How to re-gas the air conditioning in your vehicle
How to re-gas the air conditioning in your vehicle

I’ve noticed just recently that the air conditioning
in the van is not getting as cool as it should do.
So I found this product called EZ Chill in my local car accessory shop, so for the sake
of a few quid I thought I would buy it and try it.
so the first thing we are going to do is start the engine and turn the air conditioning to
maximum cool Now I am just placing a thermometer in the
air well just to check what the actual temperature is
and there you can see it is about 26 degrees Now you need to identify the low pressure
port and remove the cap you need to be really careful when you do
this because, obviously the engine is still running and there are moving parts that can
pull your hands in and rip your arm off if you are not careful. You need to put a pair
of safety glasses on and gloves that is the quick release connector you just
pull it back to release it, so we are just going to connect that now
as you can see this particular system needs topping up
and so we are just shaking the can now and pressing in the button on the top, it probably
took about 5-10 minutes to fill the system fully on this particular vehicle
If you release the button every now and again you can check the actual pressure that is
in the system, it does tend to drop when you take your finger from the button
I’d just like to point out as well that I’m not affiliated in any way with EZ chill
And you can actually buy these on ebay now and they are quite a bit cheaper than buying
them in the shops I’ll just give it a bit more of a shake and
now you can see that it’s in the blue area so that is filled to the required pressure
now so if I just turn it upside down for a minute
and then you can release the quick connector and then you can screw the cap back on
and now we are back inside the vehicle and obviously you can see that the temperature
has dropped considerably and after about ten minutes it actually dropped from 26 degrees
to 16 degrees so in my eyes it was well worth the money
we also managed to do two cars as well from the one tin

50 thoughts on “How to re-gas the air conditioning in your vehicle”

  1. Bryan Perez says:

    so do i leave the car running the whole time?

  2. malachy1847 says:

    Also changing cabin filter helps the system as few people even know that same requires changing…this helps crossflow of air through the cooling coil

  3. vaneyraul1010 says:

    How much bolts got the AC compressor in Toyota paseo

  4. TheAceHD says:

    Thank you sir

  5. TheAceHD says:

    Man cost me nearly 100$ to buy the same thing from Walmart. Two small cans of gas 20$ each and the tubing with pressure guage 40$

  6. Remi Goc says:

    Just bought a kit in Ottawa for $55… two cans of gas + gauge.

  7. Rottensteam says:

    Great thanks! One told me it was complicated, obviously not 🙂

  8. Chris Davies says:

    does this HAVE to be done while the engine is running? How much was the gas? and is the gas compatible with all cars

  9. Tricia Hoy says:

    but should you have to top up the gas. Surely the system should be sealed and if it isn't then Freon (is that the gas used?) is being released into the atmosphere.

  10. Rc-Nerd says:

    Thank you so much my VRS FABIA is 6 years old and it's hissing so it's well needs some Ez Chill nice one I'm off to Halfords

  11. Chris Davies says:

    I was shopping around looking for best prices for a aircon re-gas kit, one of the local motor factors that I contacted said it was highly dangerous and said I should go to a garage. Even said that my existing system should be drained before refilling, and that it was difficult to tell how much gas was being transferred and could damage the system.To be honest, it looks straight forward enough to me. So after talking to you I've just ordered one online., managed to order one from amazon for £38

  12. brianjirish says:

    Yes i have it on max with the highest fan speed. I mean My clutch will stay on for alittle bit (pressure down to about 260 (My low "V" is set at about 276) and then my clutch will click off to rise the pressure up and then it'll turn back on.. it'll repeat this process over and over…. Is the clutch suppose to turn on and off like that? (about 30secs on and 10secs off) or is it suppose to be more steady? I'm getting cold air now but still havent met my pressure in between the "V".

  13. Torrance Witting says:

    hello everyone i have a problem…i have a audi a8 3.0 tdi 2005 i have just recharge the aircon and it does not blow cold it blows hot air….the compressor does spin ….does anyone have any ideas what can it be?

  14. Nick Tydeman says:


    Please can you link me to the compressed can and pressure pipe on eBay/Amazon/alternative.

    Thanks, Nick

  15. Nick Tydeman says:

    Many thanks!

  16. Peter Griffin says:

    Your video gives me confidence, and I'm not a car guy. Thank god I didn't pay some guy 50 bucks to do this from CL.

  17. Bachtiar Ariefudin says:

    thx 4 ur information

  18. Emery Soos says:

    How did you know that you did not have a refrigerant leak before topping off? If you did the whole exercise would have been a waste of money. How can you check for this without having the fancy tinted refrigerant used in shops?

  19. Theresa Pepe says:

    Thank you for your video. It is a good advise to wear protective gloves and eye wear. Great details!

  20. terryyouth says:

    and it costs $99.00 (on offer ) to regas in Ozland

  21. WELLBRAN says:

    am going to try this as I watched many of your videos and they are very informative and to the point, I learnt so much from you on the wall cladding videos I had the confidence to do my kitchen and now on the bathroom I have to do all my own DIY on my own with no help and with watching your videos I at least have plenty of info many thanks

  22. WELLBRAN says:

    when i read the EZ chill directions online it says to switch off engine when connecting and disconnecting the can,  is that right?

  23. Mick Collins says:

    Where do you buy gas and how much Thank you

  24. Hassan Z says:

    Halfords sell ez chill for 40 and the attachment for 20 however they fill up gas for 30 themselves

  25. HomeMade DIY HowTo Electronic says:

    How long is the most ideal until the next time to re-gas car air condition again? and how about home air conditioner …please advise because i haven't done that i think for more than 3 years for my car and 2 years for my home but there is still some coldness coming out of it…

  26. Laid Back says:

    would i need to do this if i changed my 2010 megane ac pump and belt can you give me any advice thnks

  27. Humberto Morales says:

    I dont know nothing about cars, doee it have to be on or it doesn't Matter?

  28. Russell Surrey says:

    Great video. Any idea where the re-gassing point is on a Peugeot 308 HDi?

  29. Ray Jennings says:

    Since R134a is a Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas under the terms of the European directive put in place to control the use of such agents, all systems using these gases must be serviced only by fully trained and certificated engineers. It is not allowed to discharge the gas to atmosphere because of its global warming potential. Therefore it is questionable whether these refill packs are legal in the hands of untrained personnel. In fact, it is illegal to supply these gases in non-refillable containers.

  30. Michael Svoboda says:

    please can you show the spray name where this spray sell and where you by this

  31. stanlycam says:

    Do not use this . It contains a sealant as well which if you have to then go to a garage to get it sorted they will charge you £200 + because the sealant buggers up their kit.

  32. shaun wind says:

    does it work on moat Renault's not much info when looking on Google

  33. zalak savaliya says:

    which A.c  gas use in car

  34. Wander R. Reyes says:

    if you do it that way without opening up the High while allowing the AC compressor to suck in the gas you will burn the compressor latter on because of the pressure

  35. Fab2 says:

    @Ray JenningsGlobal warming is a hoax. The global elitists just wanna line their pockets up with our cash.. Ie carbon tax. Take a chill pill and don't believe everything the government tells ya.

  36. Yusuf Maltese says:

    how long ago did you do this video was this your first one?

  37. InterNational Nomad says:

    how much should be the suction and discharge pressure?

  38. fred flintstone says:

    Only 16 degrees? Are you sure that is working properly?

  39. Spongecake Squareshoes says:

    Cool 😆

  40. Shadowsonthecheap says:

    Seems like a dear way of saving money. Ebay has this stuff for £39.99. Had mine done today professionally and they charged me £40 and gave me a car deodoriser (just an advertising gimmick which had the garage details and phone number on), but a nice touch anyway. Why bother with all this rigmarole when you can get it done for a reasonable amount and can go back if it goes wrong?

  41. Paul Bradford says:

    Thank you for the video. Just thinking about topping mine and a friends up.

  42. Paul yates says:

    Great vid but how do I identify the.pressure button on a.fiesta zetec thanks

  43. Jonophilous says:

    I bought this from Wilko, actually STP Autofreeze which seems to be the same thing. but the pressure test without the engine running and the bottle not connected was 0. Do you think this is still worth trying on an 04 clio? The air con wasn't working for the last 2 years according to prev owner, probably never been regassed at all.

  44. j j says:

    16 degrees is very warm air thats shit. My air con cones out at 3 to 6 degrees

  45. craig stephen says:

    Great video as usual BUT the sound is way down……. ;-(

  46. craig stephen says:

    That wasn't a criticism… I was just letting you know, your videos are really good, so many people hold back doing diy stuff because of the "unknowns"!!! Keep em coming mate

  47. urbex 2019 says:

    Audio is way too low, can't hear what you are saying compared to other videos.

  48. newry123 says:

    i have the same gauge,when i put it on with the engine off the needle is in the alert section and when i turn the car and aircon on the needle is the low section ,any ideas,cheers

  49. Brian Anderson says:

    I will give this a try when mine needs doing, looks straightforward

  50. Vernon Hartshorne says:

    Thank you for the video. Am going to show it to my husband in the hope he can do it!

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