How to Serve | Volleyball Lessons
How to Serve | Volleyball Lessons

22 thoughts on “How to Serve | Volleyball Lessons”

  1. SOULREAVER says:

    yayyy . .

  2. Buffonista says:

    fucck uuuuuu

  3. linkerDA says:

    Yeaaaaahh There she is :DD <3<3<3

  4. nonoooooooooo1 says:

    i was waiting for her to make a serve the whole video xD

  5. Dripxo says:

    61rst veiw yeah!

  6. Ace says:

    i came her just to see your sexy ass πŸ™‚

  7. WrongRealities says:

    "I'm thinking please don't miss this serve" is the best part.

  8. Santo Gajof says:

    I like that bikinni

  9. Santiago Bonilla says:


  10. ConstipatedTroll says:

    who needs serves when you've got swag #YOLO

  11. alexxfloo says:

    thank god for full hd

  12. SamytheGreek says:

    Well, lets see the serve..woop too late.

  13. migchu says:

    Was i the only one staring at her boobs the whole video

  14. Olivia Donahue says:

    Playing it next year

  15. Gisselle M. says:


  16. Nesatur says:

    Point: "If you know how to serve, then don't serve, just know how to do it."

  17. Jessica Diebold says:

    Does this work for indoor volleyball

  18. Assael Espinosa says:

    i dont even play volleyball, i just love girls that does .. :3

  19. MafiaKid says:

    love how you explain things

  20. jcsmooth70 says:

    Def some good advice! Train of thought is such an important factor that a lot of players take for granted. The game is heavily based on maintaining momentum.

  21. Maria Kirkova Batam TV says:

    very s3xy p4nty dear ,,

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