How to Swing Each Golf Club : 1-Iron Golf Swing
How to Swing Each Golf Club : 1-Iron Golf Swing

Okay! This is your one iron. It is your steepest
angle and it is only sixteen degrees loft; it’s the longest iron. Now most players don’t
hit a one iron and not that many pro’s will even hit a two iron because there the less
loft the more chance you have of slicing the ball even if your highly skilled. So you may
not use this club that much but it’s kind of fun to practice with and it’s kind of a
good barometer on how your swingings so well you may or may never use it in a match or
in a round of golf it does have some benefits because if it’s windy you can get underneath
the wind because it’s such a flat loft on it. So what you want to do is just line up.
Once again, now you can see sense it’s the longest club of the irons I’ve got to step
furthest away from the ball so I am going to keep my feet the closest together and I
just draw the line from the target. Once again wer’e going to try to hit the ball straight
so I am going to have a natural club face and then I want to be very relaxed because
this club is not the easiest to control. So a very easy swing and that wasn’t the greatest
of hit but it went the distance and it stayed on line. So the one iron it’s a good practice
club you may or may not want to hit it in a round of golf but it’s good to practice
your swing with and if you can hit it well it means your hitting the club well, every
club well.

33 thoughts on “How to Swing Each Golf Club : 1-Iron Golf Swing”

  1. RK831 says:

    The swing of a 15-handicapper. I would only recommend the 1-iron if your index is +4 or better, and you would only use it under very rare circumstances. Club of the past.

  2. Marklar0 says:

    reminds me of charles barkleys swing 😐

  3. Kees Tel says:

    please now upload the 0-iron video because I wanna laugh some more! 🙂

  4. John Smith says:

    you should really be hitting the ball off a tee with a 1 iron

  5. Grilled Steze says:

    nice shot man

  6. Jeremy Koh says:

    "for the narrowest of stances i recommend standing on one leg for the 1-iron"

  7. jimiii1 says:

    This is a joke, right? 😀

  8. yoshneez says:


  9. RK831 says:

    This guy has no right to teach anyone how to swing anything, given his own awful swing.

  10. Aaron Curry says:

    Whenever there's thunder and lightening on the course, I grab my 1 iron and run around waving it….Cause not even God can hit a f***ing 1 iron 🙂

  11. GST1974 says:


    Yes and no. If you want to play a full 1 iron shot then yes you want a wide stance…much like with fairway woods and the driver. BUT if you want to play a short 1 iron shot that gives you 5 iron distance TO STAY UNDER THE WIND, THEN its a good idea to narrow your stance AND THUS NATURALLY ABBREVIATE YOUR SWING LENGTH!

    Also it helps to choke down on the club with your grip. It seems people misinterpreted his intentions or maybe its just me!

  12. remmy100 says:

    I v noticed that darn near every "expert village" video is crap.

  13. Sterling Simpson says:


  14. FullTimeHypocrite says:

    *cough* … Ploughing useless

  15. Jake says:

    this guy cannot teach a swing. He doesn't have a swing

  16. adam kim says:

    I think i would pull a muscle if I casted the club that hard

  17. Clive Donohoe says:

    @BubbaWatsonfan15 well is is true because you dont have a sand wedge stance while hitting a 3-iron or driver , or have a big wide driver stance using a wedge or putter , so i thing the guy that is a noob to golf is you seeing you dont even know that buddy!

  18. Manfish67 says:

    i have to step "furthest" away from the ball, so im going to keep my feet the "closest" together.. its all crap and he combines it with bad grammar

  19. anon2957 says:

    you use a narrower stance for shorter irons, not longer.

  20. anon2957 says:

    you don't want a wider stance on a wedge, you want narrower. on a putter your stance is what feels comfortable because you aren't shifting your weight during a putting stroke. a lot of pros don't even make their stance much wider from wedge up to driver, you never want a "big wide driver stance"

  21. icu Rad says:

    wasn't the greatest swing, nor instructions. well he has cured me. Im never gonna have a narrow stance ever again, nor am I going to ever use a 1 iron. Thanks for the tips. here is a tip 4u.
    Try another sport, SPORT!

  22. DieIna Hole says:

    No Golf Swag + Awful swing

  23. spud says:

    tell me this is a wind up, fucking hacker

  24. nunya biznes says:

    Why in the world would you want to swing each individual club differently? My guess is this guy can't even break 90 trying to teach people on here. My 15 year old little brother could give you more helpful insight on how to swing a club as he is a +2 handicap…don't quit your day job dude

  25. E Wont says:

    wow dude you have one of the ugliest swings i have ever seen

  26. mattias carlen says:

    horrible swing i have 17 in handicap and i have a cleaner swing ur just another troll

  27. Bharat Gill says:

    Please refrain from posting time wasting , useless , good for nothing videos . Your video is hardly informative and your ugly swing makes it worse . What are you trying to prove man ?

  28. cmares5858 says:

    haha fail. "The club is longer, so you want your feet closer together" so your feel are even closer with a driver and super wide with a sand wedge. hahaha 

  29. FireTrace says:

    Thanks for the vid. I think your swing is decent and compact, finishing facing target, with good swing speed and contact. Sounded really good at impact. I'd like to see any of these guys complaining about your swing hit a 1 iron, with that narrow stance, and still finish balanced.

  30. Sam Clark says:

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  31. Curtis Weber says:

    Being a golf player for more than 2 decades, it`s my dream to break 90. I was not able to attain an excellent round for the last 3-4 years until I finished reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I have been struggling with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

  32. Pasha Haletskiy says:

    Great it myself thanks to woodprix website.

  33. Evgen Mozolevski says:

    I really enjoy plans from woodprix.

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