How to Play Raid the Pantry
How to Play Raid the Pantry

In this rummy-style card game you collect Ingredients to assemble dishes and score points. There are four types of cards.
64 Ingredient cards with yellow backs; 20 Dish cards showing the dish’s
point value and cuisine, which is color-coded; 32 Action cards which drive gameplay; and there is an Ingredient Distribution card
for each player’s reference. To set up, deal each player
6 Ingredient cards and 3 Dish cards. The deck of remaining Ingredient cards
is called the Pantry. Draw and display its top three cards
to start off the Rubbish Bin. The leftover Dish cards and the Action cards
are also draw piles. The youngest player goes first and
play proceeds clockwise. Always start your turn by drawing an Action card. Cards with whisks must be played immediately. Cards with canisters can be played immediately
or put in your hand to use on a later turn. Now we’ll run through three sample turns. Here at the top of the screen, you can see
the draw piles and the Rubbish Bin. In the shaded area are the cards
you’re holding in your hand. Eight of the Action cards are Instant Bonus Dishes. These give you an opportunity to score a point
and lock in a common Ingredient. But we don’t have Chicken to make that Coxinha. If you can’t action a card with a whisk,
you can discard it and draw another. Coincidentally…it’s another Instant Bonus Dish. And this time we’re in luck because we do have Sugar. So we can make the Pavlova. We claim the card,
put down Sugar, and we’ve scored our first point. The orange shaded area shows the cards we’ve placed on the table.
Any ingredients there are ‘in our Cupboard’ and can be reused to make other dishes. We draw an Action card to start
and it’s a Fishing Expedition. We could put it in our hand to use on a later turn,
but let’s try using it now. We’ve got Sugar in our Cupboard and Eggs in our hand. If we could get Milk/Cream we could make flan. There are four Milk/Cream cards in the game so the odds are good someone might have one. Let’s ask. “Does anyone have Milk/Cream?” Yes! So we ‘borrow’ their Milk/Cream
and put it in our Cupboard, add the Eggs we were holding in our hand, and put down our Flan card to score our second point. And now we’ve made a real Dish,
so we discard the Fishing Expedition and draw a replacement Dish card.
But we’re not able to cook anything else this turn, so we end our turn. We start this turn with Flour in our hand
and Eggs and Milk/Cream in our Cupboard. If we could just get Veal, we could make that Wiener Schnitzel. And our Action card is…
the Food Fight. We’re playing with two other people,
so we draw and display four Ingredients and we get to pick one first and last. So let’s take the Veal; the opponent to our left goes next and takes the Wild Card. Our other opponent takes the Eggs
so we also get the Tomato Puree. We’ll put that in our hand
and discard the Food Fight. And lay down the Schnitzel card
–that’s two more points– plus the Flour and the Veal.
Draw a new Dish card. We’re not able to make that or anything else
so we end our turn. The most complicated Action cards are the Marketplaces so I’ll explain how they work. Here, I’ve drawn a Mandatory Marketplace card. So I must pick an Ingredient from my hand
and display it. Starting from my left, the other players do the same. Because I played the card, I get to pick first, and I’d like the Cheese.
The player to my left goes next and must pick Potatoes or Puree;
she wants the Puree and the player across from me takes the Sugar.
Now because you can’t pick up your own Ingredient, the fourth player has been shut out, and his Potatoes… go in the Bin. In a Voluntary Marketplace, I choose whether to participate. I can pass or I can put down an Ingredient to try to trade it. Then the other players, starting from my left, decide if they are passing or participating. Unfortunately, the other players all passed because no one wanted the Puree
and it winds up in the Bin. If everyone had passed, including me, I would get to draw and take the top Ingredient card in the Pantry. Keep playing until someone reaches
the winning point threshold which varies depending on the number of players. To calculate your score,
just add up the points on the cards. These cards total 11 points but there are two Continental dishes (the Pierogi and the Schnitzel) and two Mexican dishes (the Flan and the Tacos) Each pair earn an extra Cuisine Bonus point
so there’s a total of 13 points. Enough to win the three player game. We really hope you enjoy Raid the Pantry.

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