How to Swing a Golf Club : Practicing Balance, Timing & Tempo to Improve Your Golf Swing
How to Swing a Golf Club : Practicing Balance, Timing & Tempo to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. We are going to talk a little bit now about balance, timing and tempo. To me,
the most important part of golf is balance. If you have a good sense of balance, you should
be able to play well. If you have a poor sense of balance, you cannot expect too much from
yourself. So I am going to explain to you why balance is so important. For example,
when I address the ball, and I am standing and leaning forward, I would like to have
my balance against my toes at this point. My arm against my chest, marking the distance
from the ball, I think perfect, with a little bit of weight on my toes. So when I shift,
I want to shift and control my balance, as keeping my knees bent and my hip over my heel,
so that my balance is a kind of feeling, a feeling that I have that says…it’s personally
a rhythm of timing in me that says balance is an important part. I turn on to my right
heel even more, and bringing it back, causing me to be in perfect balance to this point.
If I am off balance at this point, I will be off balance when I approach the ball. Shifting
to my left heel, I want to be sure that I keep my balance perfectly. So that when I
attack the ball at this moment, I am going to attack the ball, and I am going to cause
the club to come to the ball with perfect balance; because I must get myself on to my
left heel, and turn around my left heel as if I were throwing a tether ball around this
post. So I am going to give you the demonstration of balance. Perfect balance is the most important
everything that you do in the swing. You must have your body and your club at a certain
place at a certain time. Each place has its timing set, so that if you are off in where
your placement of your club is at any one time, you will lose the tempo that you have
setup. Now tempo means how you fast you move through the ball. For example if I go… I
am moving extremely fast. But if I move very slow, and make sure everything is in the proper
place at the proper time, I can feel comfortable with myself; but you see it is up to you.

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  1. dozu888 says:

    it looks like the guy is some sort of teaching pro. the students must be having a hell of a time

  2. golffreak1969 says:

    Sure you need balance, that's what makes all that alcohol swim nicely in your blood…

  3. spankbutt123 says:

    Is this for real??? lol

  4. Jason Manke says:

    I cannot believe this. Not only is it poor, it's wrong.

  5. Corey A says:

    its like hes been tranquiliZed

  6. Colin Brunton says:

    Luvin it I'm going to head off to the course ASAP with all these wonderful tips. I might not play my buds for whose buying the drinks for a bit till I get my slow moves down !! – you obviously win a lot of the time so I am going to work on it and see if I can get more bar time too -your my hero 🙂

  7. loftboy2000 says:

    mines a lager

  8. gengiz says:

    the guys 2 beers away from a coma,how the hell could he hit a golf ball properly

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