How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Driver For Your Golf Swing
How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Driver For Your Golf Swing

when it comes to drivers there are so many offerings from all the manufacturers the variant head size shaft length flex the choice is almost limitless maximum driver club head size is 460 CCS they have big deep faces and as much weight as possible place low and back in the club to help get the ball up in the air they also have a very high moment of inertia or resistance to twist at impact better players however often choose smaller headed drivers such as 420 or 440 CCS there’s less weight around the perimeter of these drivers to allow better players to maneuver the ball in the air it looks like the era of square headed drivers has passed us by now but trust me the theory works square-headed drivers have the weights back in the corner of the driver that means at impact destroyer has a high moment of inertia or resistance to twist square or face that impact means more fairways hit a lower scores over the past couple of seasons different color crowns have become increasingly popular such as this white one here they contrast against the grass better helping the golfer to ensure his club is square and address drivers generally very loft from 8 to 13 degrees that’s less of a factor now in the age of adjustable drivers better players generally like lower lofted drivers lower lofted drivers impart less backspin and more side spin on the ball that makes them more maneuverable left to right or right to left for the better players beginners and improvers generally tend to use drivers with higher loss higher lofted drivers impart more backspin on the ball at impact and less side spin that means they go straighter remember however lower lofted drivers don’t necessarily go further when it comes to shaft most buyers are largely concerned with the Flex people with a faster swing speed use stiffer shafts lotta buyers don’t consider weight during the buying process but modern driver shafts are longer and lighter longer and lighter shaft mean faster swing speed faster club head speed and longer drives both manufacturers produce drivers that are adjustable and non adjustable adjustable drivers are great you can change loft angle a angle face angle the choice are limitless what we see here in golfbidder however is that many people who buy adjustable drivers never change them off the neutral setting so buying an adjustable driver shouldn’t be an automatic choice for you it may lead you to blame the club rather than your swing for inaccurate drives manufacturers produce a family of drivers fairway woods and hybrids it’s a great idea to build a family of clubs just like this to ensure consistency of ball flight and accuracy across your longer thanks for watching our drivers buyer’s guide remember when you buy it you can try it keep it or swap it only with golfbidder

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  1. BombTechGolf says:

    Where is the Grenade driver?

  2. Trent Ridener says:

    Do u guy deliver to the usa

  3. co Mulder says:

    sorry mate but i been put off by buiying or going to the shop in my town i was going for a fitting for my lod sldr 14 degrees driver paid 50 bucks for a fit but after 10 hits wit the sdlr and 5 with the new one he pick he stopped and try to sell me the berths fusion of 600 dollars is that not bit fast i feellike he just try to sell me a expensive driver

  4. blair simpson says:

    is golf bider safe to buy from ?

  5. keith irvine says:

    This is the stupidest post I have seen considering the title of the post. There is nothing you have said that even the most novice of golfers wouldn't know. Absolutely no useful information given. Take this ridiculous post down, you moron….

  6. Bourne Accident says:

    Pretty much a nice wrap up and overview of things to consider, however I would put more attention into the weight of the clubhead and shaft specs like torque, kick point, tip diameter, spine aligning, etc. Thanks for making this video.

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