Hi, Adam Bazalgette here, beautiful Mediterra
in Naples, Florida. I’m a founder of Scratch Golf Academy, and I wanted to talk to you
today about how to avoid hitting the ground behind the ball. It’s a thing a lot of people
battle. It can be a number of circumstances involved in it, but let’s focus on the two
major elements and see if these give you a little bit of insight and help you progress
in this area.Number 1, weight too far back. Now we certainly don’t advocate getting your
head in front of the golf ball as you hit it, but I can assure you, great players when
they hit irons, if you drew a line up from the ball, that ball is more in line with their
right hip than it is with their left hip. You really need to be on your left side. That
is such an important thing in terms of hitting the ground further over to the left. The second
thing, and you can have a combination of these things certainly, is the tendency to straighten
this wrist too early. What that does is it widens the swing ark, and prematurely the
club reaches the ground back here. If my right wrist is bent, the club would never actually
reach the ground. That narrows the circumference of my swing. Any combination you can get where
your weight is further to the left, again head would be fairly stationary and centered,
and that your wrists are more cocked later in the downswing. This is going to give you
clearance from the ground and make you hit the ground more over there. We’ve got all
sorts of videos and techniques as to how to work on these things, but let me give you
one simple drill that I think at least might get you started and help you. Line up a few
golf balls there like so, and pretend the line extends a little bit. This is an eight
iron, I’m just making a small swing here, and go ahead and pre-set your hips and your
weight to the left. My head’s about centered, I feel most of my weight to the left. Practice
releasing your wrists so that the club goes down on the front side of the ball. I say
that because I don’t think it’s that effective to just try to hold your wrist angle. I think
you want to time your release or the snap of the wrist in a different place. I find
most people have more success with that. Weight forward, practice hitting the ground more
over to the left, and when you’ve gotten a little feel for that, just set up to the golf
ball, weight forward, and just hit some little shots on that scale and you can see I was
able to hit the ground in front of the ball. Critical for good iron play. I hope this gets
you started. If you like it, hit the thumbs up button. We’ll get you subscribed, get you
free content, if you have a comment about your swing, just feel free to put in the box
below, I’ll try to get to it. Again, the founder of Scratch Golf Academy, I hope this helps you.


  1. James Farkline Channel says:

    Great stuff. Really helpful for beginners.

  2. Blair Stowell says:

    Real simple explanation and to the point without a lot of over explaining. Thanks. This really helped.

  3. Hendrik Havenga says:

    What a great explanation, I am sure this going help me a lot. thanks hennie

  4. Improvement Team says:

    A really helpful video Adam, thank you, your videos are easily the best & made simple golf instruction on the web.

  5. Stuart Plant says:

    Great video again. Just want to clear something up, you were stood central to the ball with the 8 iron. As you choose more and more club I have been told to stand slightly further back. Is this good advice?

  6. moreme40 says:

    I will try this drill. I have more trouble hitting 8-PW than longer irons. I tend to hit the short irons thin and cut across them.

  7. Big Rev BigRev says:

    I have trouble with this I found out by accident that shifting my weight as demonstrate it works and I have stopped trying to make shot a life & death shot, I am relax having fun now in the past I made it work to play golf. your videos are very helpful thank you

  8. Tim C. says:

    When I first started I found that I was kinda naturally good at contacting the ball.. but I think my problem may have been that I was a little "too" good at it. I finally just started pretending the ball was an inch ahead of where it was, and I really neve hit behind the ball again ( well, obviously I'm far from a pro and screw up sometimes and do hit behind the ball., but the majority of the time I hit in front of the ball)

  9. Scratch Golf Academy says:

    ⛳ Grab your "Solid Strike Formula" course here:

  10. Ian H says:

    great drill

  11. Lance Jepson says:

    Thanks to your videos it helps me every time I new to the sport and did a practice 9 holes about 3 weeks ago and got 42/37 and last week i did a little better got a 38/37. Thanks for the videos they are helpful. I just have to work on my direct hit to make it go straight

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