I Lose My Club Every Time I Miss The Green | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club
I Lose My Club Every Time I Miss The Green | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at Nashville golf and athletic club with the fun little on
course challenge today what we’re gonna be doing is every time I attempt a shot
at the green if I don’t end up on the green with that shot
I’ll lose that club whatever club that I use for that shot whether it’s an
approach shot whether it’s a green side bunker and I chunk didn’t leave it short
whatever it is if I’m attempting a shot to end up on the green if I don’t hit
the green lose the club we’re gonna be playing the back nine’ out here in
Nashville golf starting with number 10 par-3 right here yeah right there yep
that’s the first hole let’s go par-3 190 yards to a middle left pin location I’ve
got a 7-iron in hand all righty one shot in and 7 irons gone
yep it landed right there just one back to
right there we’re down to 13 clubs and I need to get this one up and down a little long not too bad about 5 feet
left for par that was dig number 11 par-4 417 yards
pretty straight away however it is a little bit of a blind tee shot there’s a
castle tower kind of off in the distance there that you can see that’s gonna be
our aiming point did I let it fly with driver little baby cut right there should be
left side of the fairway through one hole seven irons down already down one
club however we’re just playing nine holes for this so thankfully we should
still have some clubs in the back if we lose one club a hole hopefully that’s
not the case good tee shot here on 11 gonna be the
left side of the fairway but pretty good look into the green with a wedge so
hopefully we don’t lose the clubs all righty
there we are right there 101 yards left to a middle pen going with the d4 degree hit that one a little past hit well it
was downhill didn’t quite play as far as I thought however we didn’t lose a club
all right walking up here about thirty five feet left for birdie didn’t spin it
all actually hop forward just a little bit see the divot right there let’s see
if we can’t roll this birdie in for the first pin slammer of the day my bad roll right there probably should
have played a little more brake but that’s okay
easy tap-in par number 12 425 yards par 4 kind of want to take it just over that
bunker right there that is the perfect line so maybe target line right there at
that little top of the tree little baby fade and the green sits off
back there little dogleg to the right driver in hand hit that tree solid mm-hmm I will not
complain about this bounce right out there about 145 yards left to a middle
back pin so as you can see here a little tree trouble
we need to curve this left to right just a little bit I’ve got 9-iron in hand not
a full 9-iron but it does play uphill probably playing just over 150 all righty cloves are dropping like
flies we missed that green to the left didn’t have enough cut 9-iron down ball
would have landed roughly right in there there’s her and ended up barely missed
the screen to the left see if we can get this up and down this would be a huge parcei here on 12
oh no worries bogey their own 12 that’s okay bogeys
are gonna happen got a bounce back from them we’ve got three par fives left to
the house 13 15 and 18 so some great scoring opportunities one over par
through three holes 9-iron down 7-iron down on to number 13 part 5 561
yards the green kind of sits off back in there back up the hill tee shots down
the hill our aiming point is that white state you see off in the distance I always pulled a little left of our
target but should be in good shape right in the middle fairway all right we got
2:19 left to the pin strategy is paramount here because I am attempting
to hit it on the green if we miss it club’s gone even though this is our
second shot on a par five I’ve got four iron in hand we need to hit this green
otherwise the stinger club is gone with all that being said we’re gonna aim
towards the middle of the green here I hit that one pretty good I pulled it
just a little bit but it should be on the green happy with that swing right
there this was a very difficult pin location not much green there around the
pin however were on the back edge of the green I don’t know if you see right
there about 50 feet away but happy with that swing happy with the result
didn’t lose the singer club this is a very difficult putt going down the hill
there is an opportunity to lose the putter here if we’re not careful with
our speed let’s roll the rock see if we can get a first eagle on the channel and
a little while that would be fun I would take that putt right there all
day every day I’m gonna tap in from about two feet for birdie and the first
pin slammer of the day bottoms and that’s a bounce-back birdie right there
very happy with that hole even par on the day on to number 14 fifth hole par
three 145 yards to the back middle pin pitching wedge in hand I wasn’t our best right there that was a
little right and I believe spun off the green and pitching wedge is in trouble
of being gone all righty that close to the green right there my ball landed
right there already fixed the divot and spun back to here we’ve got about 40
feet left up the hill little right-to-left breaker pitching
wedge is gone I might have been a little bit of a miss
Reid didn’t really break back to the left but pretty good speed all right that is a three here on 14 all
right II forgot to take the pitching wedge out of the bag it’s gone by 544
yard par 5 number 15 tee shot plays pretty straight however the green sits
back behind those trees so it does Bend a little to the left for
the second shot teed high let a flower driver two hundred and ten yards left this
screen is very small so this is somewhat of an aggressive play got 5-iron in hand and that might have been the shot of the
day right there still very happy with that shot however 5-iron is down and
landed just a few feet from the hole and rolled out just off the green we’ve got
an eagle look 5-iron down we have now moved on from the 5-iron it
is gone however we do have a 15 footer for a camera drop in Eagle oh that was a firm firm no one limped in there but that is a pin
slammer one under par through our six hold today number 15 we’ve lost several
clubs now at this point pitching wedge 9-iron 7-iron and now 5-iron for clubs
gone we’re down to 10 clubs for the remaining three holes today number 16
par for 424 yards dogleg left you can see the green back in there however our
line off the tee is going to be that White’s take off in the distance and that is how we drew it up all right
right there good shape Millville fairway 105 yards left
sand wedge in hand I’m gonna walk up here put the camera behind the hole give
you a little better vantage point hopefully we’re not get close and it
looks cool that’s what we’re hoping for oh that was a really good swing right
there with the wedge didn’t anticipate it’s spinning back that much roughly
about 25 feet left up the hill for a birdie a little slower than I anticipated up
that hill however we’ll tap it in for the bar that is a four here on 16 all
right 1-under through seven holes we’re on to
our eighth hole number 17 par-3 178 yards little puffer breeze into would
love the 7-iron as an option but it’s not so I’m gonna have to hit the 8-iron
very full we’re gonna swing at this pretty good to get it all the way back
to that back pin would love the 7-iron that’s but I missed the green on the
first hole today what the 7-iron so that’s not an option
8-iron it is learn a lesson from me right there don’t
try to pull out hit clubs take the smooth sticks apparent hit it 3/4 smooth
it up there when you try to hit shots really hard
the misses are gonna be bigger now ball landed on the grain but spun back off
the grain the wise Club selection there would have been the 6-iron we know now
yes we do all right there’s where the ball landed there’s where it ended up it
is not on the green we’ve got about 50 feet left here for birdie
all right 8-iron bye-bye yep there it is that’s gone that was a slow putt right there we had
to get the full hip turn in on that one all righty that is a three here on 17
one under par with one hole left 18 par 5 597 yards straight away five clubs
down pitching wedge 9 9 8 7 5 iron all gone comment below and drop a like if
you’d like to see me a tempest on a full 18 hole round could get dicey towards
the end of that round let me know in the comments below one hole left see if we
can’t get an eagle look we’re gonna be taking this driver straight through the
gap there you see the gap between the two tree lines that’s what we’re going
hopefully and we’ll take that all day every day
and ideal position right there 255 yards left to a left pin kind of sitting there
and just over the corner of that bunker don’t want to miss this left full syn
with hybrid not the greatest swing there but we miss
it in the right place however hybrid by walking up here this is definitely the
place you want to miss it there’s a pretty good look hitting up and down
missing out left of the screen is no good I’m about thirty yards left need to hit that one just a bit firmer
however we still have a look for party to end the day with a pin slammin birdie
Oh oh that was good try alright tapping you
ordered the part as a part here on the last hope you’ll enjoy coming along what
we’re gonna call the loser club challenge yes one under here on the back
nine for the challenge today we ended up losing six clubs ball striking wasn’t
great today but we scored decent so there’s that hope you all enjoyed coming
along if you did drop a like subscribe below and ring that Bell that would be
greatly appreciated thank you all so much for all the incredible support on
the channel and until next time we’ll see you when we see you

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    I am sorry for the audio on a few holes. There was a lot of ambient noise from construction going on close by. Hope y'all enjoyed the vid!

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    Love them keep them coming

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    Woo! Another video!

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    I would be down 3 clubs on hole 1. I would need to do this on a 3 hole challenge of par 4s at best

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    Good shot~

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    Did anybody see the lighting in the background? 0:12

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