– Hello, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject to golf
how to shift your weight. (upbeat music) So golf, how to shift your weight. This puzzles a lot of people. I’ll show you two big
barriers that stop people from doing it most of the time. Then we’ll show you the two elements of the weight shift that you really need to get in there, and of
course ways to work on it. If you like this video,
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aspect of the game there. So as we look at barriers
to a weight shift, the first one is the plane of your swing, or the steepness if you like. Now picture a table underneath me. If I had to smash the
table, I’d come from here. If I had to brush the table,
I’d come more from here. It’s the same with your golf club. If it comes from too much out here, it is descending towards the ground too quickly. Now watch one of the great players in action, how they do it starting down, then we’ll see how this affects your downswing. So there is Justin Rose at the top, swinger extraordinaire. Now I draw this line with students a lot. Club to ball, and I’m telling you people generally don’t come
kind of down that line. They come straight down that line. Club going towards ball. Not him, club swings down a lot more. Swings well under that
line before it starts to come around to the ball. So that’s the mental picture you want. That would be a nice shallow
approach to the ball. So listen your subconscious
mind is always fixing things for you at that level. If you don’t believe that,
if you’ve ever played baseball get a pitch
too close to you and you don’t see if you pull your
arms in so you don’t get hit. You don’t need a lesson in how to do that. So, when you get steep,
if that club is coming down too much. I mean picture a plane coming in to land. If it’s coming in at
that angle, if it doesn’t pull up and shallow the
landing, big problems. So what’s going to happen
with your subconscious? It senses steepness,
certainly it may just pull the arms in. But, typically it’s going
to hang back a little bit to take some of that
steepness out there. Obviously, that blocks your weight shift. So, bear in mind, when you shift weight properly, and you
move the handle of the club over past the ball,
that is a steepener. So, you’ve got to balance the books. You need shallow here to allow you to move your weight and get a
little bit steeper there. Let’s look at fault number two. Okay, Tiger Woods and Payne Stewart there back in the day, always
great to see him again. I worked at a club where
he was the presiding tour pro, many, many, years
ago in Orlando, and he was very nice to the staff and
people when he came out. So here we go. What’s the next fault? And that is, taking the
arms and thrusting them down in the downswing
too much and too hard at the start of the downswing. I’ve seen a lot of force
play data measuring weight under feet, and watch people do this. Believe me, when these things
force down, weight will accumulate there, it is
very difficult to shift to your left side when that happens. So watch these two great players. He’s already shifting his weight. Do you see his left hip? His arms are still going
back and there is no arm thrust at all even that’s
mostly trunk rotation. There is no thrust, it’s
well down here before they start to whip down. There’s great Payne Stewart,
and again there he goes and arms are just calm at the top. There’s no thrust, and
it’s quite a bit later before they start to
thrust down to the ball. Okay, patience with
the arms, a pretty hard one to overdue. To be honest when I get
on a tight hole, I don’t like it, and I’ve got a
driver in my hand, I feel the tendency to thrust. So I’m still working on it. But, let’s have a go with the short iron. You can put it on a tee if you feel that makes it easier. Ultra soft, ultra patient,
I feel like I’ve got as much time as I would need to get that weight shifted before there
is any forward thrust. An image I really like,
if this was a lead bar say it weighed 4 or 5 pounds. And you had to take a golf setup and toss that thing out there. Do you think there is
really any chance you’d move the bar first? There’s no way you’d do that. You’d recruit, you’d feel
the ground, and you’d toss it out there. That would be the last thing through. Okay, let’s look at
the two components of a really quality weight shift. Okay, Aaron Baddeley here on the left. Now here is my component
number one for the downswing shift a bit of
weight, and you’ll watch how that weight will push
towards that front foot there. Shifts down in there. Now listen, you’re going
to feel some hip rotation as well, but I think for
most people, this is the component they don’t do too much of. In fact, for many people if they’re less flexible, if they try to
whip their hips around too quickly it will actually
affect their swing path to go that way. So, prioritize shifting
the weight, and to me there should be a certain calmness
in that right foot and knee. You’ll notice, hey his knee
does move, but it doesn’t shoot way out here, and he
doesn’t jump off his foot there. It is a few great players that
do that, but generally not. And once you’ve shifted
into that left side, you are at a good spot there,
again with a certain amount of calmness and ready to really engage. Now if you want to hit these
irons flush, and I know you do, you need to
weight shift that weight. There’s a free course for you down in the description box, just pick that up. Let’s have a look from outside than. So again as we start down,
we’re not just trying to jump at the ball or anything. We’re trying to get some
pressure in that left shoe. Probably, want to feel
relatively passive in your right leg as you just
begin your downswing. But, I’ll leave that up to
you as to what you feel. Now I’ve been playing golf
since I was a kid, you tend to be flexible and try to hit
it too far when your a kid so it’s ingrained in
me a little bit to jump and drive at the ball. So, for me to get it to look
right when I’m practicing what I have to feel is a kind
of calm, easy pressure there to avoid jumping too much,
but that very well may not be the case for you. You may be one of those
golfers, and possible are you’re probably in the
majority if you are, that’s just too dead with the legs. So feel something a little
bit more radical, a bit more of a sudden stamp into the ground. Til you can feel like you are storing some energy there and getting
that weight across. So I’m going to try a couple here. Get my sense of it. (golf swing) Felt the pressure go
down into that left foot. Feel my arms are passive here. Let me try that again. Pressure, calm right leg. (golf swing) That really felt good to me. Play around with it, until you get the right mixture for you. Let’s look at the final aspect. Okay now as we look at our final element, bear in mind at address we have hip bend, or hip flexion if you like. When you see a golfer
finish, you don’t see a great player with that
hip bend, they extend their hips, so tuck them. So, you want to get the
feeling for this, this is the final element. Push your hips in front of you like that. Of course we don’t want
to extend toward the ball. We want to extend towards
the target, but that is a crucial element. Let’s have a look from the front view. Okay, let’s have a look
from this angle then. So, there is my sense of
what it is to extend, or tuck my hips underneath me. Here’s the feeling I want over there. I’m going to try to put it together on a fairly small scale. That’s pretty natural for
me, the hip tuck, it’s the change of direction that’s my key. But, let’s try to put it together. So, I have my pressure down first. (golf swing) And then I feel like I can really tuck my hips underneath me and
get going through there. That swing felt pretty good. Of course the challenge,
you know it’s always doing it with speed. So, mix and match. One of the faults, I see people do all the time, that I don’t see when I see great players, once they start
hitting at full speed they never come back. Great players, they’ll hit
some at full speed, come back to the drill speed, get
a feel again, work it back up to the full speed. You can do it. Let’s have a go on a
relatively full scale here. (golf swing) Felt like a good weight shift. Felt like I was in timing. Hope this helps you. So golf how to shift your
weight, I hope that’s helpful for you. Work on these things, Rome
wasn’t built in a day. If you stick with it and
do your drills, you’ll develop a good weight shift. Please subscribe to the
YouTube channel, if you like the video. is my home website. Personal coaching with me there as well. Thank you. (upbeat music)


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