How to Swing Each Golf Club : 8-Iron Golf Swing

Okay, this segment we’ve got the eight iron.
This one is forty degrees. So you can still see that it’s quite lofted. So what the purpose
of this club is for most players you’re going to be hitting it at about a hundred and thirty
to about a hundred and sixty yards. Of course that’s going to determine on the length that
you can hit the ball comfortably and the course conditions and the shot that you’re hitting.
But generally for that distance, this is the club that you want to use when you hit a full
swing and of course you can use this club for pitching, for around the greens and for
other uses. But the eight iron, it’s a great club. Once again this is a really important
shot because it usually means you’re within striking distance of the green. With a good
shot you can get the ball close to the pin and get a good score in this hole. So, you
want to really make sure that you hit, that you practice this shot a lot. Now, it’s a
little longer than the sand wedge, the pitching wedge and the nine iron. So instead of being
as close as I would be on the sand wedge, I have to back up a little bit. And, so I
want to step into the ball. I want the club face to be perpendicular to the line of flight.
And then I just relax and I just take a nice easy swing, and hit the ball pretty straight.
So that’s how you hit a good straight ball with your eight iron, is a line up properly,
and choose, make sure this is the right club for the shot you want to hit so you don’t
over swing. And you should have a good shot.

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