How to Install A Start Button

MARTY: Welcome to Mighty Car Mods.
Proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. MOOG: Now I’ve got a great idea, imagine if you could just simplify your life a little bit, and get in your car and when you turn the key, Instead of it actually starting, you’ve got to use your other hand, to then go and press a button before it starts, now that isn’t actually simple.
I was being facetious. That’s stupid. Yeah… It’s like going to open your door, and instead of just, pulling the handle, you have to like, hold the mirror at the same time. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, but a whole bunch of people have been asking for it, so today we’re gonna show you how to install a start button — This is ridiculous. [ENGINE PUTTERS] MOOG:
Today we’re working on the Blue Turd… So here are the tools you’re gonna need, you’re gonna need a drill to make a hole in your dash, you’re gonna need some snippers and a file to clean up that hole, you need some wire strippers, you need some tape… some soldering gear. You need a multimeter and we’re gonna go through that a bit later in the episode with exactly how to do it. –And you’re gonna need your start button. What’d I say that was weird? MOOG:
[CHUCKLING] …this is gonna be used to clean up your hole. Hey, can we leave that in there? Can we? That’s mad. Now the first thing to choose is where you’re actually gonna mount the start button. Now you can put it anywhere you like — you could even run it through to the boot with your battery relocation if you like. MARTY: There?
MOOG: Nah, too high. There?
Too low. There…
Nah, too lame… We were thinking about putting it here, just near the keys, but it kinda doesn’t make sense to start the car and then move your hand over and start with the same hand… if you wanna be extra cool, uh we reckon
you gotta start it with this hand, and then reach over and hit it with this
– uh with the left hand. Now, if you, wanna go GTR-style, the R35 GTR one is down here, but we don’t actually have any space… so we think we’re gonna put it just here – there’s a spare panel. We’re gonna put that in there… get your start button, kinda hold it up and see what you think it looks like and if you’re happy with that, uh, then, you can start modding — your car — with the start button that doesn’t actually do anything except start your car, which it already did. MOOG:
As with all electrical modifications,
First…disconnect your battery. MOOG:
Once you turn your key on, then
your car will sound like this, BRUU-N…BRUU-N What does that mean Martin? MOOG:
Measure up your start button… or use the supplied template that we didn’t get… because we bought ours second hand. MOOG:
We made our own template… using an old cereal box. So next you’re gonna make a hole for your start button we’re gonna be using a drill — you can use a soldering iron to melt your way through the plastic but, I wouldn’t recommend it cause it ruins your soldering iron. [DRILL SPINS] MOOG: And it stinks Martin, doesn’t it?
MARTY: Oh it stinks real bad. It’s bad for the planet.
It’s the worst. Burning plastic stinks bad. MOOG:
Drill some small holes… then use some side cutters
to chop out the dash. MOOG:
Mmm, that’s the wrong sized hole. MARTY:
Tried to be conservative so I didn’t
make a hole too big like last time. MARTY:
And it’s just…just… small. MOOG: Do you want me to do it?
MARTY: No. [FILING SOUNDS] [ROTARY TOOL WHINING] I’ve said it before, but having a car like
this is so awesome to learn mods on. It’s a 5 dollar dash. Get another one
for 5 bucks. Fix it if you stuff it up. Cool, so if you wanna go Civic-style…then that’s already done, the visual mod is done and now you can impress all
your friends that don’t know better. Uh, but if you actually want it to work,
uh now we’ve got to wire it up. MARTY:
Remember that a start button
does the exact same thing as turning your key on to the start position, so you’re just adding another switch. So a key barrel is pretty much
just a 3 position switch and hanging off the back of the
key barrel is a bunch of wires. Now we need to tap into 2 of those wires… using the control box from our start button. Those 2 blue wires is a relay
and when you hit the start button, it closes the circuit… which activates the starter. So that’s
what we’ve gotta hack in to, up there behind our ignition barrel. MOOG:
You need to set your multimeter to volts, DC. Ground the black wire on something
metal, and then find which wires from the key barrel have
12 volts when you turn the key. MARTY:
If you’ve got a wiring diagram, it may save you some time, otherwise go through each wire,
one by one with a multimeter, until you find one that has 12 volts
when the key is turned to start.
[ENGINE CRANKING] If you’re doing it this way,
remember to reconnect your battery. MOOG:
Next up you have to
bridge the starter circuit, to a ground wire to activate it. One starts which wire goes
to the black ground wire, and the other goes to
the start motor circuit. MARTY:
Our start button also requires
12 volts when the key is in the on position so it lights up. It’s important to solder and
use heat shrink where possible so you don’t have any
starting issues. All right, so we’ve wired in
a power and an earth into the control box for the
start button; all that’s left to do is connect
the button to that control box… and it should work. MOOG:
Is it gonna work Martin? It is gonna work. If I
can plug this in, it’ll work.
MOOG: You sound confident Martin. Nah, check it out man, ready?
Alright, that’s in. MOOG: It’s going to go blue though.
MARTY: Watch this, ready? MARTY: Blue…
MOOG: It’s blue Martin. [ENGINE CRANKING]
[ENGINE TURNS OVER] You can’t use it to stop the car.
That’s worth noting. [ENGINE CRANKING] MOOG: I like it Martin.
In the civic it was a joke,
in this car… MOOG:
it’s ok. MOOG:
You can use the key as well?
Use both? MARTY:
Yeah. MOOG:
I call that double reality Martin. I call that a start button. [ENGINE CRANKS]
Put your dash back together, and then go and impress
everybody by showing them how you need two hands
to start your car, instead of one. MOOG:
This is a simple project
that costs next to nothing, MOOG:
Now you can impress your mates
that don’t know better, and pretend you’ve got a Honda,
and what is cooler than that? [MCM ENDING CREDITS] [FILING SOUNDS] MARTY:
Cause I’m not allowed to
use my spade bit… [FILING SOUNDS RESUME] MOOG:
You know what happens when
you use your spade bit, Martin. MARTY: Yeah, yeah, but the spade bit’s mad.
MOOG: Stop (inaudible) about it. MOOG:
You wrecked our last car. MARTY:
O-Ou-Our awesome civic(?) MOOG: I loved that civic.
MARTY: You did not. MARTY: That’s a freakin’ lie.
MOOG: I hated it. MOOG:
It’s the worst car I’ve ever owned man. MARTY:
Yeah, I was glad to see the back of it. MOOG:
But you wrecked it… by bloody putting holes
in the dash, Martin. MARTY:
Yeah, that really wrecked it.
The carbon fiber roll cage didn’t wreck it, didn’t work properly. The
muffler that was noisy and crap. MOOG:
And then sprayed the whole car
with nightshade, Martin. MOOG: And wrecked it.
MARTY: And whose idea was that? MOOG:
That was my idea; I started it. That’s why YOU wrecked it. [MARTY LAUGHS]

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