I Broke 80 1 Month After Doing This Drill || Golf Tip || Golf Drill

so there I am I’m like 19 years old I’m
shooting in the 80s mid 80s I’ve never broken 80 in my life and I started doing
this drill and a month later at Torrey Pines North Course I shot a 78 my first
tile in the 70s ever and I’m gonna show you that drill right now okay so I was
watching a lot of PGA Tour events on television and I heard one of the pros
say one time that his short game when he was chipping the ball he always knew how
far the ball was going to roll and my short game was a mess at that time so I
didn’t know how far the ball was ever going to roll I would just always try to
carry the ball a certain distance so when I heard that I started doing this
drill and it helped me just figure out how far the ball was going to roll every
time so that’s what we’re gonna do right now and what I used back then I used
chalk line or I would use a sharpie and just mark a line in the grass which you
could still do I’m not paid to wrap this product but I’m gonna use my tee claw
setup right now because there they come with these little claws that I can just
screw in the green and strings and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna set up a location
where I want the ball to land every time and I want the ball to roll 10 feet
every time no matter what club I use no matter how far back I go I always want
that ball to roll out ten feet because if I know every chip shot I ever hit
that ball rolls ten feet then I just know where to land the ball I’m good I
know it’s gonna roll 10 feet so let’s set up our lines and we’ll get going so we want to land the ball there and we
want the ball to roll to here we’re gonna work from right here and we’re
gonna keep backing up hit however many balls you want right here get the green
roll the yellow and you figure out what club you need maybe you need a 60 maybe
you want to move it back in your stance and hit a little lower 60 you could do
that too so keep changing clubs keep moving your distance back see you’re not thinking about getting it
close to the hole you’re just thinking about where it’s going to end up and
what happens with that is it ends up close to the hole and you walk up there
and you just tap it in for par and you don’t have to stress out about a long
par putt and you don’t have to think about your score because it’s just
automatically happening without you worrying about it that’s what helped me
break 80 for the first time was I wasn’t thinking about getting it close to the
hole any more I started thinking about how far is this ball going to roll after
I land it right there it’s gonna roll ten feet and all of a sudden I’m walking
around a golf course not even thinking about my score just thinking about every
little chip shot I had where he used to worry me now it didn’t I was dialed in you

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