Hi. Adam Bazalgette here in Naples, Florida,
founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Want to talk about how to increase your swing speed. I’m
with someone here who’s got a lot of swing speed you’ll like to watch, Rob Cusick teacher
and club fitter here at Mediterra. The first thing I’m going to say, and then we’ll let
Rob hit 3 golf balls, is you have to practice speed. Believe me, until you experience it,
you’ll never be able to duplicate it. Here’s a great little drill. Rob’s got 3 balls. He’s
got a lot of speed as you’ll see. One’s going to be at medium speed, one quite a bit, and
then the third one, within reason, about as quickly as he can swing. Let’s go and let’s
see how that looks. Rob, that’s fairly smooth. There’s more speed. Now in this one, while
staying reasonably in balance, this is going to be about top speed.
Okay. I hope that was helpful for you to see
Rob hit those balls. Believe me, in other sports, they train for speed, and you have
to be able to feel the difference between a lot and not so much to duplicate it. Now
I’ve got a whole free course on creating more speed with all your clubs and some strategies.
You can touch here and get that for free. I invite you to do that. Let me give you a
couple of other thoughts though as we go. A lot of people accelerate their arms and
club prematurely. They feel like they’re creating speed. They’re not really creating that much
speed. The towel’s a great image. The towel has to load and snap. That’s how you create
speed there. It’s the same with a golf club. There has to be some elasticity. There has
to be some softness to it to create speed. One more thing I want to say, you’re only
going to get to top speed for a very short amount of your arc. You got to make sure it’s
where the ball is. Some practice swings with a driver is a great thing to do. You can hear
the loudest part of your swoosh through impact or as you swing, and you want to time that
right down there at the bottom. You may be able to hear that on this video. Again, elasticity,
we’re not trying to create arm speed, and maximum speed right there at the bottom. Do
that at different speeds too. Train your timing, and you’ll have a lot more success. If you
like this video, tap the thumbs up. We’ll get you subscribed to the channel, get you
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you. I hope you’ll check it out, and I hope this helps you get started to creating more

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