How To Train Like A Division 1 College Tennis Player
How To Train Like A Division 1 College Tennis Player

15 thoughts on “How To Train Like A Division 1 College Tennis Player”

  1. says:

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  2. Daniel Walder says:

    "I wonder what it's like to be fast"
    Story of my life on court.

  3. Aditya Mukherjee says:

    Very nice drills! Will definitely try it out next time.

  4. Andrew Roberts says:

    Leave a like for the kid πŸ™‚

  5. Back of the Line Tennis says:

    lol. "I'm gonna hit a 'tweener and you're going to miss a high backhand volley to go down 2/zero". I have that same backhand high volley shot in my bag.

  6. Munditimum Mosu says:

    Excellent video, full of educational and fun content. Had a great time watching this! Have a great weekend boys!

  7. Jean B. says:

    Great vid. What Yonex model is Andrew using? VCore 98 or 100?

  8. Cdog 2K says:

    I love your channel! I'm a D3 player who started tennis late and your channel is so helpful!

  9. Romeo Cal says:

    Ur d1 ? Teach and stop talking about yourself…

  10. ballboy says:

    Too much ego on the left side of the court.

  11. Robert VDL says:

    Even in front of visitors my coach is nowhere near as nice to me as this πŸ˜‚

  12. Log Boi says:

    Shit if he’s D1 I’m D1

  13. Sam Turner says:

    Is that the pro staff autograph or the countervail? Both really good racquets but I could see myself getting hurt with the weight of the autograph after extended use

  14. Eli Hirshberg says:

    Great video! I'm a competitive junior player and we train with 2 on 1s all the time to raise our intensity and work on our footwork. What school does Andrew play for?

  15. thomas medeiros says:

    For those players watching notice the control all three players demonstrate. It does require a certain consistent skill set to do these drills. I use most of these drills with my High School Varsity Team. My slogan is practice with a purpose! All shots have a purpose, placement and variable pace and net clearance. Hit and hope is a tactic of last resort. I also like to do a one on two volley drill starting a service line with the one putting the ball into play and closing in for second volley. If you feed the first ball low the return will have to come back high to clear the net. By moving forward and the one can cut off the return and control the point.

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