1. moledog88 says:

    Very nice drill! Gonna work on this with the driver as well to get back on track,,,,thx adam!

  2. tat 22020 says:

    Awesome tip my prob is number 2

  3. Jancen says:

    If I'm using a hybrid and I teed up the ball, can I hit this like a driver? Also, if I'm using an iron and the ball is teed ball, do I hit down on it?

  4. Stuart Barclay says:

    2nd video I have watched which makes the difficult easier to understand, great stuff.

  5. frenchycanada says:

    I'd have better scores if the courses I played were this flat. The ball is either below or above my feet all the time. Now that's a challenge.

  6. Adam Grym says:

    Found the instructions supper constructive on the subject of fairway woods! Adam Bazalgette is one of the most eloquent and to the point golf instructor I've ever come across! My golf game has improved significantly since! Thank you!

  7. frenchycanada says:

    Winter is soon upon us and the sticks are put away. As I look back, I noticed I improved by at least 7-10 shots from last year. I can confidently say your videos were a huge part of my improvement. Playing more often was another reason but it was from applying your principals…..can't wait until next spring! Thx Adam

  8. Harald Schuster says:

    super erklärt!

  9. Kody Sou says:

    I have a problem, sometimes when I hit the golf ball, I look up to early, is there a little trick to this, so I can stop looking up to early? If you can help me out with this, that would be great!

  10. John Bishop says:

    thanks mate ,will go and try info out..richard bishop

  11. Jun Fernandez says:

    Great instructions;)) very insightful

  12. OLD CLUBS says:

    So ive been hitting these wrong. I always take a divot and try to hit it like an iron i usually hit them fat.

  13. Ken C says:

    hey Adam, just curious if you can give me a tip. i golfed the other day and i started out great. but as usual i have a bad hole and suddenly lose my swing mechanics and things spiral out of control. is there anything you can suggest to me that i can try while I'm out golfing to try and reset my swing mechanics? thanks

  14. Kenneth Johnson says:

    Thanks for the tip Adam. Love your videos….Question, I just recently started to become more comfortable with my hybrid. I really like swinging my low irons & would always top the golf ball ball or dig too much of a divot and not hit it with any distance or accuracy. What do you recommend I try to avoid coming up too early in my swing? I am somewhat comfortable when I use a tee with my hybrid as oppose to it lying on the green. Thanks!

  15. Mohamed Maldi says:

    Great video

  16. jannogutierrez says:

    Great video. No wonder I keep skulling my fairway woods. I just wanted to ask on the ball placement relative to my stance, as well as the position of my arms, straight or leaning forward? Thanks!

  17. James Oboy says:

    This video got my handicap down to 6.7

  18. Pat Clark says:

    Good advice for me

  19. RB1US says:

    This taught me nothing. I have no idea what he was blathering about.

  20. Sean Chew Golf says:

    Nice video

  21. Sean Chew Golf says:

    Dear Adam Bazalgette,

    Thank you for instructing all the golfers out there and I found this video very useful. Thank you for telling us how to stop topping the fairway wood because I have the TaylorMade M2 2016 3-wood. Thank you Adam Bazalgette for all the hard work the instruct all the golfers.

    From, Sean Chew Golf

  22. Delmar Yennie says:

    OH, Adam, for years we have been taught you should NEVER slide to the left. Well so much for those NO GOOD teachings, HUH? You have said the sliding to the left starts every swing and it's going to take a whole lot of practice to start my swing with the slide to the left. I remember now that a few years ago I tried to slide with every shot and had my very best score ever. Then I was told to stop it and I did. Please don't ask me why I stopped, it's because we are always trying to get better and most of the time you get worse. Thank you Adam for GREAT teaching with easy to understand fixes.

  23. Aj Jobe says:

    Been a club bartender for my whole working life trying after years to get back into the game last few weeks.. Its been ruff will work on the bit I've seen in your videos in the a.m. ! Thanks

  24. Scratch Golf Academy says:

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  25. John T says:

    Adam, if you turn your hips levels thru impact, instead of front hip higher than back hip, will this help with the steepness? I have to really feel like my hips turn level thru impact with 3 wood off fairway to make decent contact. Does the make logical sense?

  26. Michael Libert says:

    Great explanation on these lessons! Thank you mr. Bazelgette

  27. Shalin Shah says:

    Great tip. Very difficult to put in practice!

  28. reuk says:

    Now it makes sense! Thank you Adam for the lessons

  29. Corek BleedingHollow says:

    That’s a good looking course. I bet those fairways are almost like hitting off the mat.

  30. Roy Farley says:

    I topped two "3 wood" shots in a row last week. This is going to help me when I play tomorrow. Thank you!

  31. Joe G says:

    I seem to hit an ugly hook with my fairway woods and hybrids. So I normally stick to my 3 iron. Will try this. Thanks.

  32. ran doshus says:

    People tend to underestimate how much power you can generate with a smooth swing and clean contact…

  33. Jack Armstrong (Student) says:

    Thanks very helpful

  34. flexr642 says:

    3:27 Even his shoving the ball game is perfect. Did you see how the balls lined up perfectly?

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