How to unlock a car door (without a key)
How to unlock a car door (without a key)

locking your keys inside the car sucks
in this video I’m going to unlock three different vehicles using different
methods and tools to help you figure out what method works best for your car.
First make sure you have proof it is your car or whoever you’re helping can
prove it is their car. Check every door, window, trunk or tailgate, and glass! You
just might get lucky. Our first vehicle has a vertical knob on top of the door
panel and the most accessible tool you’re most likely to have on you is a
shoelace or a string. Make sure it is long enough to cover the window
diagonally. Step number one – slide the string in through the top corner of the
door. Tip: now when you go to fit the string in you might run into weather
stripping and rubber molding that doesn’t let you get past it, so use a
thin object to guide the string in over the rubber molding. Step number two: once the string is inside move it to one side of the window and make a slip knot here’s a better view of how to make one:
basically it’s like tying your shoe – you pull on one side it tightens your knot
you pull on the other side it tightens your loop. Now pull the slip knot into
the window area and try to fit it over the knob Here is a tip: if your loop is pointing away
from the knob you can twist the string and slide the twisted part into the
window area and then pull back to make the loop point in the right direction,
like this! Once you put the loop over the knob
pull the string ends apart to tie the knot and pull up and there we go the
first car is unlocked next tool we can use is a wire hanger or
any long wire you can find very helpful tool you can use it in many different
applications unwind the hanger and straighten it out leaving a hook on one
end. Now let’s take a closer look at our knob – all it really is, is just a rod
going down to the latching mechanism so what I’m gonna do is let the hook
down between the window and the weatherstripping
which I do recommend removing to get a better visual of what’s inside the door
catch the rod or the part of the latching mechanism it is attached to and
pull up and the door is unlocked another useful tool is a slim jim basic
concept: Pull on one side and push on the other to navigate the loop that you
would slide over a vertical knob. Same basic steps you may have to pry the door
a little bit slide the slim jim down, fit it over the
knob and pull up. I personally don’t really care for this tool, I think it has
very limited application. However the door is unlocked and let’s move on to
the second vehicle this vehicle does not have a vertical knob, the locking knob
moves horizontally and is significantly harder to get to but take note – pulling
the door handle unlocks the door! And we also have a manual window which could be used to our advantage And now again let’s take a closer look
at our locking knob: all it is – is just another rod that goes to the latching
mechanism moving horizontally instead of vertically here
I took the latching mechanism out of the door so you can see that there is a
black piece moving up and down as I move the rod back and forth. So all we need to
do is pull up on it and the door will be unlocked. While I’m trying to catch the
mechanism I wanted to mention that your wiper blades (except curved ones) have
metal rods in them that you can use for this method just pull the blade end down
to get them exposed. You may have to use pliers to pull one out, bend it to make a
hook and you’re ready to go! Now back to our board:
I finally caught the mechanism and all I need to do is pull up and the second car
is unlocked Now since the inside handle unlocks the
door, we can try to utilize that too let’s grab the other end of our wire
hanger and make a loop about a finger in size
make sure to twist it a few times so that it doesn’t unwind when you pull on
it next pry the top corner of the door and
fit a wedge in it. I am using a small ice scraper to get it started and a wooden
wedge you can use a doorstop or some wooden kitchenware like spatulas and
such try not to use screwdrivers as they will damage your paint. Basically you’re
just trying to create an opening just big enough to fit in the wire once the wire is in throw the loop over
the handle and here I want to share another tip with you: once you’re on the
handle – bring the wire down so that you’re pulling straight back, instead of half up – half back And there we go! That sweet sound of the
door finally opening. And let me play this one more time! And finally our third
and most difficult car: It has no vertical knob, it does have a “lock/unlock” button but pretty hard to get to the locking tab is cone-shaped and the
door handle does not unlock the door – pretty tricky. On top of it, it has cables
instead of rods, so nothing to really grab on to. So the easiest thing to do
here is to use an actual lockout toolkit used by professionals which consists of:
a long reach tool, inflatable bag, and a wedge tool. Since this door doesn’t have a
metal frame around the glass I’m going to use the inflatable bag – wedge it in,
inflate it, give yourself some room to fit the metal rod through. Don’t pry it
more than you have to – you don’t want to shatter the glass, obviously. then just fit in the rod and here you
have two options: you can either push the unlock button or turn the locking knob.
Now while I’m trying to get it unlocked I wanted to mention even though most of
you probably don’t have a tool kit like this handy you can try to imitate it
with something like an antenna or a hood prop rod from another car of course I’ve
seen people use golf clubs the bottom line is there are options so don’t get
discouraged and use your imagination. And there we go, our third car is unlocked! now I am going to try to turn the
locking knob Thanks to the rubber tip, it takes no time to execute. And again that sweet sound of the door opening You can also use this tool to open manual
windows, push locking tabs, and pull on door handles. Now this should be enough
for one video, if it was helpful please give it a thumbs up in the next video
I’m going to talk more about unlocking this Subaru and other cars using a less
conventional approach and about preventing yourself from being locked
out thank you for watching good luck and take care

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  1. Make It Easy Mechanic says:

    Dear friends, thank you for all the positive feedback! Some of you however expressed concern that this video may be used maliciously by thieves.

    I personally have had my car broken into twice. Never had the thieves bothered to carefully unlock my car. They simply busted out my driver window and took whatever was inside.

    This video is intended to help people unlock their cars without breaking anything (including the law or the bank ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Chris S says:

    Just stole a 2019 Range Rover…. what a pissa that car was till I crashed it into a tree. Thanks for the tip. Tomorrow, a Bentley

  3. Chris S says:

    And in all honesty, I did lock my keys in the car a few years back. Car was running in my driveway on a cold winter day. Called a local guy who was very reasonably priced, a traveling lock out guy, seriously, that is what he was. He showed up with the inflatable bag and a wire just like in the video. Had me in the car and he was gone all in under 5 minutes with probably 3 minutes of talking to him. Amazing.

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    I have this feature on my 20 year old opel/vauxhall astra so you should have this feature as standard on your car.
    Also these features are standard on my fathers 2007 honda civic too including the ultrasonic sensors.
    My car has ultrasonic sensors as standard as well as tilt sensors for the wheels that sets off the alarm if you jack the car up.
    If you press the button just the once on your remote car key you can use this trick on this video so make sure you press the button twice to double deadlock your car.
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    Next, take a file and cut a deep V-groove so that the wide part of the V is almost at the tip while the narrow end extends back toward the 90 deg angle. Now use a fine file to file the V at an angle so the edges are very sharp.

    In use, use the air bag or whatever to spread the door, fish the tool down toward the lock button, bending the rod as necessary to get the V over the button. Move the V away from the button, drop down a bit and put the V in contact with the button or button top. Rotate the rod back and forth until the V cuts into the button. Gently pull up and you're in! This does scar the button a bit so tell the owner ahead of time. He can get a new button if it bothers him too much.

    Something I'm running into more and more is the ignition switch removing power from the power lock buttons. What used to a really easy way in no longer works.

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