How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Three Woods
How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Three Woods

Okay, we’re going to see how we can fade the
three wood. Now the three wood, because it is longer and it’s got a pretty well amount
of waft (it’s about a fifteen degree wafted club) most people would say “well I slice
that club anyway.” Well that might be true, but a slice is very unpredictable. So we’re
going to teach you here how to practice to fade the ball, which is a controlled slice.
Because really the key to this game is you want to be able to say: “okay there’s a target;
I can hit it with a slice; I can hit with a hook; I can hit it straight.” So all a fade
is is a controlled slice. So if you naturally slice the ball, this will be good practice
to help you fix your slice, and then to take that slice and be able to use it in a controlled
manner. So if this club represents the line to the target, then I would line up like this
to hit the ball straight. To fade the ball, I’m going to open my stance up a little bit.
And then I might open the club face a little bit. I might move the ball up, and my stance
just a little bit. But see, there’s no perfect shot. This is why, when you read about the
pros practicing five hundred to a thousand balls a day they are working on virtually
ever angle of this shot. Because every time they get out on the course, it’s going to
be slightly different. So I’m opening my stance. I’m aiming to the left a little bit. And I’m
opening the club face slightly. And this way I just take a normal swing, and it produces
a fade. So the fade is what you want to have. On this particular shot it’s giving me safety.
I’ve lost a little bit of distance fading it, but its well worth the precision that
you gain from being able to execute this shot well.

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