How to use a tyre repair kit – Which? guide
How to use a tyre repair kit – Which? guide

More than two thirds of cars now come with
a tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel. And while these kits aren’t always popular
With drivers, if your car has one, you’ll need to know how to use it. If you get a puncture,
pull over and stop as soon as you find a safe place. Preferably away from traffic, apply
the handbrake and switch your engine off. and turn on your hazard lights if necessary.
Now take a look at the puncture. sealing kits will only fill holes up to to about 4mm across.
so if you’ve got a nail in your tire, thats fine. but if the tires torn or the alloy wheel
itself is damaged you’re going to need to call a breakdown service. You’ll find your
repair kit in the boot. It will either be in the side panels, or as
here under the boot floor. Now it consists of 2 parts, the bottle of sealant and the
compressor for pumping up the tyres If you do have an object like a nail in your tire,
don’t use a compressor for pumping up the tires. try to remove it. Just unscrew the
valve cap and attach the sealant bottle And once attached, the pressurised sealant
will spread around inside the tire. On this Toyota the air compressor for inflating the
tires, is then attached to the back of bottle However on many other cars, youll need to
unscrew the bottle and attach the air compressor directly to the valve on the tire. now its time to inflate your tire. So take
the lead from the compressor and plug it into the cigarette lighter or 12 volt socket inside
your car. Then start the engine. Now turn the compressor on and inflate the tire until
it reaches the recommended pressure shown in your cars handbook. If the tire isn’t in
place properly, try rolling the car a few meters forward to help the sealant spread
around. If that doesnt work You might still need to
call a breakdown service. If you manage to repair the tire, well done. You can carry
on driving, but you’ll need to stop a couple of miles down the road to check your tire
pressures again, and remember this is only a temporary fix; so drive gently and keep
your speed below 50 miles an hour. When you get to a garage remember you’ll need
to buy a new can of sealant and a new tyre. Which tests every aspect of tyre performance
from wet braking to wear. So check our reviews before you buy.
When you get to a garage, remember that you’ll need to buy a new can of sealant and a new
tire; Which tests every aspect of tire performance, from wet breaking to wear, so check our reviews
before you buy.

24 thoughts on “How to use a tyre repair kit – Which? guide”

  1. Keen Smile says:

    A spare tire is much better, I cant believe the car companies are getting this cheap

  2. Which? says:

    In some cases it is justified (the space is often used to give you more storage or folding seats) but we generally agree and have been calling for manufacturers to, at least, offer you the option of a spare wheel when you buy the car for quite some time.

  3. arturo says:

    fine if small hole and not on tyre wall otherwise you better have your phone handy and then you have to buy another kit can't be used again give me a spare wheel anytime probably the replacement kit will cost as much as a a spare would anyway

  4. jameshisself says:

    You don't need to replace the tyre, that is rubbish. If the sealant works it's a small puncture, remove the object and insert a plug. Trim flush and good as new. Use the tyre as normal afterward.

  5. Flix says:

    Spare wheel >> This shitty spray

  6. misfit says:

    "If your car has one" Throw it away and replace your car with one which has a full size spare wheel or at least space for one.  I would never drive a car without a full size spare wheel now.  I had a Cupra sport once and that had some stupid space saver which was a bad enough but spray cans are even worse.  Believe me you never know when you will have a puncture or a blow out.  The former I have had a few but one was Christmas Eve 160 miles away and so glad I had a spare wheel then otherwise it could have ruined Christmas.  I have also had a blow out and that can would not have resolved that problem. Drive safe get a spare wheel as the emergency services are becoming like the NHS A&E very long waiting times.

  7. Hal Main says:

    Good video

  8. Κώστας Λεούσης says:

    Vw has spare tyres

  9. Sudhanshu Shekhar says:

    u can repair puncture bro. why to buy new tyre for such a small problem😐

  10. Peter Stclair says:

    No intention of using a puncture repair kit its just a rip off If a car I am thinking of buying has not got a spare wheel they can stuff it!!! Rediculous idea just to save the manufacturers money!!!!!!

  11. THEoldgreydude says:

    I had one
    Throw it away & got a proper spare wheel
    Easier to use & far safer to drive on

  12. Pak Review Machine says:

    Amazing. Which video editing software did you use.

  13. Damian Littlefair says:

    Can yo use this. just as a pump with out the sealant? So just the compressor?

  14. TheSRBgamer63 says:

    I swear i thought for moment this is Matt Damon lol.

  15. lw216316 says:

    Is this true – I read that the sealant will destroy the tire pressure monitor ?

  16. Tudor Renegade says:

    Did you just say I have to buy a new tire just because of a simple flat ? Now that is waste !

  17. sydjaguar says:

    Buy a new Tyre? What?

  18. Peter Wright says:

    what do you do with these kits after you use them? can you use them more than once? bring back spare tyres!!

  19. James marshall says:

    am not using this shit any one now where to get Full size spare (rim and tire) jack in such am scared now ill be stranded when i start driving

  20. mark schembri says:

    Ommi kemm ghandek ghajnejk sbih

  21. Shivneel Rup says:

    I'd still stick to spare tires


    How can I get that one?

  23. Robert Vickers says:

    this is a great idea…a lighter , modern solution , to getting you to the garage for repair….much better than lugging that stupid spare part ( a wheel and tyre) around for years!!! why not take a spare exhaust, or clutch shoe kit also hahahahaha.

  24. Johnny Norfolk says:

    What a mess, bring back the spare.

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