How to repair a 12 volt car battery using food grade Alum and baking soda for under 5 dollars
How to repair a 12 volt car battery using food grade Alum and baking soda for under 5 dollars

All right, I’m going to be trying to do today is convert Some of these old batteries that don’t hold charge anymore like this one this one has Not even a volt no oh two volts there Well over 2 volts 30 so basically nothing Screwdriver for this, but I just grabbed this because it was near me This is a battery from O-3 Still liquid in there Bit low Though. Anyhow you know its actually is covering the fins though, so I’m gonna do dump that in the bucket here Don’t wear good clothes when you do this if you get acid on them. You’re gonna have to wash them right away Otherwise the acid will eat right through and I mixed up some baking soda water, it’s uh eight ounces of baking soda liquid measure to a gallon of water approximately Once that’s done draining. I’m gonna dump this in there. Got pretty good ventilation in here. Otherwise, you should do this outside Because, you, know, there could be some fumes coming off Probably going to open up that other big door. I got two big I got it outside now. Show ya Actually that’s the nasty bit that came off, some lead in it Get a funnel. I grabbed the funnel See that He really bubbles Used almost half gallon already pretty much It looks like I got the fins covered now probably let it bubble a while And then drain it. This cell right here is barely bubbling at all There now its bubbling Seems that its stopped bubbling, and it’s just got that baking soda water in there right now. I wanted to show you though It hit like Seven volts just with that baking soda water little over seven I hit eight my terminals need cleaning but like Eight seven eight volts I’m gonna dump this now and put gonna mix up some eight ounces of alum ” 98% food grade aluminum sulfate” To a gallon of water and put that in there, First I am going to rinse this a little bit more with the baking soda water Use up the other half gallon or so I got left of this “baking soda water” Alright, I rinsed it out once more with just plain water and dumped it And I’ve let drip for a little while now So its going to be basically completely empty Level spot here now I did the 8 ounces of Liquid measure Alum “98% food grade aluminum sulfate” into water Mix it up good, so it’s all mixed You know like half filled this with water then mix it “Gallon Jug” now Fill this up There we go all the fins are covered starting off with About seven and a half volts something like that 7.5 Whooh frecking cold out here I just cleaned up the battery terminals on here Fairly well use one of these little devices Has little pins in there You just put it on and you spin it And it cleans off the corrosion It does a fairly good job Just like that I didn’t go all the way down though ah what did I do with it Tester, so before I hook this up Ill do this one more time Can’t read the seven point six so about the same reading Thought it might help to clean those more but I cleaned them some before oh This is 12 volts This is a three amp charger it’s a nice slow charger Plug it in I don’t know if you can see the little umn needle moves ill zoom in for you here Yeah, that’s about three amps, it’s charging at three amps right now I think that’s how you read it so tomorrow This will move down as it charges he’ll go down to zero if I remember right that means it’s charged So right now it’s charging at three amps pretty sure All right guys. It’s been Not quite 24 hours since I started charging that and remember it was up at 3 now. It’s down Below 1 now you can see that below1 I came out after about an hour that it Had been charging, and we did have one little problem. I had over floated it a little bit So it was coming out from the charge was bubbling it and it was Overflowing so that’s where this came from this watery ice here It’s it’s below freezing out here anyhow I just put it down on the ground and I dumped out the excess made it even over all the fins and after that I didn’t have any problem It’s been charging See there. I just dumped out the extra remember This is non-toxic now because it’s just a alum water basically pickling water well yeah anyhow So it’s been charging overnight Like I say it’s down to one on the charger. I’ll grab my Tester and see what we were looking at I don’t know if you can see that or not We got 13 point four Volts Just over 13 volts, so that should have a charge on it I don’t know if you could see that or not Maybe you could maybe anyhow 13.4 uh Tell you what yeah I get the mail. Why don’t I ake this and throw it in my truck and see if it will start the truck See what kind of I mean it is a deep cycle. It’s not really for starting a vehicle, but We’ll see if it even cranks it or anything. Well heres the truck I got a nice gel orbital battery in there There’s the one we just did you know changed over to a Alum Pull out the Battery and throw this one in see if it will start I don’t have really high hopes but It’s worth a try First it’s freaking cold. You know it’s below freezing quite a bit probably like 20 degrees “20 Fahrenheit -6 Celsius” Maybe a little colder Come on These orbital batteries are nice i like em there cheap to gel battery Whatever It’s a bit taller hopefully the hood will shut sorry boat that of course the battery on the camera Went Dead just as as I was getting done putting the battery in there, I think Anyhow you know the orbital batteries is out gel fill we got our new pickle Spicy filled battery in there Got the terminals on pretty good Bring you over here. You should be able to hear it start, but also Might be able to see the fans spin here give her a try Well there you go it fricken started with that fricken pickle spice battery charged overnight That’s the same battery. I’m not trying to trick your nothin like that I just came out of the shed brought it over here put it in I don’t have another battery that looks like it or anything Although I don’t think I can shut the hood. I think the battery is too tall looks like it’s to tall I Don’t think I don’t think it’s Gonna shut No its hitting I can’t shut the hood Anyhow just to show you that it works. That’s pretty cool That is pretty damn cool I can’t beleave it did it Well there you go, then it works Wow very cool It wouldn’t have started it before I am sure of it you know and it wouldn’t take a charge before I should have showed you all that but This is a shit battery before it wouldn’t you know Wouldn’t do it Even if it was a good battery before come on. We just replaced all the good shit out of it with pickling salt Charged it and it started a truck Okay Come on, I mean Ya know This is that battery with pickling spice in it and it fucking works Okay, hi, I’m. I’m I didn’t think it started truck That’s awesome. Very awesome I am going to have to do this some more do some other batteries I got Try it see if I can do it the next one I’ll try to charge first and try to start something with And also you get the you know that whole picture, but I mean still it’s fucking I didn’t I Thought it’d probably work might think it’d work of this good. That’s crazy Alright took it back out of the truck cuz it won’t you know can’t shut the hood cuz it’s too tall of a battery ah Gonna test the voltage now. You know after starting the truck. I only ran it for those few minutes or whatever Thirteen point two five ish still That’s pretty good. I mean, I think we’re at Thirty at four five actualy even That’s and it hasn’t gone down much from starting the truck. They’re you know Surprised it could even start the truck That’s pretty sweet ill put the little charger back on it for now and uh Guess ill go to the next battery after this Charge went up to one and a half for charging, so whatever that means This means it’s charging I guess

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    Another good trick is to buy a new battery every 5 years. I buy really expensive batteries, and it still adds up to a whopping $3/month. Or you could just always park facing downhill and bump start it.

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    It makes logical sense. Alum, aluminum sulfate is derived from bauxite ore and it is a flocculant which means it takes all the "gunk" in the battery and settles it out to the bottom below the plates and the battery no longer shorts out. I think if you dump out that "gunk" and the alum you can re-add new battery acid (auto store) and have almost as good as new battery for another five years! You can use that battery as a spare (charge with a solar panel) and never have to worry about the truck starting again. Thanks for the video and keep warm!

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