty. – Yeah, yeah. – [Dad] Isn’t that cool though? – That’s way cool! – And then they gave me this backpack. – Nice! – Player of the year. – 2019 JAG Player of the Year, whoa! – [Dad] That’s pretty cool, right? – That’s big time right there. – Okay, we showed Brandon. I think we need to go
golfing, or hit some balls. (upbeat dance music) Alright, so now, we’re at the
range after having ice cream, after showing Brandon the
Golfer of the Year thing, and this is the most important thing as Lincoln said earlier, he
needs to get practice in. Just because he won Golfer of the Year, I don’t want you guys to think that we think that he’s the
greatest golfer that exists. He’s probably shooting
in the 80s right now, and I think this is a
good confidence booster. There were probably 10
tournaments this year, and most kids only played
three or four tournaments. So, the fact that he won Matchplay gave him enough points to actually push him over to get that
Golfer of the Year thing. Let us know if you want
to see more golf videos, out on the course videos because we’re already going to be golfing a lot. It would be really fun
to bring you guys along, and also maybe golf with
some of our other friends that are on YouTube like Eric Anders Lang, Brodie Smith, Rick Scheils. So, yeah, more golf
tournaments next season. Until then, practice, practice, practice, and have fun on the range. Good job, Lincoln, proud of ya. Really, I’m proud of you. – [Dad] Bro, look at
all this stuff you got. – Mhm, these trophies are cool. Usually every one of the
trophies are the same. – [Dad] Yeah. (upbeat music)

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