How to Make a Hole-in-One Golf Ball Trophy Paperweight Cube from Epoxy Resin | DIY | Tutorial
How to Make a Hole-in-One Golf Ball Trophy Paperweight Cube from Epoxy Resin | DIY | Tutorial

This is a simple wooden golf tee, already painted white. You only need the top 15mm for this project. Cut a 55mm square of artificial grass. This piece was sold as a sample on eBay. Trim the grass with scissors to neaten it, and drill a hole in the centre the same diameter as your golf tee. For this project I’m using a 2-part clear epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight The first pour shall require 25g Add some green mica powder to make the resin completely opaque This is a 65mm cube mould. I buy mine from sellers on eBay. Pour the resin into the mould and use a flame to quickly pop any surface bubbles Drop the square of grass into the mould, and press it down so the resin rises up over the rubber mat Allow the resin to cure until firm Ensure there are no ladybugs in the grass before doing the next pour I have prepared about 50g resin, which is just enough to cover the tee The tee produced quite a few tiny bubbles, so wait for those to stop and pop them with a flame before adding the golf ball The golf ball will just sit on the surface of the resin, which will hold it in place once cured Tilt the mould before the next pour to help prevent any air getting trapped under the ball About 75g resin will reach the half way mark Don’t pour too much resin at once or it may overheat and boil in the mould Continue to fill the mould in layers, almost to the top Don’t allow the resin to dome at the surface Take some glitter stickers of a suitable size, and apply them to the surface of the resin to create your message Use masking tape to create some lines to follow Take care when removing from the mould as those edges are razor sharp To finish the piece, dome the surface using more epoxy resin to a depth of 2mm As long as you don’t exceed 2mm it won’t overflow The acrylic gems on the letters vanish in the resin to leave only the backing mirrors visible Thank you for watching! Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video 🙂

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  1. resinAce says:

    This video is closed captioned. Please turn on your subtitles to view tutorial text.

  2. Susan Amphlett says:

    What a brilliant idea – I know some very keen golfers and this will be the perfect gift. Many thanks for your wonderful tutorials… oh, and, love the ladybugs (or as we call them locally 'bishy barnabees' 🙂

  3. Mizz Uzie says:

    One ladybug sneaked in but the knuckles made it out safe yet again! Lovely trophy for a golfer.

  4. Lisa Webb says:

    I find it fascinating watching your up loads, if only I could do things like this, love your channel 🙂

  5. Romantic Crafter says:

    What a great project…Looks fantastic

  6. Paulla Wells says:

    Too cute! Make sure no lady bugs before you pour. Lol Cracked me up!

  7. beez. says:

    just beautiful…is it possible to no what brand of Rezin u use …is it european brand or available in Canada also…thanks great job

  8. Justyna Chodzińska says:

    Hello ladybugs!
    Efficient work, beautiful result and jokes in the captions = perfection!

  9. Bozo Istvan says:

    I made a comment few weeks ago to your organite pyramid video. I asked you, what kind of resin and colouring stuff you using.
    Unfortunately the comments are not available anymore under that video.
    Can I please ask you again? Thank you! 🙏

  10. Mrs Walldirt says:

    Awesome video. Some great tips, especially regarding the overheating of resin! ⛳️

  11. Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez says:

    muy bueno. saludos

  12. number1beastielover says:

    That was amazing! I wish I could give you 1000 likes.

  13. gabrielleconti says:

    Excellent! And no bubbles! 😍👏👏👍

  14. Pau_li_ne lac. 49 says:

    J’adore, comme d’hab c’est super👌🏼fabuleux travail resinAce j’adore toutes tes oeuvres❤️

  15. Ace boi says:

    6:45 did anyone feel that the ball was sticking

  16. Daniel Daniel says:

    Hey! That looks awesome!

    Is there any way to make something like the soap holder you made sometime ago, but without a mold? Some molds are expensive and some hard to find, just wandering if you have an idea for alternatives! Thanks!

  17. Anne Argo-Davies says:

    You did it again, I will always be amazed by your creativity and I love your humor. I often interpret sarcasm for the family as it just isn't their strong suit and that just looses the funniest part, so I watch you by myself and they don't know why I'm laughing so hard. Thank you, it's always a good day when you upload a new video. Just ignore the haters, your fans do.

  18. sleepyqueen Christmas says:

    how amazing its wonderful and the music too

  19. Erwan Le Cocq says:

    Incredible! I run a golf course and this would be a gorgeous trophy for a hole in oner. I can imagine the player signin his ball before. How long do you need to wait for the resin to cure?

  20. Theresa Foss says:

    Hello, this is amazing! I am wanting to try my best to make this! I am still new to using resin. I wanted to ask, in your text below your video you had mentioned that we should fill the mould in several layers to avoid an uncontrolled exothermic reaction where it would cause to overheat/boil. Is this including the room temperature? Also how do you cure the mould? Do you put it through a UV cured light? And also how long do you need to cure the mould before putting another layer on. Please help out. Sorry if these questions are silly >.<

  21. Judi Christopher says:


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  23. Nature chill out says:

    Interesting channel. Liked and subscribed, plz check out my abstract painting and support back 🙂. Thank you

  24. Wanton110 says:

    How do you deal with the razor sharp edges?

  25. a j. km. s says:

    Can I use resin out doors because it's taking a very long time to set outside I'm not allowed to use resin in my house so I do it outside now

  26. SandpiperN121PP says:

    This looks like a fun craft. Is it expensive to do? I loved the finished product.

  27. Chad Michael Mobile says:

    Should I be able to smell the epoxy through my phone?

  28. Jim Cole says:

    What’s with the lighter

  29. Zachary Williams says:

    Is there anyway I could pay to have some of these made for me? 😂

  30. Rita Scott says:

    Hi ResinAce! Omg! Had to sub! What an awesome job. I see no bubbles. I would love to do what you do, but am scared my projects would have bubbles all over🙂🌷👍

  31. Christophe Siebens says:

    This looks so nice i whant one

  32. Jeff Selano says:

    I'm curious where you got the mold? Keep up the great work

  33. Incomparable says:

    Cool vid.
    Where can i get the mold to do this?

  34. Josh Young says:

    It was cool until he added the whole in one with glitter 😂

  35. Ichiraku ramen says:

    this is cool…now i just need to go hit a hole in one 😑😅

  36. Suneil Makwana says:

    How much time epoxy resin had taken to cure?

  37. William LaMascus says:

    Somebody get this man a bigger cup so he doesnt have to use the one from his nyquil bottle 30 times to pour resin for his projects lol

  38. K Ogr says:

    作り方①まず、ホールインワンします。……………………( ;∀;)

  39. LesGet Swole says:

    tbh i dont even play golf…idk why i saw this video… it a good one tho

  40. Shawna Fernandez says:

    How do deal with witness lines?

  41. Tom Donnellan says:

    It would be easy to make something like this look cheap and tacky but look at this, pure class.

  42. Emile Skuce says:

    Am I the only one thinking he couldh've used a Pro-V?

  43. mnrmyc says:

    So cool! if i had any idea on how to use resin or whatever that is i would love to do this to my dad's hole in one ball.

  44. TWSSx says:

    So why did you do multiple layers instead of just one main poor?

  45. Alex Ellis says:

    Just cheaper to buy one that looks ligit

  46. T-MAX BLACKMAX says:


  47. Thom HDLN says:

    Thats awesome !!! Love it !
    Also whats the 2 last songs ? 🤔

  48. A K says:

    WOW!.. I Really need one of these! But mine needs to say double bogey 👍🏻 🏌️‍♂️

  49. Andrew Hyer says:

    Simple question, did you make the mold or is there a place to get a basic cube mold like you used?

  50. stephen parker says:

    What is the flame used for?

  51. Dabbo Dabbo says:

    Too good aaa toooooo goooooood awesome uuuummmmmmaaaaa

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  53. Crystal Blue Persuasion says:

    Wow! Looks great! Please tell me where I can buy a mold like that. Thanks!

  54. Sadiqul Alom says:

    What materials are needed to make these object's Can thi's item be stored in a shop?

  55. Dinesh Thouty says:

    Where r u from bro

  56. Nano Lego says:

    I play golf and i think it must be a prize

  57. Leandro Cabj says:

    Traducción en español ☝️☝️

  58. Resin Art says:

    Has anyone bought anything from this girl? Looks like she does some amazing work though!

  59. Giuseppe Colombo says:

    Una meraviglia complimenti

  60. Claire’s Crafty Corner says:

    This is so cool !! would totally work with loads of hobbies ay! .. question .. how do you clean out your pippets or syringes … or clean pots in general ?

  61. U Katsu says:


  62. Deborah Davis says:

    With every video I realize I need to get out of my comfort zone with resin. This is amazing!! The best part is, I live right next to a golf course and walking my dog I have seen hundreds of golf balls!! (Hope I didn’t jinx it for me 😊) Collect the balls create those little beauties and sell them back to the guy with a wicked slice 🤨 hope that is the right term for it. Anyway you always awe me! Thank you for sharing your time and skills with us!! Be Safe and Blessings!! 🌹🌹🌹

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    What kind of resin did you use ? And is that a silicone mold?

  67. Paul C says:

    Wow. That is beautiful. I am lucky to have two hole in ones…… would love this for my golf balls. Awesome job

  68. Ashleigh Hanlon says:

    When you do multiple layers like this, do you cover it while curing? I've had dust and bugs getting in there for a look, but I haven't found an effective way to cover without too much heat building up.

  69. Terry Boyd says:

    What's the best resin / hardener to use?

  70. MrRottweiler72 says:

    Question, what's with the lighter? I'm curious.

  71. Lahoo_Za_her says:

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  72. Turd Man Jones says:

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  73. Lisa Thomas says:

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  74. tokyo oppa says:

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  75. d.t.s_ s says:

    Turned out perfect!

    how long did you wait between each resin layer?

  76. Yogi Bear says:

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  77. Jason Wick says:

    Actually a very cool video 😯

  78. InspiredBy Gilly says:

    Those darned ladybirds, they get everywhere tut 😀

  79. Rich Davis says:

    Hopefully I’ll need to make one of these soon!🙏🏻

  80. Papalouie765 says:

    😊 lovely

  81. Cathogen says:

    Tiger Woods PGA tour 2000’s? The trophy balls? This diy project reminds me of those trophy balls. Well they can now be brought to life!!!!!

  82. Robert Rockwell says:

    the only thing missing is the date time and where it was hit.

  83. Douglas Kielmeyer says:

    This video resonates with me.

  84. andrea giambrone says:


  85. somethingsomethingDarkSide says:

    I would do this, but the ball always disappears down a pipe on the last hole.

  86. Magfed Jim says:

    Is the lighter used to get rid of any air pockets?

  87. Dee Klemann says:

    Oh no! A lady big got trapped in the grass!!! Lol….love it!!!

  88. Crafty Fox says:

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  89. April Skies says:

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing ⛳

  90. toffa4 says:

    hi could you tell me how long between layers you fill in the mould also what is the purpose of the flame many thanks

  91. Haley wood says:

    Hey I’m a fellow artist and I was wondering what brand of resin do you use??? I use the ArtResin epoxy kit brand but that resin tends to bubble up a lot.

  92. Molly A. Block says:

    You are so amazing! Do you ever have mishaps? And why not dome while its in the mold– wouldn't that be better so any errant resin will not slide down the side? I am afraid i'd put too much and it would run down and ruin everything. LOVE the comment about making sure there are no ladybugs in the grass, and then you put a little bug in there anyways. So sweet!! I love you, ResinAce!! I'm watching one of your videos per night. 🙂

  93. Stevie Mcclintock says:

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  98. Rob Rayner says:

    Great video! I seem to be getting visible lines between my layers. What can I do to prevent this? Am I letting the layers cure too much before adding the next layer?

  99. Peppa pig says:

    What’s the flame 🔥 for? Very clever indeed. A little trophy 🏆 fir golfers

  100. Sherri Johnson says:

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