Hello, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. I’m at the beautiful club at
Mediterra in Naples, Florida. Today’s subject, timing your golf swing. (upbeat, energetic music) So we’ll look at what
timing is in the golf swing, it’s a very important thing. I’ll lay that out for you briefly, then we’ll give you a couple of drills to help you put it together. If you like this video, please
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aspect of the game there. Let’s get started. So here’s Rory McIlroy. We’re gonna check the
top of the backswing, and the finish position, and
see how he times those up. Now watch more his body than the club, and peripherally you’ll see the club, but notice right as the upper
back and hips are finishing, that’s when the club
arrives, just beautiful. Now, bear in mind, the golf
club has a lot more distance to travel than does the body, with the hands being something in between. And he accomplishes that
by having some freedom in his motion, and certainly
cocking his wrists adds some speed to the swing, but
the fact is, he times it up. Now let’s check the finish. Before we do that though, you’ll notice, not everything comes down together, he leads with the body, he stores power, then he lashes the power, but
once that’s happened again, it all times up, and you’ll
just see how the body and the club finish right together. Beautifully done. Okay, so our first
checkpoint we just saw there on the video is top of the backswing. And again, we’re trying to get the club, say the hands, and the body
all to arrive at the same time. The challenge, of course, is they’re not doing the same jobs. The club is in an enormous arc, versus what the body’s doing,
hands somewhere in between. So here’s a little drill
I think is a great way to start to foster that feel. Take a setup for a
practice swing initially, and as the club has further to travel, what you’ve gotta do
is just swing the club forward a couple of feet. Don’t move your body a lot,
don’t move a lot when you do that so that as you swing it back, it’s got some momentum at what
would be the actual takeaway, and almost feel like
you’re chasing the club to the top there. And just use your innate
ability to stop at the top and feel the arrival
of all three components at the same time. Let’s look from here. Okay, now try to time
this finish position. Again, same idea, body, hands, club, all arriving pretty
much at the same moment. This is somewhat more challenging, though. And that is because we’re not just moving as in the backswing where
three things are moving and timing up together,
here we actually have to create storage of power. You’ve seen me use these towels
if you’ve watched my videos, we have to load power, then
we have to transfer energy if we wanna hit the ball anywhere. So, there’s a real whip-like effect and yet we still have to
time it to the finish. Before I give you a drill,
let me just say this to you, your conscious mind is not just designed to be able to time complex
things like that up, you’ve just got to quiet your
mind, have a clear intention, and just sort of let it show up for you. So here’s the drill I would start with, I would go back to about here. Again, not a lot of detail
on that in this video, but feel the weight
transfer, let the club load, if you will, like the
towel, and once you feel the energy snap out to the golf club, just notice the timing at the finish. I promise you, if your mind’s quiet, if you do the drill a little bit, you’ll just start to time that up. So let’s try that once more. Okay, here’s my load, nice, soft wrists. Swoosh to the golf club. And literally in that
last portion of the swing, I almost feel like I’m chasing
the club to the finish there. That’s the kind of energy
you should’ve produced. Once you’ve done the drill,
get over a golf ball, tee it up a little bit, make it easy, and keep that mind quiet. No other swing thoughts, no target. And just see if it matches
up for you at the end there. Keep doing the drill, I promise you, this’ll help your golf swing. Well hope that’s helpful for
you in timing your golf swing. At,
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