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Are you having trouble hitting a fade? Are you looking for a more consistent technique
for you learn how to hit a fade? Hey this is Sean McTernan and you are watching
another episode of My Golf Tutor, the number one place on the internet for you to improve
the fastest. Welcome back and todays question comes from
Ryan, Ryan writes, hey Sean I am having trouble hitting a fade, typically my ball always slices
when I do this. Do you have any techniques to help me improve
my consistency? Ryan thanks very much for your question, so
today I want to talk about practicing your fade on the driving range. Like we did with the draw video I want you
to focus on a clock. Our target is going to be twelve o’clock,
this is going to be three o’clock, six o’clock and obviously nine o’clock behind me. First and foremost the first thing I want
you to do is set the club face where you want the ball to start. Obviously we are going to try and bring the
club face back to the same position at impact. If you can imagine twelve o’clock is where
the flag is, we are going to aim the face to eleven o’clock. So get into your setup, for me I like to set
my club face where I want the ball to start and feel I get my body parallel to that. Now in order to get the ball to curve back
from left to right, we are going to get our path going left of where our face is aimed. What I want you to feel and imagine that the
path of the club is traveling to ten o’clock. Now one way I like to try and help the club
go left is by rotating a little bit harder and a little bit more in order to create room
for the club to swing around me. You see now a days with a lot of these PGA
Tour players there all swinging left. What they are trying to do is get their path
to go to the left and keep the face slightly open to the path. So it guarantees some fade on the ball all
the time. Now, so we get into our setup and just go
ahead and set our face and try and rotate really hard to allow your hips to open up
and the club to exit to the left and around you. So Ryan here we are on the golf course now,
we have practiced on the driving range the feeling of swinging the club from five o’clock
to ten o’clock with our face pointing towards eleven o’clock. This is going to ensure the ball curves back
onto the pin. Now when we are on the golf course though
what we just practiced was an extreme, it was just to generate a feeling and a good
sensation and how face and path can shape a shot. Now that we are on the golf course we are
going to bring it in a little bit. What I mean by that is we are only ever going
really to hit 3-5 yard fades when we are on the course. Basically, what we are going to do is we are
going to aim the face four yards left of the target and we are going to feel we swing our
path eight yards left of the target. Lets go ahead and see if we can execute what
we did on the driving range and bring it to the golf course. I hope that video helps Ryan and one more
tidbit of information, if you execute a fade the correct way it will go just as far as
a draw. So don’t be afraid to get on the fade side
of the ball. If you or anyone else has any questions, please
feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. One last thing, don’t forget to go to
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