How to Get Your Car to Pass the Emissions Test (Life Hack)
How to Get Your Car to Pass the Emissions Test (Life Hack)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your worried about your car passing the yearly
emissions inspection, then stay tuned because today I’m going to show you how
to prepare your car to pass the emissions inspection, now many places
require that every year you have your car inspected, to get this inspection
sticker, now part of the test is a safety test, checking things like tires, to make sure they’re not bald and brakes work okay,
and to make sure that your headlights work, now that stuff’s pretty cut-and-dry
anybody can check it, but when it comes to emissions inspection, since your nose
can’t really tell what’s coming out of the tailpipe, there’s a few preventative
measures you can do to make sure it passes the emissions testing, now in an
older car like this 93 Celica, they actually measure the gas that comes out
of the tailpipe with a dynamometer test, so you want to make sure everything is
working fine, so the gases that come out of the pipe, are very low and aren’t
polluting much, so first make sure that the oil is clean, change the oil and
filter before your inspection, because if the oil gets dirty, the PCV system can
suck a lot of those dirty vapors in burn them, and pollute more, of course you want to have clean oil anyway, but right before the inspection is the best time
to have the cleanest oil, and the next thing to do is, to make sure the air
filter is clean, because if you have a dirty air filter it’ll block the air, the
car will run lean, and it’ll pollute too much a lean running car makes the engine run
hotter, the exhaust gases get hotter, puts out more NOx, which is a pollutant they
measure, and you can fail the test and of course, check your spark plugs to
make sure they’re in good shape, spark plugs have a gap where the electricity
fires, and when it’s old and worn out, when the gap is too big and they don’t work right,
and even if a car is running okay if the gap is too big, it’ll pollute more and
you’ll fail the test, and of course check the cooling system,
because if the coolant is low the top of the engine will get air in it, make it
run hotter and it’ll pollute more, and here again realize that the engine
doesn’t have to be overheating on the gauge to make part of the engine still
running too hot, so make sure it’s full of coolant and that it’s clean, and of
course make sure that the cooling fans are working correctly, turn on the AC, at the
fan and make sure that it’s spinning like this fan is spinning, because the
test takes place on a dynamometer, the car isn’t moving,
if those cooling fans aren’t sucking air, the engine will run hotter and it
can fail the test, now if you have a more modern car, like this three-year-old mini,
they don’t test them on a dyno they just plug into the computer to see if there’s
a problem, all cars from 1996 on are tested this way, so if you have a 1996 or
newer car and a check engine light is on, you need to fix it before you go to get
inspected, because that means there’s a trouble code stored in the computer and
when they inspect it, their computer will fail it for the test, and there’s over
2,000 separate trouble codes that can exist in a car, so can get really
complicated when a light comes on, but let’s say you’re unluckly and you’ve already
done everything I’ve shown in this video, and your car still fails the emissions
test, well you can try fuel injection cleaner poured into the gas tank, and
drive the car really hard on the highway about 70 or 100 miles, personally I’ve
had very good luck using the shop line solvent, I just pour a gallon of the
solvent to about half a tank of gasoline, then I go on a highway and drive the car
at the maximum speed limit, for about half an hour or 45 minutes, I’ve done
this on hundreds of cars and got them to pass the emissions test after doing this,
of course this is not a magic fix if the car doesn’t run good, it’s got a serious
problem that needs to be fixed, but if the car runs okay this can often let it
pass the test, because the solvent burns really clean, so the gas coming out of
the exhaust can get cleaner and cleaner as it cleans all the systems out, and if
you have a late model code with a check engine light, and it says inefficient
catalytic converter try this first because it will often clean them up, so they’ll
pass the test, so now you can stop worrying about your car passing the
emissions test, and do something about it and remember if your car has any
problems just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel before it’s too late!

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