How To Hit Better Drives In 5 Minutes
How To Hit Better Drives In 5 Minutes

Do you want to hit better drives? Do you want to hit it further and straighter
than you ever have before? I’m Matt Walter, PGA teaching professional
here at Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tennessee. I’m about to show you how to let the big dog
eat. So, let’s talk about the big dog. Hitting driver, there’s a couple of things
that we need to talk about as far as launch conditions when it comes to hitting the driver
further and straighter. So, when we’re hitting our big stick, we usually
have, about, somewhere between 9 and 12 degrees of loft, so that’s not a lot. So, if we actually hit a descending blow,
we decrease loft, and we’re losing distance at that point. When we hit driver, we have an equation on
TrackMan called attack angle, and it measures how much down you hit on the ball versus how
much up you hit on the ball. And so, to keep it simple, what I tell students
is, if it sits on the ground, we want a negative attack, meaning we hit down on the ball and
hit it through the shot. If it sits up on a tee, we want to have more
of a positive or level attack angle, so that way, we return the club with the same amount
of loft or a little bit more, and get a good pop as we hit our shots. So, with driver, we have an optimal window
to hit our driver in, launching somewhere between 10 or 14 degrees, spinning somewhere
between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, depending on what we’re trying to do, depending on what
speed of golfer you are. So, if you’re the average American male, you’re
only swinging about 90, 95 miles an hour. You don’t need as much launch in the air and
as low spin as Rory McIlroy who swings at 122 miles an hour. So, we’ve got a little bit of variance as
we go through our player profiles, but either way, the equations still hold true. If you hit down on the ball 5 degrees versus
hitting up on it 5 degrees, you’ll lose about 30 yards, given a 100-mile-an-hour club head
speed. So, you have to be able to hit up or level
on the driver to hit it further. So, I have a great drill here. We put our head cover up just in front of
our golf ball, and this will enforce us to finish our swings on the upward tick instead
of descending down and catching our head cover. So, if we make a good swing here, we should
be able to finish our swing and miss our head cover. So, we make that kind of golf swing, we miss
the head cover, we know we hit up and not down. Now, the next part of the equation. “Coach, I hit up on it, but I still don’t
hit it far enough. I’ve got to find a way to get more distance.” The biggest thing I can tell you is that we’ve
got to increase the width of your golf swing and the height of your golf swing, so basically
getting your hands to travel further so the golf club travels further. So, one of my favorite drills, and this is
another good one for beginners or guys of high caliber players, is that we want to be
able to start with a nice wide and slow takeaway. So, this drill, we set up a ball behind the
club head, (and to keep it low and slow; that’s kind of a favorite saying), and we push the
ball back. As we push the ball back, it forces us to
create some width in our takeaway. Too often, I see the club go straight up,
and now we’re toast. We’re already narrow, the next move is to
get it wide, really hard to play it from there for most golfers. So, our goal is to get this baby set up, push
the ball back, finish our backswing, finish our follow-through. So, let’s try it out. So, we set up, get the ball behind the driver,
build a good stance. We’re going to go wide in the takeaway, high
to the top of our backswing, and hit another great drive as we go through our full swing
elements here. So, our goal is to create width and height
in our swing so that we can increase the speed in the downswing. The higher and further my hands go, the more
speed I can create, but we’ve got to find the window in which we can stay in control,
so it’s a balancing act. So, I would recommend, start with correcting
attack angle, then add some width and height to your golf swing, and specifically in your
backswing, to create a better blow at the golf ball. And when it comes to hitting driver, sometimes
it can be the arrow. Getting your equipment checked by a trained
professional like myself who has a radar that can measure ball flight information, knowing
that your ball is spinning the correct amount, launching at the correct amount… And you can get some good numbers inside and
hitting into a net, but I prefer to see my ball fly in order to get a great club fitting,
and that way you can know what the ball flight is doing as you hit the ball, and not guessing
at what the TrackMan or even any other radar is guessing when it hits into a net. But, the better the information, the better,
and TrackMan’s one of the best that we use to get great ball flight information. And don’t be fooled that distance is always
better. If you hit it further and you’re not straight,
that’s not always the best combination. Sometimes it’s worth giving up five yards
to get a better grouping as far as ball flight goes, and maybe looking into the golf ball
to figure out that other five yards that you need. So, look into your driver. Make sure you’re playing the right shaft,
the right flex, the right loft, the right setting. There’s a lot of variables when it comes to
getting a good driver fitting, and please get the right, appropriate fitting done for
yourself to help you get the best distance you can, tailored to your golf swing.

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