How To Start Your Golf Backswing
How To Start Your Golf Backswing

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to show you how to take
the club away in your back swing. I hope you enjoy it. [MUSIC] So how do we start our back swing? There’s a lot of different ways, methods. The way I like to think of it. Is that my
brain always needs to know where my clubface is during the golf swing. Now if I know where the clubface is during
the swing I can actually make the ball go in any direction I want it too. How does that happen? It happens for me because my right hand is
in total control over everything that I do. So once I have taken my set up. And I have put a few videos up about how to
get the right set up. And I’ll put links up at the top of the page for that. Once I am in my proper set up and I have got
the right posture. I really just want to start my back swing with the thumb and my pointer
finger of my right hand.With me being right handed. Enabling the club to pull it away. If I do that, I’m getting my club at it’s
widest point. I’m not tight in my right hand. I’m not doing
that sort of move. My hands are quite light. So as I am pulling the club away with my right
hand. My hands are staying soft and that enables my hands to turn a little bit. Some people call it cocking the wrists. I have a problem with that term. If I think
about cocking my wrists, yes I cock them but I am very cramped and very very narrow. I prefer to use the words softening the hands. So as I swing the club back. You can see my
hands softening to get into the right position. How far away from my body can I get my hand.
Well I can do it with the length of my right arm but really it’s the length of my left
arm. Now I’m not a fan of keeping my left arm straight. Reasonably straight but it doesn’t
have to be dead straight. So if you just focus on letting your right
hand pull the club away. You will see what a natural position I get in there and it’s
sets my wrist cock it sets my hands in the correct position. So as long as I am taking that club back with
my right thumb and forefinger. It gives me the best chance of hitting the ball correctly. That’s how I take it back. I hope you enjoyed the tip. If you like my videos you can click on the
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3 thoughts on “How To Start Your Golf Backswing”

  1. Coochicoo says:

    This pulling of the right hand really works for me 👍

  2. redd7188 says:

    Thanks for the video but I have a question. Are you pulling the club straight back or inside? Or are you just letting the club move on it's natural path?

  3. Anthony Willis says:

    I'd actually figured this out but had to validated somewhere. Thnks for validation!

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