hello my name’s Adam Bazalgette director of instruction here at the Club at Mediterra in Naples Florida and founder
Scratch Golf Academy let’s talk today about how to start your downswing or
specifically what starts your down swing now let’s use a quick analogy see
get the general principle let’s use the towel this is the club head and and the
goal of the start of the downswing is to store power and some ability to hit with
speed so that means the end furthest from the club at the end I’m holding which
should be represented by the core of my body my hips that must start first if I’m
gonna have a truly effective start to the downswing now specifically what
would you wanna see you would wanna see your lower-body work independently of
the rest of your body the more independently the segments work segments being lower body trunk arms club the more lash and speed your gonna have so when you get up here actually slightly before the clubs finished going back and show
you how this thing helps you here in just a second you’re gonna feel your
lower body change direction couple of quick notes you want to move towards the
target with a lower body it’s not just spinning and you want to put pressure
into the ground that is a much more powerful way to do this thing pressure into the ground now this orange
whip you can get these online I think it’s a great teaching aid has some weight
out here in a lot of flex so as you do this you literally can’t help but have
the club load and react to your body so wonderful way to make some swings and
get the feeling for this but our principal again in order for power the lower body starts
that creates a gradual loading of the club and the energy transpose up through
the chain as you go hope that’s helpful to you if you like
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put it below I’ll get to it as soon as I can founder scratch golf academy lots of
content there for you hope you go there and browse and I hope this gives you a
clear understanding of what starts your down swing

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