How to Swing a Golf Club : Golf Lever Systems to Improve Your Golf Swing
How to Swing a Golf Club : Golf Lever Systems to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. I am going to show you the way in which to use your arm and the club so that
it works as a lever. Now all things have certain lever systems, but this particular one is
called golf lever system. I am going to take my bar arm and I am going to lay it against
my body in the ribcage, and I am going to set the club behind the ball, exactly the
same as if I am ready to start my swing. The first lever is the club shaft. If you notice,
it is connected from my hand to the end of the club. The second lever is from my hand
to my elbow, and the third lever is from my elbow to my shoulder. So, when I come down
to the ball, I can use two levers by keeping my left arm straight, it coming to the ball,
or I can use three lever one, two and three. Some people use the three lever system, but
very abbreviated. For example I will give you an idea of a pretty Couples kind of a
swing, which is, he uses a three-lever system in hitting his ball. I am not sure that he
would admit that, but I have observed him to do that. So what we want to do now is to
say to ourselves, “which system do I want to use?” A two-lever system like this, which
means that I can keep the left arm straight, or I can use this three-lever system, in which
I keep using each part of my arm in accordance with how I want to hit the ball. If I wish
to shape the ball a certain way, I may want to do that. For example, if I wish to get
it to fade, I may wish to use the three-lever system, because it gives me a little more
control over sliding the club across the ball more. If you will notice, there are lot of
people out there that play this game that slice the ball; they will use a three-lever
system. It’s your choice.

6 thoughts on “How to Swing a Golf Club : Golf Lever Systems to Improve Your Golf Swing”

  1. tenaciousbee says:

    I like this guy. He has nothing to gain from explaining the 3 lever system. You might not understand it but he knows what he is talking about.

  2. loftboy2000 says:

    mines a large one.

  3. Hector Tan says:

    Good video but title shud be changed from wrist cock to elbow cock.

  4. eddie Butt says:

    keep it simple man the game is hard enough

  5. hawkfish88 says:

    What an absolute crock of shit

  6. Nelly O. says:

    have another drink buddy….hahaha

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