HOW2: How to Play Golf
HOW2: How to Play Golf

– Fore! (laughs) Whoa, talk about a ”crack
shot”, am I right? (laughs) – Ugh. Hey everyone. – Today, Pear and I are
showing you How 2 Play Golf. – [Pear] Have you even ever
played golf before, Orange? – Nope. But I totally just read up on it. So I’m good to go. I know
it all. Ask me anything. – Okay, how do you play it? – By catching birds. Duh. – What? – Yeah, I read all about
it. Says here you wanna get as many birdies and eagles as you can. – [Pear] Dude, that’s not what– – [Orange] So I’m guessing the
higher you hit your golf ball the more likely you are
to catch some really cool high altitude birds. (laughs) – (groans) Orange, golf is about getting your ball into the cup. Not hitting birds. Birdie and eagle are just golf terms. – Oh, so we’re not talking
about actual birds? – No. – Oh. Yeah, that makes more sense. And I’m guessing a seven
iron isn’t for getting the wrinkles out of
multiple shirts at once? – Correct. – And a sand trap isn’t
something out of Star Wars? – [Pear] Right again.
– Gotcha. And I’m guessing TNT is
just some golf term too? – [Pear] Huh? No. There’s
nothing in golf called TNT. – [Orange] Oh, my bad. Guess
we’ll come back to that later. – We’d better not.
– (laughs) We probably will. – (groans) Step one, for
all you golfer wannabes. Go practice on the driving range. – [Orange] They call it
a driving range because there’s always a guy driving
around picking up the balls. – [Pear] Actually, it’s
called a driving range because a driver is a golf club. – (laughs) Silly Pear, the driver is the guy out there picking
up balls. You know, the one everyone is trying
to hit with the golf ball. – Ow! Would you stop (screams)
aiming (screams) at me? Ah! – [Orange] It’s also
called a driving range cause we’re driving
that guy crazy. (laughs) – Har har. Step two, go
practice on the putting green. – [Orange] Oh, it’s mini golf.
I specialize at mini golf. Probably because I’m only
four inches tall. (laughs) – No, it is not mini golf dude. There are no obstacles, you
just have to read the green. – Oh, I can read the green. I
can read all sorts of colors. Red. Blue. Purple. Orange. – No, no. Green is another golf term. – Oh, I gotcha. Like TNT.
– No, not like TNT at all. – Somebody called for TNT?
– No! – I’m pretty sure you did.
– Get it out of here! – Okay, okay. Put it with the other TNT and don’t light it. For now. – It better not come back, Orange. – Okay. I mean, it probably will, but… – (groans)
– (laughs) – [Pear] Step three, get a tee time and go golf on an actual course. – Tea time is a British thing. They do it before they go golfing. – No, tee time is a golf term dude. It’s the time you start golfing. – Oh, you mean golf time?
– I mean tee time. – Whoa, I think I finally understand golf. When the clock strikes golf o’clock, it’s time to hit birds out of the air drink tea with crumpets,
avoid Sarlacc Pits, hit the golf ball driver dude
with an epic mini golf putt read some colored words
and then pull the pin. – (screams) Okay, none of that was true. Except you got pulling the pin right. When you get close to the hole, it’s good etiquette to pull the
pin from the hole like this. – Oh, that’s what pulling the pin means? – Yeah. What else would it refer to? – Um, a grenade?
– Orange! – (stammers) Don’t worry,
I’ll get rid of it. – [Pear] Not towards the… (screams) (playful music)

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