How To Play Golf Better
How To Play Golf Better

scs hi i’m paul wilson and the creator of
swing machine and the director of the paul wilson golf school at bear’s best las vegas only teach you how to play better golf when you’re coming down the home stretch
in a round of golf and you find yourself either pole pole looking it or push or push beatty okay so a lot of times when people are on those
last few mulles maybe around fourteen he marry a they start to see the ball go wayward after they complain quite a good round
for most of the day so what we want to try and do his
understand what’s happening there are so then you can apply the correct fix and be able to finish off your round of
golf typically when you’re hitting the ball
and you start pulling it or poll cooking it what’s happening there as you get in
both last few holes you’re getting tired so if you’re tired you’re going to lose
here legs in your offspring so you’re not
going to power ring the slang with your legs so if that’s the case you’re going to be
in a situation where you’re at the top of your back swine and you’re going to start hitting with
her arms in that process your body will tilt forward and that will send the golf club over
the top now if you square the face you’re going
to get a poll if you roll it over you’re gonna get
hold look if you put the brakes on if you tighten
up a little bit you’re gonna get a poll flights so the ball and up uh… spinning okay so any of those shots that you’re
hitting as your in those later polls that’s telling you that you’re not power in the golf swing with your lower
body and i say that because before power and next when with our
lower body that’s gonna cause our upper body to hang back or stayed behind the ball as were making
contact and in that process that creates a path from the inside slightly from the inside
so if we look at it from this angle here if you’re up at the top of your backs on
like this and you’re trying to hit with your hands
and arms you will leans forward or tilt in that process that sends the club over the top before up at the top of our backs on
like this and we’re using are lower body that’s gonna caused the plane to flatten be attacking the ball slightly from the
inside we want to recognize the for hitting me
shots are not as rick hunting down the stretch and then how to play better golf if you see that you’re hitting those
shots what i want you to do is just do this drill you hold the golf
club off the ground i know i’ve i’ve told you this a million times the timing
i keep telling of it because mister i was very very important so from right here we hold the club up in the air we do two or three practice swings up in the air okay by holding the club up in the air there’s no ball to hit so if there’s no ball to hit you can
feel your lower body powering the swing so you do this to her three times and you’re trying to feel your legs making that golf clubs play pate once you the feeling of your legs again you apply it to your shot so then you’re not using your arms to hit the ball okay so we don’t want to me hitting with our arms we want to be turning our lower body you’re using our
lower body to hear a shot okay so make sure you’re looking looking
for that when you’re coming down the stretch the other shots that you could hit are
pushes and push fades it these are a completely different set
of shots and it is a different reason why you’re
doing these shots are hitting the shots and that’s because your anxious you are
probably playing a really good round of golf you’re going added a little bit too hard being in that anxious feeling you want to look to see if you pulled off this miraculous shot you were trying to
hit so in that process of coming out of it that holds the face open a little bit through impact which causes the ball too push or push faye so what we want to do in a situation
like that he is we have to delay the reaction in looking four art are shocks case what that means it is we’ve got the ball here we’re gonna
state looking at the ball until the golf club hits the ball so use the sound of the club hitting the
ball as your indication of wind to look for the ball so you’re up like this see you go up to
the top of the tax lien you’re looking at the ball clubs coming
in hit the shot dates suit you hear it then you can look for it so tell-tale sign that you’re coming out
of it isn’t that you would be seeing the full flight of your ball you’re getting a golf ball clubs moving
very fast relative to this to how fast your head is moving so if you are looking right here about
golf club should have hit the ball and the bald guy by the time you need to look for the
ball he should already already be in the air so by listening for the sound of the
club to hit the ball you’re gonna delayed their reaction and stop coming out of it to hurley so if we do that then we’ll make much
better contact and be able to get the ball down the fairway play set up to it like this i’d want to stop coming out of it so i’m
going to be focus on the ball listen to the sound of the club and then i look okay so i’m just just waiting for that club to hit the
ball so i’m looking at the ball i take it back i hear it hit the ball and now i can look for it and when i
just look for that one there the ball was long don i saw it once it
was in the airplane see this first you know fifty yards of that tee shot so that’s what you want to do when you’re coming down the stretch main
you’re playing a good round he’s starting to get anxious to start
seeing your ball push or push fade listen for the sound of the club maybe
even you do afew practice swings like this just getting that golf club to swing by
you you know it’s look right here and don’t even look out there basements another quickly you can keep that uh… state king say within
the shot so you’re not looking hurley okay so do that and then definitely listen for the club
to hit the ball once you hear it and you can look all you want okay so make sure your applying these
things when you’re coming down the home stretch in your next round of golf be
aware of which shot you’re hitting pulls a pull hooks if you’re doing those make sure you’re feeling the legs by
doing that drill if you’re pushing it or pushed radiant make sure your how to play better golf more in tune with where the ball is hit the ball and then look for okay if you do that you build finish off
your rent please leaver your questions post your
comments below i’ll try to get to as many as i can

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  1. MrBojengalz says:

    I was wondering if you have any tips or drills to stop "sliding" my lower body toward the target? Ive been noticing and bit of a fade lately and want to turn that into a draw. I cant make myself turn my hips rather than sliding. thanks

  2. Ignition Golf Tips says:

    I just posted another video on this on how to cure a slide today. Please check the other tips in my channel.

  3. Ignition Golf Tips says:

    Great. Thank you very much. Keep at it.

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