How to Overcome Pressure on the Golf Course

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I’m with Lawrie Montague the former Australian woman’s coach
and now the co coach of the Indonesian golf team We’re at the Joondalup Golf Resort
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how to overcome pressure on the golf course This “Tip from the Pro” brought to you by Golf University the world’s premier golf improvement program Lawrie got a 3-footer to win the club champs got a packed clubhouse as you can
see starting to feel a little nervous the old muscles
are going getting a bit tense and the old throat still you know yeah starting to seize up
maybe a bit of choking what’s all this pressure business it’s a really good question and I think it’s it’s not the right question they’re really the right question is
here what do you want to do with that drop ball We put it in the hole
what’s getting in the way of that nothing Maybe 300 all the stuff that’s getting in the
way is the interference Right it’s all this stuff that’s going on that’s
getting in the way of you just pulling the tree how many how many of this putts
you wreck and you’ve hit in your lifetime hundreds okay so you’ve hit lots What you’ve got to do is go through a process
and decide What you want that golf ball to do and what it would take for that golf ball to go in the hole Andrew yeah I know you’ve got all these physiological responses all the nervous feelings you know and so on but the thing you want to remember on putting this is absolutely essential and this is great for the for the audience
is never lose feel of the putter head because what happens when we
get anxious about ahead yeah that feel waited a lot of here right yeah so in
the way so if you hold the powder right now in your hands really lightly hold it
light enough that the powder feels really heavy to you now just swing it
backwards and forwards all right Now a lot of people say you know I’ve read
many times where the great players said they held their breath when they were
putting I don’t think she should do that actually but I think you should do is
just breathe normally breathe normally but feel the way to the putter the last thing you want to do before you walk up to this putt Andrew is absolutely is be very clear on the path into the hole you know it’s going to go in the hole
like that’s the way you’ve got to think about it walk up literally know the path you want to hit I mean you might have a side hiller a little bit of bend in it you’ve got to read it right factor than treat it like a normal part of absolutely if I go through my routine exactly
it’s just got to be hit mate at the end of the day yeah
get all that stuff in the way I think the word pressure and the words like choking
and all of these things at the end of the day it really is you have to understand how you need
to to deal with that and how you should respond to that so what do you think you should do
if you’re giving someone else advice on it What would you say Well I do my normal 360 to size up the the break yep the the line obviously from behind
yeah and go stripper normal pre-shot routine address the ball and put it in the hole well that’s what we want to do
but we want to make this as simple as
possible you can’t control any of that stuff you know that all you can do is put a stroke on it
and roll the ball towards the hole so why don’t you do that now
why don’t you go through your routine walk in and knock the ball in the hole okay sounds very chin to me oh well done clap night awesome job Well there it is I hope you’ve enjoyed this
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