– So welcome back. Adam Bazalgette here in Naples, Florida. Two-time PGA Teacher of the
Year award winner, down here. And I’d like to touch on a subject today that’s always of interest to people, how to hit a draw with irons. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) So how to hit a draw with irons. You’ve probably seen
some materials on that. You might’ve even seen a few of the videos I’ve put together that talk about a draw. Today we’re especially
going to focus on variables. Different things you can do to
customize this for yourself, different options you
have that are on the table so you can suit this to your
own body, style and skill sets. That’s the theme of this draw video. If you liked the video, please
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every aspect of the game, as well as an opportunity, how to do one-on-one
coaching with me online. Let’s get started. So draw is a nice, pleasing shot. People like to see the ball curve a little bit from right to left, for the right handed golfer, of course. Often has just a little bit more power and it can be a useful shot, certainly for a left pin. Or if there’s a very moderate crosswind, that would be a fade wind. It’s a great shot to hold
it up against the crosswind, so it’s a nice shot to
have in your arsenal. Couple of thoughts about it. If that’s my target line,
two things it’s got to do. It’s got to start to the right, and the draw, the curve,
can only be minimal. It’s so easy when you’re trying to draw it to get the face a little too close, get it started too straight and get it slinging too much. That’s a pretty damaging shot. We don’t want that. Let’s have a little close up look here. The first thing we’ve got
to do to draw the ball is we’ve got to get the swing path or swing direction at the bottom a little to the right of the target. Now the 3D anatomy of a swing plane, this is where launch monitors come in. Let’s say that equates to
the bottom of the swing where the ball is. When the shaft has a tilt, the downswing is aimed
more out to the right and the upswing begins
to be more to the left. It’s not like the entire
plane is on the target line. So by playing the ball
back just a little bit, it’s easier to hit the ball on the outward part of your swing arc. In-to-out swing, slight deep,
tend to slightly brush too. So playing it back just a little bit can help you trap the ball a bit. You’ve got to make sure,
though, when the ball’s back that the handle’s
forward enough as you hit to guarantee the club’s going out. You can’t stop the handle and flip the club coming
back to the inside. So playing it back just a little bit, as long as the handle’s forward, will really help with this swing path. So club face, we’ve
mentioned that the club face, obviously, has to be slightly closed in relation to club path at impact. How are you going to do that? That’s another choice you have there. I personally prefer to
feel like I close it just a little in the hitting
area, actively doing that. Now, let me just say one thing. We’re never talking about
stopping the handle excessively and whipping the club. That’s what it’ll give you
that big slinger to the left, but I like that feeling
of just turning it a bit. Kind of gives me confidence I’m gonna be guaranteed
some level of draw, but for you you may feel differently. You may feel like, Hey, I just like to
set it there at address and by getting my address position there, it kind of sets me up for the impact. I just sort of feel the
same thing it impacts. So whether you want to change an address, change the club face, or you like to feel a little
bit more on the swing, just another choice you
can make for yourself. Let’s just touch on a couple more things where you have choices. You can look at different
ways to go about it. We’ve said, hey, the components are, the club has to travel a
little out to the right for the right-handed golfer, with the face just
turned in a wee tiny bit. But what if you don’t feel flexible enough to really get in there and
get that right arm bent, slide your hips a bit, and trap the inside corner of that ball? Touched on, you could
adjust your ball position a little bit, but hey, if
you’re a little less flexible, you’re a little older or whatever, just aim your body a
little bit to the right. Again, the principle is the bull doesn’t react to your setup. Not saying the setup’s not important, it doesn’t react to your setup though, it reacts to what the club does at impact. So if you feel like you’re
not up to this kind of impact, aim yourself a little right. Move the ball just a little back and as long as you have reasonable
hands forward at impact, you’re going to get that swing path out to the right a little bit. I said earlier in the video, club face has to be closed just
a tiny bit at impact there. I like to close it a bit as I hit, you might do it at address. What about the grip? Well, sure, the grip could be a component, but again, the ball
doesn’t react to your grip, it reacts to the club face. Paul Azinger, great, great player, had a super-strong hooking
grip, faded every shot. So did Lee Trevino, because he
kept the club open at impact. So, grip isn’t a guarantee, but you might find a grip for you where you say, okay, a
little bit more over. Geez, it’s a little bit easier for me now to close that face. Play around with that. Moral to the story, Know what you’re trying to accomplish. Know what some of the variables are, and experiment a little bit, till you find the things that
are most comfortable for you and the body you have and
the flexibility you have, that can get the job done. And enjoy yourself developing skill. Well, I hope you found that helpful. Hope that helps you know how
to hit a draw with irons. Want to encourage you, again, experiment, play around with it yourself. Find your own ways to do it. Just know what the principles are and you’ll have some success. is my home website. I have courses in every
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    I would venture that I've found that it helps to get the grip away from my body at impact, chiefly with my left hand, creating space for the right hand to 'come through' into the inside of the ball…

    Does make any iota of sense? I spent years trying to just drop my hands down, but the feeling above is more to 'drop it out further' if you will….

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    This is the wrong advice based on the old ball flight theory before Trackman and others came on the scene. For a draw, the club face needs to be open at impact to start the ball to the right. It has to be closed with respect to the the club path though. If the club face is closed at impact you will hit a straight hook or a hook.

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    It is, believe me, a very motivating comment.
    Now, I do'nt give up easily and try for a reasonable time – and it works!
    None of the tips work first time – it is persistence which actually gives us an idea of what is happening. Thanks Adam. You are a great teacher.

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