How To Play Golf : Improving Your Golf Swing – Stop Slicing the Golf Ball
How To Play Golf : Improving Your Golf Swing – Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

i’ve got a great drill for all you slicers out there this is going to help with the take away to make it a little bit more inside rather than taking the club outside on the way back it’s also going to encourage the golf club to come a little bit more inside of the way down and extending it towards the target for those who slice the ball we tend to have an outside takeaway then we tend to throw the club over the top and strike towards the left so we need a couple of baskets from the
driving range your golf ball in position and you can put a seven iron down just in front of the golf ball so it’s semiotical each side one of your baskets is gonna go to your right the edge of the basket is going to be the same line as the target line your then going to put another basket down the other side of your golf club from there your going to take you golf club like so, and your going to put the basket nearer to you so that if I put the club down on the ground its just touching the shaft what i’ve built myself now is a gateway to hit the golf ball through where I can’t take the club outside on the way back because I will hit this basket here also I can’t throw the club over the top because I will be hitting this basket to my left if it’s all correct, you should be able to hit the golf ball through the baskets no problem at all easy peasy thanks for watching how you enjoy the
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20 thoughts on “How To Play Golf : Improving Your Golf Swing – Stop Slicing the Golf Ball”

  1. Five on a Bike says:

    Hope the driving range doesn't mind me smashing a few baskets!

  2. Robert Kiss says:

    Thanks for this great drill. Tried it just once at the range before playing a round but it helped heaps. That round I only missed the fairway twice with the slice. Also hit the green on all par 3 from the tee. Great video thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  3. Richard Perkin Golf says:

    Thanks Robert. Good to hear it helped. Lots more videos to come for you to enjoy 🙂

  4. Michael Duffy says:

    great drill!!!!! many tx

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Great drill. Will try it out today.

  6. James Colangelo says:

    Besides being a good video, I'm giving this a thumbs up just because the two trick shots at the end were the coolest I've ever seen!

  7. bigmaxy07 says:

    Fill the range bucket with balls. Then you'll be REALLY careful not to hit it.

  8. Graeme Curran says:

    can you do this with the driver as well ?

  9. aaron pulley says:


  10. Richard Perkin Golf says:

    Remember anyone can post on my twitter @rpgolf or facebook richardperkingolf. Write to me on things you'd like me to film

  11. David Kasowski says:

    wow, thanks for the tip Lol. makes to much sense!

  12. rom bar says:

    thank you mr.perkin this helped me alot

  13. Mike Redstar says:

    GREAT tip, thanks Richard

  14. Lam Lim says:

    Thanks Richard, very useful as it is simple and practical

  15. Teddy T. says:

    nice video , If anyone else is trying to find the most effective secrets for improving their golf swing try banfan amazing golf genie (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my sister got great success with it.

  16. Manit Chander says:

    Awesome video!!! i tried this drill and i have started hitting straight since then. Thanks Richard. Whare can i get clasess from you?

  17. technineman1996 says:

    Can I do this with a driver?

  18. be7REAL777 says:

    i will try this one thanks for the tip.
    I have only just started cutting the ball my last 2 rounds after changes to my swing.
    Il let you know how i get on.
    I think a lot of the videos on here can do even more damage to a golfer because everyone is different.
    For example i think my problem is in my grip.
    So if your tip does not work i sure wont be harsh or write a bad i believe its a good one in general and is original .
    If its not that i can just see that it is a great general drill for correct swing shape il be thumbing up now and giving feedback later thanks.
    Regards Colin.

  19. lawrie sheridan says:


  20. Jam Ham says:

    Wow ur a nonce

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