How to Hit More Fairways with your Driver | Golf Drill for Straight Drives!
How to Hit More Fairways with your Driver | Golf Drill for Straight Drives!

all right people are always asking me
how do you control the face with your driver wouldn’t do it let’s go no you’re like you’re not even out like
the driving range how are you gonna just calm down you’ll figure it out you see
as we go how this is really the best way to control this through your face as you
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there as well so be sure to check that out alright so here’s what I want you to
do for this drill I know everybody likes hitting your driver I’m gonna let you
hit your driver today you can do it a little differently and if you want to
improve your game you’ll do it if you wanna do something else then go do that
what if you want even better this is where it’s gonna happen everybody gets
mad cuz I do weird stuff but people get better so that’s all that matters
trust me a little bit if it doesn’t work for you that’s fine too
but it will so I want you get to alignment sticks or iron just aim them
at something alright and I’m in the light rough near a green if you want
that’s this would be the ideal scenario a little bit of grass not too long put
my two alignment sticks here then I’m gonna get my ball and put it right in
between okay right in the back close to the back here where I want it and I want
these not much wider than my driver okay here we go
now you’re gonna do driver grip everything I’m gonna hit I’m gonna put
this through it’s all I want to do I mean you think
this and then look slowly move forward it’s fine I care about the lie you want
to make sure your club is staying in the path of the sticks this would that would
not be very good okay you’re only moving your arms and shoulder okay
this is what it looks like like that this is your this is your swing it’s a
long putt you’re not none of this you’re not using your wrist you’re not opening
the face you’re not shutting the face these stay locked you’re here and you
want to slow you should be able to rotate on your toe you see if you rotate
properly my weight just turns onto the front side that’s where you want to go
this is do not do not shut that face down like this let’s shut keep it square
that face and your hands should never move at all this should never happen at
all in this drill you’re just here you’re rotating here that’s it
don’t get carried away okay you’re not hitting this 100 yards I’m just doing
that it’s a long putt that’s even too far get this up here make sure you going
grass good long grass is fine just want to be able to get the club on the ball
if they’re hitting the stick if your ball is hitting one of these sticks
that’s not good right you did not take that Club back properly and you did not
control the face of your club this will help you get the perfect backswing mix
it up go from up here you don’t want this in here you don’t want to be
clipping a club or a stick on your swing you should be right in here stays in the path of the alignment
sticks and you’re good to go okay keep it in the path if you want put
more sticks that way so that you know you are making it go straight if my club
face is wide open it’s gonna go way right obviously it’s gonna balance on
the grass – so the break of the grass is gonna have some effect but otherwise you
should be able to control that face there that was a good one if it’s going
too far left okay that means your face is shut you’re shutting that you don’t
want that if you can’t do this forget it like it’s not going to have any
consistency wait there this solid contact you should be able to make solid
contact in the center of that clubface and rotate to choke down – that’s fine
you don’t have to and hold that and that’s where you should be and all
should be good this drill will help you with the full swing remember we’re
working critical zone here right here – here we’re going to do that with every
club do with your driver remember every putt you do this every chip shot you’re
doing this every swing you’re doing this even driver if you never cock your
wrists in your life you’ll be fine okay there you don’t have to do anything
here hey you could just turn and rotate you’ll be fine you don’t have to flip
your hands over work on keeping everything quiet yes you’re feeling it
in your hands you feel the club but this doing this hinging your wrists that’s
what I call noisy don’t get noisy with your wrists keep it quiet
you watch Tiger Woods swing driver he’s like this all the way back here and
nothing happens till the transition is where you see that wrist bye
we Bend okay so that’s how you work on it right in here work on that you will
be a fantastic straight driver of the golf ball you hit the straightest drives
you’ve ever seen in your life any be like whoa I’m hitting all the fairways
thanks mister short game I know work on it here it will translate to the rest of
your life good luck love you guys peace out

25 thoughts on “How to Hit More Fairways with your Driver | Golf Drill for Straight Drives!”

  1. 초짜프로(82년생 KPGA도전기) says:

    WOW nice lesson!

  2. Joe Turner says:


  3. Fred Howie says:

    Little Dave says the back of his left hand is the club face

  4. Joseph Genaldi says:

    I needed this as everything I hit lately has been a duck hook. Its killing my game

  5. jack roderickson says:

    That’s a very unique drill, that I have never seen before. But I will definitely use it brilliant.⛳️🏌️🇨🇦

  6. ian owen says:

    Fantastic drill

  7. Albert says:

    If you are Mr Short Game, I am Mr Slice 🙂 hopefully I can stop being Mr Slice after this, Thank you Matt!

  8. Vivito IsRight says:

    Great tip Matt👍

  9. Ron says:

    I like this main concept: quiet=good, noisy=bad

  10. rdwolf11b says:

    Wow, i had tons of questions, like how do i transition that into the whole swing, how should i stand, where should i keep my elbows. I had to wait till the end to get them answered, but they got answeded. Thanks Mr. SHORTGAME!!!!

    Do you? Do you really love us?
    Do you?

    Have a good one, over and OUT!!!

  11. Jay Salim says:

    Mr.. Can U Help Me to handle Driver slice.. Many more TIPS Dont Work for me.. I am Hope less.. Please Teach me For simple TIPS. Very very simple TIPS for slice. Trims Mr.SG.

  12. Evan Williams says:


  13. Mountain Life says:

    This guy is full of energy!

  14. Calvin Lee says:

    Gonna try this today! Thanks for the amazing tips Matt!

  15. T Dunn says:

    Thanks, Mr. Short-Game.

  16. Glenn Wiebe says:

    Great drill! It's interesting that in the last few years square clubface to club arc has become the way to swing. It used to be the rolling of the wrists and forearms to "generate speed". The problem is that we watch the best of the best on TV where, even there, everything is edited so that we only see the birdies and eagles. We can't do what they do! The swing you're promoting is for the people. It's the peoples' swing. You can entitle your next book that way. The Peoples' Swing by Mr ShortGame. Best seller.

  17. Scott Manthey says:

    Nice one, looking forward to trying it out.

  18. Gator golf USA says:

    Great idea! Going to try it with all my woods and longer hybrids!

  19. Bill Childs says:

    These videos have elevated my game!

  20. Eugene Batiste says:

    "It would not be very good…" 2:15
    Ball goes dead straight. ROLL THE HANDS!!! Take it back square, and roll your trail hand over the lead hand on the down swing.

  21. Karol D says:

    Thank you MrShortGame! This is exactly what I was looking for! Will start training this right away in the morning tomorrow (as it is already dark here… 😀 ). Greetings from Poland…

  22. Ray M says:

    What a great drill. I’ll be trying that ASAP. You the man!

  23. bobber says:

    That's pretty good to use on most clubs. Thank you

  24. Mitch 1977 says:

    I’m ready to be like whoa! Hitting every fairway! Thanks Matt! Looks like I’ll be in the sticks for the rest of the evening. I’m in the sticks to stay outa the sticks… I like it!

  25. Gary Wye says:

    I'll be a fantastic driver, me! What the hell I'll give it a go ☺ 👍

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