How To Increase Flexibility for Golf ” Flexible Body Fluid Swing”
How To Increase Flexibility for Golf ” Flexible Body Fluid Swing”

Hello everyone, I’m Barbara Depta, Founder
of Beyondstretch and a High Performance Fitness Coach. I want to take a moment and congratulate
you for taking the step forward to learn more about proper stretching routines that can
improve your posture and add fluidity to your golf swing. As a fascia specialist, I have
a chance to work with different professional athletes and it gives me a chance to see that
all of them even on that elite level have the same issue, “FLEXIBILITY”. They all need
more of it, but not always they stretch in the most efficient way. Yes, they do the typical
quad stretch, and hamstring stretch and pec stretch but it’s not done in the most efficient
way to add the fluidity to their movement. So I’m very excited for all of you because
you’re going to learn things in this DVD that will change the way how you look at the body
in the golf swing. You will understand that it’s not good enough to stretch one muscle at a
time but actually to look at the connection between one muscle and another and the connection
between one muscle and another happens through fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue underneath
your skin that connects not only the muscles together but your ligaments, tendons everything
that is under your skin it’s literally everywhere. So can you imagine how it actually influences
your movement. I don’t talk to my golf clients w/o explaining what fascia is and what it
does to a golf swing. I always make sure that I emphasize the fascia lines that actually
create more lateral movement, lateral stability and opposite shoulder, opposite hip functional
movement. Those are the key lines that I always wanna make sure that i cover when i speak
to my golf clients. Today you will learn more about the fascia lines that we used in golf
and which are very important for you to pay attention then you will get actually stretching
routines that will emphasize all of them, so you can gain fluidity in your golf swing
and create more speed and power.

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  1. Steven Kringold says:

    Congrats on your DVD. You are a true professional and no one has more experience in fascial release than you. You have eliminated my painful back, sciatica and hip bursitis. Looking forward to following the DVD and the stretching exercises you prescribe.

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