How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Swing
How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. I hope you have been working with your grip, because I am going to show you
the conclusion to your grip in this episode. When you go to address and set yourself up
so that you are at prefect positioning…you will notice that I have put my arm against
my body here so that my shoulder stays in this position. So that when I pull my club
back like so, my hand points straight down across my toes down the line, so that when
I turn, I turn for that purpose, so that when I have the club in this position, my fingers
make flexibility, so that when I turn back to the ball my arm is still against my body,
which gives that movement to the spot. And then when I turn through, I follow through
with my hand in the same position, because my shoulder is making the move. So, here is
what it looks like is here the flexibility is in my fingers, I come back to the ball
like this, you see my fingers how flexible they are, okay that flexibility is what causes
the club head speed to travel through the ball. The other part of it is that, when you
are in this position, that flexibility causes your hands to move along according to the
rhythm of your body, to stand on your right foot, shift your left foot and bring your
hands down. By keeping this tight against your body, the distance from the club head
to your shoulder remains the same throughout the move, so that it looks like that. I am
sure that if you practice your grips and cause yourself to exercise with these motions, that
you will do fine.

3 thoughts on “How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Swing”

  1. chrismc1268 says:

    I can't believe you were allowed to post this so called INSTRUCTIONAL video here. The swing you are trying to teach is called Casting, where the hands are trying to hit the ball. Your feet are too close together, your arm is too tight against your body and you can't swing to save your life. Anyone attempting this will only end up a worse player. There are much better vids on Youtube than this garbage.

  2. nikineu feld says:

    What is going on here?

  3. a riddle says:

    i'm loving that everyone is trashing this golfing legend. yeah, he seems a little weird, and maybe he is getting a little old, but you should all know that he is a legend. he has worked with every pro from ben hogan to tiger woods.

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