I finally got a Standing Desk!!!
I finally got a Standing Desk!!!

100 thoughts on “I finally got a Standing Desk!!!”

  1. Rph Vinz D. Malba says:

    I love your all videos😘😘😊😊😊

  2. TSERING GURMET Ak says:

    Hi I Justin I m big fan of u from Ladakh.. India

  3. Sherri Bel Sandoval says:

    Justine can you plz do an unboxing on the new A10

  4. Yuto says:

    Where did you get that desk??

  5. K K Sai subramanyam says:

    She looks like the girl in Silicon valley who doesn't know Java.

  6. Snakpakk says:

    Dope AF, I need to upgrade my home office.
    Great video iJ!

  7. NewEsc says:

    It's ugly.

  8. Chuck Weinberg says:

    Who makes the desk modules that your standing desk sits on that you have in this video where can I find them?????

  9. slim pimpin says:

    You're really cute lol

  10. Sam Singh says:

    Who was watching her ass than the video 😂😂

  11. Agent D7 Films says:

    Nice desk, love your dog.

  12. Rock&Roll says:

    I used my bed.

  13. I’m_ALittleTeapot I’ll_FuckYouUp says:

    Who’s sitting while watching this?

  14. Blackapino The Apple Guy says:

    I'm surprise ya didn't think about getting one of these before..lol…NOW…you'll be buying NEW Shoes just for standing….lol

  15. Kiri Rodway says:

    Laziness = no tools required
    Non laziness = standing desk 😂

  16. Arad Crow says:

    Justine do you use a hacking tosh?

  17. Phoebe Farrell says:

    i went to school at charles dickens house and there wasnt a standing desk in his office and none of the furniture was replaced😂

  18. Jordannn s says:

    I like that u are who u are an not acting

  19. Josh says:

    I have a Varidesk too 🙂

  20. cutiecaity85 says:

    My company I work for issues these if you provide a drs note! It is unbelievable!! I have the one made for a curved or corner desk. I love it so much! Now I will invest in a floor mat 😁

  21. Harli Howard says:

    “K bye.”

    Do You Wanna Build A Snowman pays in head

  22. zara says:

    i need to see every single one of ur apple products in the same room together.

  23. 高冉 says:


  24. Kate H says:

    What a coincidence my birthday was the day u posted this video

  25. Kate H says:

    Your dog is soooo cute

  26. Canosis Plays says:

    Great desk. It’s heavy to lift but a great desk none the less.

  27. Elvis Nwaba says:

    I have been thinking if there was something like this I could use when I'm able to setup… And now I've seen it.. I'm happy… There's hope… Electric standing desks, seems really expensive..

  28. LivingLifeWithLiv says:

    A yoga ball chair would be good too! You use your core muscles a little to help stay upright

  29. ijono says:

    omgg u look so nice in glasses!! ❤️😂😂

  30. caTpuccino says:

    Omg the puppy is soooooooo adorable!

  31. delegate zero says:

    justine got a little bubble butt

  32. Coverage Awareness Studio says:

    now watch me sit, now watch me stand… now watch my whip…. now watch me nae nae!

  33. matte black says:

    How convenient

  34. notapieceofgarbage says:

    i have a real standing desk but i never adjust it

  35. Zilch71 says:

    She needs a pc

  36. Drrck11 says:

    Too much work adjusting the desk and chair all the time. Just use a Swiss ball to sit on.

  37. Chess ICT says:

    I love standing desks, really helps with creativity especially if you cant sit down for long periods due to any medicals issues. 🙂

  38. AcURe oNe says:

    Whole vid I'm staring at her ass.. it's a nice desk ig?

  39. Aron Benafill says:

    So, it's a desk that you pun on another desk?

  40. S. E. C-R says:

    I’ve learned the hard way that sitting is horribly bad for your back. I sat at a desk for 30 years. I now have major spine and disk issues as a result. I really started having problems about 10 years ago, the last 6 years have been horrible and just keeps getting worse. I’ve been in an out of the ER many many because my back would lock up causing excruciating pain. In January this year I landed in the ER again that ended in surgery for a ruptured disk, 4 weeks later I was back in surgery again because it ruptured again. Life has been very very different the last few months. I still have the worst pain you can imagine, walking, sitting & standing are all very difficult and painful beyond belief. I am now just waiting for the time to come to have my spine fused! I’m glad to see that you recognize that you sit too much and are doing something about it!!

  41. Hoai-Quoc Vinh says:

    TBH, thing I noticed the most in this vid? The fresh white Adidas sneakers. XD

  42. Ben Sutherland says:

    nice 10 min ad

  43. Samuel Morningstar says:

    I rather buy a full standing desk that has buttons to push and have memory so i dont have to keep lifting it up and down over and over

  44. kntwing.23 says:

    hello wife….look at that booty..yum😘😍


  45. The Analytical Menace says:

    Okay. I really don't get the appeal of these things. I get what they're trying to do. I really do. I just don't see why standing whilst using my computer is necessary. I could just…ya know…get up away from my desk and take breaks as needed. Like other healthy people do.

  46. sirwoofwoof says:

    Hmmm……iJustine has a nice ass. Am I the only one surprised…

  47. Marek Pillár says:

    two monitor desk? i hope you´ll put two new XDR monitors on it and don´t forget on stands!

  48. Delight In Life says:

    Been thinking of working while standing… your standing desk and chair are awesome and a necessity to women, posture wise and of course to help us maintain a slimmer waist. Innovative, timely and beneficial design 🙂 Great one for those working 8 or more hours on a sitting desk.

  49. demondojr says:

    I'd like your standing desk more if you had a French pitbull.

  50. Sergiu Marsavela says:

    OMG she uses Safari… 🤮

  51. Spacek USA says:

    Nope, its not a good product for pro artists like digital sculptures , 3D modeling etc… we need full electric standing table all in one… no manual work, no separated parts…

  52. pitashen says:

    You might want to look in to this chair by HAG called Capisco. It should work really well with your desk setup.

  53. troll face 69 says:

    3:38 = CAKE

  54. MANIK MAHAJAN says:

    i only come to watch her face 😋

  55. J3TV says:

    “STAND In the place that you work”

  56. chi027 says:

    the desk is amazing. They use them at my workplace and are amazing. Also what monitor is used in the video?

  57. Henry Mogollon says:

    Besos desde Venezuela eres una chica muy hermosa y te deseo las mejores de las suerte en tu Canal ………………………………………………. CSJ.

  58. Tech TV usa says:

    That is a poor man's standing desk but if you like it use it. Having said that I think it was a sales pitch.

  59. DARKHOME says:

    youtubers dose not know what to do at all, just recording every shit they do even if not useful.
    i as a gamer or editor will never use standing desk.

  60. 10,000 subscribers with No Videos? says:

    Should've waited for the Pro Stand…

  61. Blaze Chai says:

    What desk is that

  62. Onur ÖREK says:

    looks m-grade state of the art. love it

  63. Aaron Sutton says:

    Can we have an office tour soon iJustine I’m dying to see it

  64. Oscar Ferreira says:

    You got booty, Justine! Only makes you that more attractive. 

    Got to say though, not a big fan of those fake standing desks; everything looks too bulky and disorganized on the desk.

  65. Connor Stewart says:

    IJustine: I sit down way too much

    Me: hold my phone

  66. amunraankh says:

    Nice product. You should try reviewing the Victor DC350 standing desk; I personally think its better.

  67. J Benedict says:

    Can you do a video with matty?

  68. Apple apps iOS Más apps says:

    My favorite color black


  69. wizbang99 says:

    Standing Desk s are great.
    We have Tread Mill in the floor at the desks in our office. Everyone Loves it. You will love it slso. For more fun try s small a Tread Mill. Thanks
    Wizbang99/ Ken

  70. Edogamunoz says:

    Looking THIC 😍

  71. theandroids says:

    Should have went with Humanscale. Very clean Apple-ish style.

  72. Mystic Emma ツ says:

    My dad has one of those at his office

  73. Yana Nikolova says:

    Turtles can breath through their buttholes.

  74. Maddie Ziegler fans says:

    I love new dark them in your office

  75. Gal Farrero says:

    Her energy is on another level 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍

  76. Fire Fly says:

    Justine: benjamin franklin what do you want

  77. Alex Tech TV says:


  78. Em Aug says:

    Pause at 2:18

    Your Welcome. 🙂

    Love you Justine!
    Love your vids by the way.

  79. Malak abu says:

    so is it two desks ????

  80. Turbogeek 21 says:

    😮 that's awesome

  81. collin says:

    Where is here iMac pro

  82. Yassine Kaissi says:

    I'm watching your videos on a standing desk isn't that great!!

  83. Alfie Malcolm says:

    where is the imac pro

  84. Lucien Martin says:

    Is the dog in the thumbnail a bichon frise? I used to have three of them and they are amazing and smart

  85. Rohit Vennelakanti says:

    What monitor is that??

  86. Taylor Sherwood says:

    "Varidesk power hub" also known as a $10 extension cord.

  87. The Alfonso Nation says:

    “Now watch me type, how watch me nay nay.” 😂 I just love Justine.

  88. alysdexia says:

    Lying is healthier than sitting is healthier than standing. It'd be better to put the lift beside a lounge chair or a lift chair.

  89. Yasr says:

    Really….really 1080 Justine 1080?????

  90. Kaki Chaitanya Deep says:

    Check out a Treadmill desk.

  91. Carson Stark says:

    You should do a office tour

  92. Ash-is -unimpressed says:

    School is actually making me fat lol. The amount of sitting and eating i do is not good.

  93. Moudire Ifan says:

    You’re genuinely fun to watch !
    And, very smart too.

  94. Jesus Pagano says:

    OMG Justine your body is so HOT

  95. Jesus Pagano says:

    NICE booty

  96. Jesus Pagano says:

    WTF engagement ring?

  97. Grumzz says:

    you need to stop doing vocal fry.
    you dont need to try to fit into a crowd anymore so you can loose the vocal fry.

  98. Drake says:

    She's so damn cute

  99. lyris hindi music says:

    Send me you number

  100. CAITLYN COOK says:

    your Dog is so cute

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