How to Take and Edit a Picture or Video on Your Samsung Galaxy S8 | AT&T Support
How to Take and Edit a Picture or Video on Your Samsung Galaxy S8 | AT&T Support

Take a Picture or Video: Take a Picture. From the home screen,
select the Camera app. Upon first use, you will be prompted to view
a short camera tutorial. Review the tutorial; swipe left;
then select “OK” to continue. A Bixby Vision notification
will appear. For more information
about Bixby Vision, see the Visual Intelligence
tutorial or video; review the prompt;
then select the X icon. Alternatively, you can
also access the camera from the lock screen by swiping the Camera icon up. To cycle through the
camera’s flash options, select the Flash icon. To focus, select the
area on the screen where you would like
to focus the camera. To apply an effect,
such as a filter or mask, select the Effect icon;
then select the desired effect. To remove the effect,
select “Remove effect”. To change camera modes, swipe right;
then select the desired mode. To take a picture
using pro mode, where settings such as
ISO, white balance, shutter speed, et cetera,
can be manually controlled, swipe right to the camera modes;
then select “Pro”. To switch between the
rear-facing camera and the front-facing camera, select the Switch Camera icon. To zoom in or out,
pinch fingers together or pull apart on the screen. Alternatively, you can
also zoom in or out by sliding the
Capture icon left or right. To take a picture,
select the Capture icon. Take a Video. To take a video,
from the Camera app, select the Video icon. To capture a still picture
while recording a video, select the Capture icon. Select the Pause icon
to pause recording. Select the Record icon
to continue recording. Select the Stop icon
to stop recording. Videos will automatically
be saved to your gallery. Access, Edit, and Share
a Picture or Video. To view, edit,
and share pictures or videos, from the home screen, swipe up
or down to access the Apps tray. Select the Gallery app. Select the desired
content to view. To share the photo or
video, select the screen; then select the Share icon. Select the desired
sharing method. To edit your photo or video,
select the screen; then select the Edit icon. If prompted,
review the permissions, and, if you agree,
select “ALLOW”. If prompted, review
the editing tutorial and select “OK”. Select the desired edit tool
and edit as desired. Select the Checkmark icon. When finished editing,
select “SAVE”. [♪AT&T jingle♪]

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