How to Make a Go kart / Electric car using PVC pipe at Home
How to Make a Go kart / Electric car using PVC pipe at Home

95 thoughts on “How to Make a Go kart / Electric car using PVC pipe at Home”

  1. Dany Cobain says:

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  2. eren Gaming says:

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  3. Mohd Naushad says:

    Please tell me

  4. Mohammed Hussain says:

    total budget

  5. Ashokeraj Vijayakumar says:

    Wheel name

  6. Yuvaraj Yadav Mudineni says:

    Hii bro.. Can U give me detail description of this project..

  7. Рамазан Исаев says:

    Сколько денег потратил

  8. Asutosh Jena says:

    Wow nice year

  9. sonu kumar sharma says:

    age wale chka kis se gumta hi name batay

  10. morad soltani says:

    Hii bro.. Can U give me detail description of this project

  11. Sakthi 3121 says:


  12. itsABRAHAM PPL!!! says:


  13. Julio Bustillo says:

    How do I connect the cables of the MEGA TORQUE PLANETARY DC GEARED MOTOR 250W 300RPM 18VDC with the 10-50V 40A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Regulator CW CCW Reversible Pulse Driver, in the video I don't see it please help me in this step.

  14. govind verma says:

    Parts name jaroor bataya kare

  15. T-Rekt Gaming says:

    How much weight can it handle?

  16. Shubham Dogra says:

    Sir can u please give me the brief details about the size of plywood cutting and drilling hole…. please sir

  17. Anupama kumar says:

    Plz tell me how buy the dc motors share the link plz

  18. Muhammad Abubakar says:

    How can I buy this?? I neend this?? And what it its price???

  19. Linda Cameron says:

    What would be the total cost in USA money? And I was wondering if you build it for me and ship it to me in the USA what would the total cost be?

  20. Linda Cameron says:

    You see I need a mobility scooter and cant afford one. My insurance won't cover it and I had too get rid of my car but I need a way to just be able too get to the local store and post office. This seems like a cheaper option for me if its possible.

  21. Roque Dominguez says:

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  22. Fair Andres Sanchez Franco says:

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  23. Sulis Yati says:

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  24. Terang Annahrun says:

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  26. Boba Biba says:


  27. Baba Hacks says:

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  28. SK RAFIK says:

    Vai ap ka mobile number hoga kay

  29. SK RAFIK says:

    1bat puch ni ha motor kaha milaga kay bato ga

  30. borislav Panev says:

    I am really sorry but 2 planetary gearbox motors can not run a go kart. Also that wood looks as though it was bending while he was pressing on it

  31. Tom L says:

    Great video Navin!
    Do you know what websites I can buy the same or very similar motor/planetary gear in the U.S.?

    I have been searching a lot online but have not had much success.

  32. Madhusudan Chouriya says:

    kitne rupay lage bhi

  33. Navnath Kolge says:

    आरे भाई मै भी ये गाडी बनाना चाहताहू लेकींन मुझे इसकी कनेक्शन नाही समाज राही है plz मुझे माझाव मेरा no.

  34. NoName Inc. says:

    where is brakes????

  35. ABHISHEK KUMAR says:

    How many volt of battery

  36. Santyago says:

    Всю жизнь эти трубы паял, не знал что забивать можно и не вылетят.

  37. V RB says:

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  38. Александр Молотов says:

    Tesla suck!!! Respect!!!

  39. Meyde Aykutlu says:

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  40. Sambhje Kamble says:


  41. Ankit Maroria says:

    bhai iski moter konsi compny ki h kha pr milegi or kitne rupee ki aayegi bhai pls reply jarur krna hame ek project bnana h

  42. Nitride says:

    Isn't it an issue when you want to turn since there's no differential for the rear?

  43. Omkar Kuchanur says:

    Sir we are interested to buy it ,what does it cost,?

  44. Vicent Fernandes says:

    O miserável é gênio!

  45. Rohit Bind says:

    Hey bro I just wanted to know about the cost of the equipment

  46. Rohit Bind says:

    Plzz email me

  47. Sanjay Yadav says:

    Motor ka naam kya hai aur battery kitne mein mili

  48. hr 777 says:

    careful not to slop any superglue into those bearings (ouch)

  49. Tom L says:

    Excellent video. I started buying parts to build one like yours. Could you provide the finished dimensions of the large plywood piece, the dimensions of the bolts used as axles, dimensions of the wood used in the steering linkage and more information on the motors and planetary gear sets? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  50. A mí que me registren says:

    Hello, it is wonderful! I want to copy it but I need to know the name of the parts that connect the engines to the wheel axles, also where the hinges are used for the direction. Thank you

  51. Bechan kumar Mandal says:

    Sir please give aal detail of the equipments used in the project

  52. Guptan Veemboor says:

    How it is ensured that both the motors are running at the same speed? It is bound to be running at different RPM which will cause the cart to turn to one side.

  53. Sudeep Singh says:

    Nice bhai

  54. Diethard Michael Meyer says:

    Die Wahl des Materials ist Schwachsinn, die Musik nervig und der szenische Ablauf blödsinnig. Besser man lernt das Schweißen!

  55. Kundan Sinha says:

    Bhai jo battery ke sath connect karte ho uska Kiya name hi

  56. Angrej says:
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  57. Jitjyoti Barman says:


  58. Công Quang Đàm says:

    Xe nay rat xin

  59. Bamba Gueye says:

    Bonjour pouvez vous me faire la liste des matériaux usés pour réaliser cette voiture

  60. PedRo y sus cosas says:

    jajajaja que bonito mi amigo,que creatividad,es increible lo que el ser humano puede crear,me has dado una buena idea con tu proyecto,felicitaciones por ese maravilloso trabajo y muchos éxitos.

  61. singh khalsa says:

    How to modify this cart

  62. samson shadrach says:

    So good

  63. 5 stroke wander scotland says:

    Hi young-one, Thank you for the idea, l love to build one where do you get the gear for the electric motor

  64. shailesh lokadiya says:

    Where is break????

  65. A says:

    Beautiful Navin…..a truly very practical and simple way to construct a go cart. If I were a little boy I would have been thrilled to have one.Do let me know the approximate price it took you to construct this particular model.
    The most important components are the two motors …how much did they cost you in Indian rupees?
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  66. LONG vlog says:

    PPR Not PVC

  67. Akash M says:

    Can you please sell this vehicle plz in India plz

  68. Raman Gv says:

    Can you sell the item to me

  69. Neela Kandan says:

    Hi pro nice

  70. Ruben Ruben Checalla Ramos says:

    me podría decir cómo se llama ese tipo de PVC???????

  71. guga oc says:

    Plz don't put music! Tks

  72. Deepak kanojiya says:

    Please sir Kya aap Bata sakte hai ki ye kaon sa Motar hai

  73. arjun patel says:

    Navinji from where are got the wheels and what is price its I want this wheels Arjun Patel Valsad Gujarat India

  74. arjun patel says:

    Wate is size it's wheels

  75. gerardo altamirano says:


  76. Taleh Quliyev says:

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  77. Dax Benton says:

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  79. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  80. ОБТШО БҚО says:

    where you can order such a matorchik (DC MOTOR, 250 W, 300 rpm, 18 V)

  81. ОБТШО БҚО says:

    Plz tell me the motor dimensions and buying link of motor

  82. Михаил Прохоров says:

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  83. The Traveller says:


  84. Sbse alg hu thoda sa pgl bhi hu says:

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  85. Nasir Mehmood says:

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  86. technical ankit says:

    tell me the names of all equipments

  87. Oyun GEZGİNİ says:

    adam pimaş borudan araba yaptı biz hala diss mevzularındayız

  88. sabeel Ahmed says:

    total how much cost it takes to complete

  89. adi dul says:


  90. Ankit Maroria says:

    Bhai apne no.srnd kro yar

  91. Mahajan Akshay says:

    Sir whts the cost of this project

  92. Action movie says:

    Bhai isme kharch kitna aa skta h.. Ye bta doge…

  93. cedid san pablo says:

    good morning
    can i help you
    i can hepip your proyect is very interesting

  94. SURAJ BAIRWA says:

    Sir give me description of electrical motor

  95. Ayesha Shingoti says:

    What will be the cost of this project??

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