How To Remove Swirl Marks And Water Spots In One Step | Chemical Guys Car Care
How To Remove Swirl Marks And Water Spots In One Step | Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to another episode of
Detail Garage. So if you’ve been following us
we’ve already washed this 2008 Bentley Continental and now we’re going to show
you how to properly decontaminate it to prepare it for polishing. So as you can see,
it has this really deep black finish, but that shows any kind of imperfection,
which this car has tons of. It’s got scratches, there’s swirls obviously, and
there’s little itty bitty water spots that are etched into the paint and there’s
one troublesome area where it’s actually deteriorated the paint so far that it’s
actually removed it. But, like I said we’re gonna start by decontaminating it. Using our clay block, this is one of the
fastest ways to remove any kind of impurities or pollutants that are in the
paint to restore a very fine, soft finish and also this is going to make it easier
for us to polish without having to worry about pigtails or creating some kind of
micro-marring because should the pad pick up any kind of contamination or
fallout, it’s just going to grind it into the paintwork and that’s not going to
give you the best results. In fact, it may actually damage the paint permanently.
But we’re gonna work back and forth in straight lines using our Clay Luber. This
is gently picking off anything that’s stuck in the pores of the paint and the
synthetic material on the clay block absorbs it so you can gently glide
across the surface without creating any kind of scratches or marring effect. This is
just a small test area that we’re doing and it works here, we use it on the
entire vehicle and we’ll wipe off the excess Clay Luber.
Again, working in straight lines. And already just from a light clay job, you
can feel that it’s nice and slick, smooth finish and now it’s ready for polishing.
Now, if you decide to clay your car it’s best to do it before you do any kind of
polishing stuff such as this if you’re gonna apply any waxes or anything like
that because it’ll bond better giving you a longer-lasting shine and also
you’re not locking in any the contamination that’s in the pores of the
paint. So with that being said, we’re ready to move on to our Torq 10FX for
the orange pad and we’ll try VSS. That should give us the right amount of cut
and it’ll diminish nicely to refine the finish and then we can really see the
magnification of that black paint. Now, this is our Torq 10FX. It’s a dual action
polisher with an eight millimeter throw which is perfect for this small area
that we’re working on and we’re also going to be using our polishing pad
conditioner with VSS which is going to diminish nicely to refine that finish. So
this is a clean pad- I’ve actually just cleaned it and that removed any kind of
polish or buildup that was on the surface so that we’re having a completely
neutral cut. It’s not going have any variations or any kind of
cross-contamination from my other jobs. But now we’re going to use some
polishing pad conditioner to moisturize the pad and what this is doing is it’s
going to keep the pad nice and soft and it’s also going to help the longevity of the
pad but it’s also reducing the heat that’s built up while polishing. Now we’re
going to be using some VSS. Now, I know you’re saying: “Well, why do you want
to reduce the heat?” I mean it is part of polishing to have some friction and some
heat because that’s what’s breaking down the polish, but in this case we’re gonna
help reduce it by adding polishing pad conditioner. Now since we’re working in a
small section I’m only going to do about four dime size drops and we’ll blotch
it out. And then on the lowest speed setting,
we’ll spread it out over the entire surface and then on the highest speed
setting that’s what we’ll actually be doing our polishing with and we’ll work it
into the paint until it goes clear. Now, if you’ve never polished before there’s a
few things that you’ve got to keep in mind. One is to obviously keep the machine as
flat as possible. On a dual action you can stop the pad or it’s called stalling
or basically if you watch these lines they’re not gonna be moving. It’s because
you have an extreme angle which is preventing the pad from spinning and in
that case you’re not doing anything. The machine is actually just vibrating on
the paintwork. You’re not cutting, you’re not polishing; it’s basically just a
waste of time. Also, while you’re polishing, people pull off too quickly
especially with VSS, they say that it didn’t break down entirely. They thought
it went clear but with this polish you actually have to work it until it goes
completely translucent. So I’m going to show you about how long it takes on a
small section like this we’ll work it in maybe four passes: that’s north and south,
side to side, and then we’ll check our work by buffing it off with a clean
microfiber towel. So without further ado let’s get started. In case you’re wondering, you can
probably see that I’ve taped off the section that we’re going to be polishing.
This is 1. Going to give you guys a before-and-after comparison between the
scratched and swirled side compared to the polished side. Now also, this is going to
protect the body lines and the edges of this Bentley because the owner was
telling me that it was repainted in some areas, so it’s probably going to be
thinner on the edges or the corners of the vehicle and we don’t want to pull
that off so the tape is just protecting it and it also looks more professional
if you’re doing this as a business. So now you can see that the polish has
gone basically translucent or clear and I’m using a clean microfiber towel to
buff it off but already you can see it’s been a huge transformation. That deep
black reflective gloss has been restored. It’s removed those scratches, those swirls, the little Zorro marks that were all over the paint and now we can actually see that
there’s a metallic flake in this. So, it’s been refinished and refined back to that
factory look and now that it’s polished we want to have something on that it’s
going to protect it. Some people choose to put an actual coating like Carbon Flex C9. You can put a glaze on there which is an optional step to mask minor
imperfections. I’m going to put sealant on this or a wax, maybe we’ll do both, but
something that’s going to protect it against water spots, UV rays, and it’s
also going to protect this finish to keep it looking cleaner for longer. But
in the meantime, you guys can head over to our website to check out these
products for yourself. I’ll finish polishing this and we’ll catch you guys
next time right here.

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