How to open Bonnet on VW Golf – How to open hood on VW Golf
How to open Bonnet on VW Golf – How to open hood on VW Golf

Hello everybody it’s Lurgs here welcome to my channel and today how to open the bonnet or the hood on a Volkswagen Golf.
Alright let’s get cracking. If you’re gonna be working on the motor make sure you’ve got a lovely cup of tea. ‘Hey careful man there’s a beverage here huh’ Right so what you need to do is open the driver’s door and you’ve got the open bonnet lever right here by your right foot so just
give that a pull then walk around to the front of the motor and the actual lever
to release the bonnet is right up just up inside the badge there, so just put your
fingers in there give it a squeeze upwards, and the bonnet is actually on a
hydraulic so when you lift it up it’s very easy and it will just stay there. And to
close the bonnet just pull it down gently and then as it reaches the latch
then just give it a push with your hand just to put it into a locking position.
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    VW Golf How To's, Tips, Tricks & Fixes here >
    VW How To's, Tips, Tricks & Fixes here >

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    Ok thanks for that , vw is a really good model car #eatpinoy

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